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"Crafter's Storage" - Vanilla
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Mar 27, 2012 @ 5:29am
Apr 12 @ 7:42am
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Dragonborn edition here. Use only one!


This mod adds a respawning chest, which has everything you need for smithing to the game.
It contains all hides, pelts, leathers, ingots, (soul-)gems, Dragon scales- and bones and much more, 9999 times. I even included some vanilla items used only in mods!
If I missed anything, please contact me by writing in the comments!
Also, please report any bugs you might encounter.

  • Whiterun (Warmaiden's, Skyforge)
  • Riverwood (Alvor and Sigrid's House)
  • Falkreath (Lod's House)
  • Riften (The Scorched Hammer)
  • Markarth (Understone Keep)
  • Solitude (Blacksmith)
  • Windhelm (Blacksmith Quarters)
  • Dawnstar (Rustleif's House)

Known issues:
  • None

Future updates
  • More chest locations
  • More content
  • Your suggestion here!

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jarachnos 4 hours ago 
ah, that's true. doesn't sound like fun at all :/
_Calix  [author] 5 hours ago 
jarachnos: It's annoying seeing "1 new comment" if there is a 50:50 chance of the comment beeing someone asking for SkyUI.
jarachnos 5 hours ago 
great mod, also, why replace a screenshot just because people are too lazy to look for answers themselves? (as in, looking thru the comments to find the last time you answered it)
Trilik Apr 18 @ 9:33pm 
i fixed it
_Calix  [author] Apr 18 @ 2:26pm 
FlexxMOB[gldn1]Ag4ever Apr 18 @ 2:22pm 
what menu mod are you using?
Trilik Apr 17 @ 8:01pm 
i accidintly installed the dragonborn version and the i subscribed the vannilla version and it wont install i unchecked and uninstalled dragon born and it wont install the vannilla help?? sry for bad english
AmericanWacko7 Apr 17 @ 10:37am 
Ok thanks.
_Calix  [author] Apr 17 @ 10:03am 
SkyUI. I think I fiunally going to replace this screenshot so people stop asking.
AmericanWacko7 Apr 17 @ 8:17am 
I'm going to sound really dumb for asking, but what is the inventory mod you're using? I see it everywhere and I still can't find it.