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Genre: Action, RPG, Arcade
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
Oct 30, 2013 @ 5:33pm

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World of pandemonium;
100 years ago, countless people were doing something evil constantly so that they couldn’t depart this world. They should be in the afterlife, however they started to hurt god people badly. Dead people also remained in this world with their spirits so that they committed big crimes such as murdering and looting in this confusion. This routine trapped in vicious cycle.

Son of heaven, Yangak;
Yangak was a monk as great master Taehwa’s pupil before who was getting treated as an eligible person. Unfortunately, Samuk was Taehwa’s preference so that Yangak was unsatisfied with his master’s opinion. By that time, Yangak became a leader by force of arms among the warriors. When many eunuchs were gathering to dethrone the Emperor, suddenly they started to follow Yangak such as an emphatic one. Because of this situation, he decided to kill the Emperor and his follers that he could hold the first place.

Great master, Taehwa;
It continued to be like war for 30 years because, the growing number of demons was increasing rapidly. There were two fractions named “Justice” and “Chaos” that were facing against the demons. At this very moment, Taehwa appeared with his 12 pupils driving away the demons and spirits. Therefore, he used the great skill that the charm could lock up all demons in the temple of Tian Gui at MT.Guwang. People got back to normal life farming and learning however, Yangak didn’t change his mind like others. He thought he was the best person who was able to meet Taehwa’s request. Sadly, Samuk succeeded to Taehwa’s title so Yangak felt severly scorned and inferior to Samuk.

Eunuch’s conspiracy;
After full of corruption, the whole country became peaceful. Even the little emperor was young, but he could suspect the eunuchs’ corrupted actions. The little emperor called all of eunuchs and gave a severe scolding however they schemed to dethrone the emperor. More, to achieve their conspiracy, they bribed to bring attention to the masters of factions and also Yangak as well.
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Jun 21 @ 5:35am
HRS_Dark Side
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Maikerue Aug 5 @ 6:19pm 
This reminds me of MapleStory, which I stopped playing for a while now. I kinda got bored of this, but this might be interesting.
Kuma Jul 28 @ 5:48pm 
Better off playing Maplestory..
蜘蛛猴子 Jul 23 @ 9:24pm 
Please Add This game, in steam ... i have been playing this game since i was a kid, this game in Taiwan version is gone..... the original company don't want to support this game in Taiwan i really like this game and i hope the American version won't die..... Please Steam Please Support this GAME!!!
Add this game plz :(
NinjaManFran Jul 8 @ 8:09pm 
it's nothing like Elsword maybe a little bit like Grand Chase. It's closer to Maplestory
KagoShigure Jun 24 @ 6:50pm 
need some 2d love ~
{TmF}FULLM3TALPR0 Jun 18 @ 10:29am 
Ripoff of Elsword
LiG-Rain Jun 11 @ 4:35am 
This is a very interesting game, easy to play.
SekieyAme Jun 4 @ 12:59pm 
Miro / BarrackBouma Jun 2 @ 12:56pm 
@sWiTcH-e-RoO You do know this came out before maplestory?