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[OLD] The Capper's Canopic
Class: Scout
Item Slot: Weapon
Other: Tomb Raider
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Mar 27, 2012 @ 3:36am
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Idea by PSI Guy



Weapon for the Curse-A-Nature Set.

Go all organ offensive with the Capper’s Canopic, an ancient container filled
with the organs from a dried old corpse, and deadly flesh eating scarab beetles!
Give those knuckleheads a taste of archaeology (Literally!!), as bits of mummy
organs fly into their mouth, when you throw this ancient relic at them! Show
your nemesis you can outsmart bullet, and have scarabs eat them (IRONY!)
from the inside out!

Archaeologists might come crying and scream at you for breaking precious
relics, but not if you are, a MUMMY! [DUN DUN DUN!] Instead, they would be
crying and screaming, running AWAY from you, as you throw your own organs
at them. Who cares? Your organs will regenerate anyway, because, you’re
one of the UNDEAD! [Alarming Music!] But you must be wondering, “But how
does the container re-appear?” That’s simple, the answer is MAGIC! It always
is, and in this case, it’s DARK, EVIL MAGIC! [Evil Laughter]

Alright, you can throw organs and beetles at people and you have dark magic,
so what? Well, your dark magic is amplified during a FULL MOON. “Well, how
could that possibly help me?”, you may be wondering. During a full moon, you
can leech the life out of your enemies, as the scarabs tear into their flesh, until
their DRIED UP CORPSE falls to the GROUND!

Even if your enemies don’t die, they will carry a CURSE, for the next 3 seconds after the scarab effect wears off! During this period, they will suffer MINI-CRITS! The Capper’s Canopic comes with a friendly scarab beetle, his extremely hungry friends and family, and old dried human organs. Curse effect is only present when the Curse-A-Nature set is equipped.