Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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ROME II "Must have" Mods (DEI)
Roundup of the best realistic mods on the workshop.
They are all compatible with the amazing Divide et Impera (DeI) overhaul.
Im using them all at the moment without any problems whatsoever.

You will need to use ** Mitch Mod Manager ** to organize mod priority, it is also the best way to prevent conflicts and crashs when using multiples mods at the same time

Mitch Mod Manager

Thx to all the modders for the hard work.

Updated patch 17 & DEI 1.0
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R2:TW GEMFX - Graphic Enhancement Mod 1.0.9

GEM - Graphics Enhancement Mod is a new shader collection (GEM) & a new injector (GEMFX) I implemented.

GEM also utilizes the SweetFX shader stack and is inspired b...
New lighting and environments mod from "Aztec's Environments and Lightings"
This mod is to Aztec and all merits are his.
Not existing in Steam Workshops, I've only taken by TWC [] and I put a background image.
The mod had been taken for personal use and later was made public.

This mod also works with GEM and ...
Better Water III HD
Created by ΣƑIX
This mod is meant to drasticly improve the water rendering in the game.
** Up to date patch 17**


-New textures
-New sea color
-New artificial waves
-New artificial foam
-New sunlight reflections
-New shores reflec...
Realistic Ship Colors
Created by Naja
This mod removes all player colors from ships. Now your ships will look like they would in real life....
Better siege weapons, equipments and fort walls HQ textures
Created by Noif
Working with PATCh 16 and EE!

Now HQ texture has arrived to siege weapons, equipments and fort walls. This is now on Beta-stage so please give feedback and report problems what you find in game.

This mod improve siege weapons, equipments and fort wa...
Better Horses, elephants and dogs HQ texture v2
Created by Noif
Working with PATCh 15 and EE!

I think, I was not only person in this game who think same. When I played a battle and my friend mentioned about poor quality dogs for me. I decided take a look to dogs, but also I wanted check for horses and elephants. Wo...
Grand Campaign Map - Modern Theme
Created by Idreaus
11/21/2014 Updated:
- A version of this map will be ported to Imperator Augustus campaign soon.
ONLY if it gets 700+ Likes!


Extended & Edited Campaign ma...
Sell Your Slaves
Created by Phalangitis
Save game compatible-latest patch-update copatible and probably compatible with every other mod.I released also A) a more complex version with a lot more features but slightly reduced compatibility with major overhauls like radius or magnar mod etc..calle...
Arcade graphical effects removal
Created by
This mod removes the following graphical effects:


- The symbol that appears above units when soldiers gain experience during a fight

- The symbol that appears above units when an ability is activated.

- the graphical effect above ...
Improved Event Pictures
Created by 1stEPI Gunny
A lot of the event pictures included in Vanilla are just that: vanilla. Many more are used poorly. What does a man being threatened with a knife have to do with famine? Why is the Poison success image used for almost every agent action? These questions ha...
Pdguru's Legal Weed Mod
Created by Pdguru
Improved grass textures. A fundamemtal change (and hopefully an improvement) in the look of the game.

TURN OFF VEGETATION ALPHA if you have it on.

"Put that grass in your pipe, and smoke it", Colorado and Washington. Jealousy, well intended.

Enhanced Particles
Created by Philip
Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce a most recent project, Enhanced Particles.

Although simple by its nature, Enhanced Particles offers far more dynamic and, dare we say, exciting battlefields. Enjoy every battle field like it should be ...
GBJ Blood Mod: The Original
Created by Great Black Jaguar
GBJ Blood Mod: The Original v1.3

- Мод использует оригинальные текстуры крови из дополнения кровь и зрелищ...
MacklesMod: No Barbarian Artillery
Created by Caratacus
A simple mod that removes the ability for barbarian factions* to recruit artillery. No, I am not interested in the historical what if? debate over whether the "barbarians" would have developed torsion based siege engines had they survived longer or been m...
Realistic destructible objects
Created by Shay0L0G0
Improves the durability of destructible objects and ground during battle.

Now objects are not destroyed when your army starts to climb over it or walk through it.
Objects are still destroyed if a large army walks/runs over it or through it. Durabilit...
A world to explore
Created by AveMetal
This mini mod erases the city icon showing their position in the campaign map, bringing back the exploration function to the agents.

By this time the knowledge of the world was very poor. Even the most "civilized" or powerful states sometimes didn´t k...
Guaranteed Major Faction Empires
Created by Mitch_CA
Updated for Wrath of Sparta!
Compatible with 100% of other mods!
Save game compatible!

Does it annoy you that in your campaigns you never get to face the legions of Rome, having arrived at Italy only to find they've ...
Idle Traits Removal
Created by wesloo
About This Mod
This simple mod removes the randomly generated traits your generals receive just for being garrisoned in a settlement.

I can understand the developer’s intentions (to stimulate the player’s activity and to provide some coun...
Pikemen start battles with pikes
Created by
This modification gives a pike to every pikemen right in the beginning of the battle.

As a long time fan of the TW series, sometimes it's inevitable to me to compare Rome:Total War with Total War: Rome II. One of the features from Rome 1 that I miss i...
DeI - Faster Battle 2.0
Created by kam2150

This is official DeI submod for faster battles, compatible will all saves.

Changes in Faster Battles 2.0:

-increased hit change
-increased weapon damage by +4 to all units
-increased missiles accuracy a bit
-more violent cavalry charges
Training Building Bonuses Removed Submod for DeI 1.0
Created by Augustusng
I've created a submod for Divide et Impera 1.0 to remove effects from buildings that give units buffs like +morale on recruitment, +charge bonus, +melee attack, that sort of thing. While these effects are fun, I think they undermine the purpose of DeI's A...
1Divide et Impera - No PO Garrison Negative
Created by Dresden34
This is to be used with Divide et Impera, found here.

Removes the Public Order negative from garrisoning troops.

Find other Official Submods in the [url=http://steamcommunity...
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