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Followers Park 1
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Oct 28, 2013 @ 2:34pm
Oct 29, 2013 @ 9:05am
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I Have made some Npc and Followers.

33 New Follwers.
4 New Npc. (Group leader, not follower)

The Khajiit (4 Npc): Walk Around in Skyrim. 1. Assassin Archer, 1. Assassin Duel Wielder, 1. Duel Wielder with one great sword, 1. Mage (Leader) Start Location: Dawnstar
The Rangers ( 4npc): Walk Around in Skyrim, start location: Falkreath. 3 Elven Rangers, 1 Elven Elite Ranger (leader).
Mercanaries ( 4 npc): Walk Around in whiterun. 4 Heavy 2H
Dueliest/Duel Wielder(4 npc): Walk around in Windhelm: 4. DuelWielders.
Argonians Great Mecarnaries (4 npc): Walk around in Solitude. 1. DuelWielder, 1. ShieldWielder, 1, 2H, 1 Duel Wielder with great sword (leader)
Unique Npc made with my little Brother: Walks around in Whiterun.
Greybeards (4 npc): Walk around at High Hrothgar. 4 new Greybeards with an ebony weapon.
Dwarf Alike Meranaries (4 npc): Walk Around Skyrim. 3 Heavh with shield or 2H. and a leader. Start Location. Markarth.
Mages (4 Npc): At winterhold College. 4 Mages.
Stormclock and Imperial (2 of each npc): Walk around in Morthal. 2 Heavy Imperials, 2 Light Stormclocks.

I will add some more Npc's through time but i just wanted to start with something :)