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The Heavy
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Nov 3, 2013 @ 2:23pm
Jan 27 @ 11:20am
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The Heavy Mod:

Adds Heavy Weapons Guy from Team Fortress 2 into Don't Starve.
After some tweaking and playtesting, this mod it's finally ready for its first public release.
The Heavy is a powerfull character, yet balanced to make it fair compared to the other characters.

This Mod is drawn by me, and made into a mod for the players of Don't Starve.
The art style of Heavy is made into the art style of Don't Starve and has custom voicelines.
The Heavy Mod features (Contains Spoilers)

- Health: 300
- Hunger: 300
- Sanity: 200

- Starts with the "Ham Shank"
- Heavy can eat raw or bad meat with little to no downsides
- Slow Character but walks even more slow on hunger
- slightly better at chopping wood and cutting stones
- Can withstand a lot of cold
- Does massive damage even when taken hit
- Can craft and wear the Ushanka hat
- Can craft one of the finest sandviches there is
I want to thank the Don´t Starve team for the good support of uploading/creating mods to Don´t Starve.
And special thanks to the Valve team (Creators of Team Fortress 2/Heavy Weapons Guy), with good luck for the next upcoming items they have planned.
Don't forget to have fun, and Don't Starve out there!
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TobywithAxes 59 minutes ago 
I have been scouring these pages for the entirety of the tf2 team, another one down, five more hours of searching just to fufill my desires
c.bundy99 9 hours ago 
I've destroyed many treeguards, tallbirds, merms, hounds, and spiders with ease as heavy.....get killed by a pengull.

Snoop Doge Feb 22 @ 4:18pm 
Are you going to make it compatible with DS Together?
is it works on don't starve togheter
~Wolf!  [author] Feb 5 @ 6:48am 
@[NZ] Steve: It's the players choice.
You have enough other characters who are not that "OP" to play with.
Take an example of my "Shaggy" mod.

Every person have other thoughts on what makes a character good.

Your comment has been posted here quite often and like every comment I will repeat this same opinion.
I like to see people posting a comment that they have fun with it. It encourage me doing more of these projects.
But this is still a one man job in his freetime, And I like to keep it that way. Without the people posting things like: " You don't listen to your subscribers and you should work better on this because Heavy isn't like this and should have a Minigun"

This is the way I see "My version" of Heavy which isn't "Heavy Weapons Guy" Straight from TF2
I hope people can enjoy this mod realising that it's a different mindset of Heavy and another game where he is located in.
[Grnla.inc] Cookieblade Feb 2 @ 2:44pm 
Why do so many people say "his sanity should be lower"?
Heavy is smart, and even if he did have low sanity, he's too strong for the nightmare monsters anyway!
[NZ] Steve b trading cards Jan 31 @ 9:02pm 
Dont get me wrong, but he should have some more debuffs
this is too O.P
takes the fun out of it
Speedy KITTY! Jan 31 @ 5:51pm 
Austrailian Cherrio Jan 29 @ 8:54pm 
My favorite DS mod hope to see more
倾国屠城 Jan 28 @ 2:39am 
One of my favorite characters. I saw this and I needed to download it.