Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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ROME II "Must have" Mods (DeI 1.2)
*** Updated 2017-03-30 ***

Roundup of the best realistic mods on the workshop.
Most are graphical improvement and/or tweaks and are all compatible with Radious or DEI.
Im using them all at the moment with DeI 1.2 (every one should have DeI) without any problems whatsoever.

Thx to all the modders for the hard work.
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R2:TW GEMFX - Graphic Enhancement Mod 1.0.9

GEM - Graphics Enhancement Mod is a new shader collection (GEM) & a new injector (GEMFX) I implemented.

GEM also utilizes the SweetFX shader stack and is inspired by...
Better Water III HD
Created by ΣIX
This mod is meant to drasticly improve the water rendering in the game.
** Up to date **


-New textures
-New sea color
-New artificial waves
-New artificial foam
-New sunlight reflections
-New shores reflections
Realistic Ship Colors
Created by Naja
This mod removes all player colors from ships. Now your ships will look like they would in real life....
Better siege weapons, equipments and fort walls HQ textures
Created by Noif1988
Working with PATCh 16 and EE!

Now HQ texture has arrived to siege weapons, equipments and fort walls. This is now on Beta-stage so please give feedback and report problems what you find in game.

This mod improve siege weapons, equipments and fort wal...
Better Horses, elephants and dogs HQ texture v2
Created by Noif1988
Working with PATCh 15 and EE!

I think, I was not only person in this game who think same. When I played a battle and my friend mentioned about poor quality dogs for me. I decided take a look to dogs, but also I wanted check for horses and elephants. Wor...
Grand Campaign Map - Modern Theme
Created by Idreaus
11/21/2014 Updated:
- A version of this map will be ported to Imperator Augustus campaign soon.
ONLY if it gets 700+ Likes!


Extended & Edited Campaign map...
Arcade graphical effects removal
Created by B.Est FOE
This mod removes the following graphical effects:


- The symbol that appears above units when soldiers gain experience during a fight

- The symbol that appears above units when an ability is activated.

- the graphical effect above c...
Pdguru's Legal Weed Mod
Created by Pdguru
Improved grass textures. A fundamemtal change (and hopefully an improvement) in the look of the game.

TURN OFF VEGETATION ALPHA if you have it on.

"Put that grass in your pipe, and smoke it", Colorado and Washington. Jealousy, well intended.

[Updated] Enhanced Particles
Created by Philip
Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to present to you Enhanced Particles, a modification offering a cinematic experience ín Total War: Rome II battles.

Although simple by its nature, Enhanced Particles offers far more dynamic and, dare we say, exciti...
GBJ Blood Mod: The Original
Created by Apis in Memphis
GBJ Blood Mod: The Original v1.4

- Mod uses the original texture of blood from the DLC Blood & Gore.
- Improved color scheme and given the volume of blood.
- Blood
Realistic destructible objects
Created by Shayologo[FR]
Improves the durability of destructible objects and ground during battle.

Now objects are not destroyed when your army starts to climb over it or walk through it.
Objects are still destroyed if a large army walks/runs over it or through it. Durability...
A world to explore
Created by AveMetal
This mini mod erases the city icon showing their position in the campaign map, bringing back the exploration function to the agents.

By this time the knowledge of the world was very poor. Even the most "civilized" or powerful states sometimes didn´t kno...
Idle Traits Removal
Created by wesloo
This simple mod removes the randomly generated traits your generals receive just for being garrisoned in a settlement.

I can understand developer’s intentions (to stimulate player’s activity and to provide some counterbalance to the positive public orde...
Rome II: Terrain HD
Created by Celticus
This is a terrain edit of the campaign map texture files. I used the Attila files and modified some of them slightly to fit better with the aesthetic of Rome II.

Screenshots taken with GEM default settings and Gamma set to 16 or 18 and Brightness set to...
Rome II: Flora HD 1.1 (Read Description)
Created by Celticus
(NOTICE): This is the advertisement page for Rome II: Flora HD. The mod was too large to upload to the workshop so an external download has been provided below.

***UPDATE: I have included the textures I made for my Attila version in the 1.1 update. You ...
No Civil War Emperor Edition
Created by Time Travelin' Tim
Very simple, small mod that removes civil war by upping the minimum imperium levels required for civil war to above the max imperium level. For Patch 15 Emperor Edition.

Not compatible with Radious. Save-game compatible. You will be able to tell whethe...
It's a Small World After All
Created by Dresden
This simple mod does two things. It makes it so that small AI factions can only field 2 armies and takes away the hidden income bonus for minor AI factions.

Any AI faction with 2 regions or less will only be able to field 2 armies (rather than 4). This ...
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