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Better Magic
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Mar 25, 2012 @ 11:52pm
Jul 21, 2012 @ 4:03pm
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Better Magic improves the magic system with the goal of helping the balance the game experience of magic compared to other archetypes.

The list of changes this mod makes is below.
For a more detailed list of changes, modular functionality, and multi-lingual support, please visit the Nexus page. The change log for each version is available on the Nexus page by clicking the blue version number.

- Each mastery perk (novice, apprentice, adept, expert, master) within all five spell schools now has a secondary effect that improves all spells in that school. For alteration, conjuration, and illusion, each perk increases the duration of spells in that school by 15%. For destruction and restoration, each perk increases the magnitude of spells in that school by 15%.

- The Augmented Element perks now only add 15% damage per rank (down from 25%). To maintain their utility, they also add 15% resistance to that element with each rank.

- Augment Element perks no longer affect weapon enchantments.

- Cloak spells had their base range dropped to 8 feet (from 10), but they now grow in both size and damage with mastery and augmented element perks.

- Paralyze and Mass Paralysis have reduced durations, from 10 and 15 to 7 and 10.

- Dual casting was unlocked for Mass Paralysis.

- Aspect of Terror no longer incorrectly increases the damage of fire spells.

- Necromage no longer increases the power of spells you cast on your vampire character.

- Rune spells now benefit from Augmented Element perks.

- Chain Lightning, Fireball, and Ice Storm hit methods were improved.

- Mage Armor now multiplies the duration of all armor spells in addition to multiplying
their magnitude. You need to be wearing no light or heavy armor at the time of casting
the spell to see this benefit.

- Each rank of Mage Armor provides a passive +50 armor (6% damage mitigation), up to +150
at rank 3. This disappears immediately if you wear any piece of light or heavy armor.

- Dragonhide is now a normal armor spell. It provides +150 armor for 60 seconds.

- Dual casting no longer reduces efficiency. It is now x2.5 cost for x2.5

- Impact's stagger only happens 1/3 of the time.

- Intense Flames and Deep Freeze now provide a 20% chance to trigger once the target is
under 50% health.

- Disintegrate now provides a 15% chance to trigger once the target is under 50% health.

- The novice destruction spells (Flames, Frostbite, and Sparks), cloak spells, and wall
spells can no longer trigger finisher effects.

- Blizzard and Fire Storm have a 100% chance to cause these effects, rather than 20%.
Lightning Storm has a 40% chance that rapidly repeats like the novice, cloak, and wall
spells would if I allowed them. A bugfix was added so Lightning Storm no longer
disintegrates without the perk and won't disintegrate things immune, like dragons.

- The master destruction spells can now be dual cast if you hold both hand buttons and
happen to possess a huge magicka pool. When dual cast, Lightning Storm can benefit from

- Fire Storm and Blizzard have had their costs lowered somewhat.

- Fire Storm now ignores line of sight. Use it through enemies, cover, and even walls.

- Blizzard's duration is increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.

- All Illusion master spells (Call to Arms, Harmony, Hysteria, Mayhem) can now be dual cast.

- Call to Arms now rallies affected targets.

- Dead Thrall works on targets up to level 99. It still only affects NPCs.
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ElderGamer1 Nov 18 @ 1:02pm 
I am really happy I changed to your Better Magic Mod it's the way magic should be! Thanks!
biltart_clorn Nov 10 @ 10:26pm 
This is very close to what the magic system should have been to start with. You could make this almost perfect by putting a magic cost reduction cap on equipment of say, seventy five percent from all sources. It makes a mage with a little from every school a viable character. Particular kudos to fixing the low cap on mage armor. This allows you to actually put points into magic instead of health. Well done, and on the right track.
Nerdymonkeyboy Oct 13 @ 3:15pm 
Falkwreathan seal of approval!
Mineb0t Oct 7 @ 12:02pm 
good :D but
SushiSquid  [author] Sep 27 @ 7:11am 
Yes, this fixes that issue, especially if you use this with tSSSSS as I suggest and wear a Master robe for Illusion. That mod is suggested and linked to on this mod's Nexus page. Dual casting, the mastery perks, and with tSSSSS your equipment all can boost Illusion to make it potentially useable on pretty much anything.
kylerogers794 Sep 24 @ 8:00pm 
Hey, this looks brilliant! I'm hoping to start a new mage playthrough with this and perhaps a spell variety pack, but seeing as I was hoping to primarily be an illusion magic user, I've got a question: does the fact that one can one can now dual cast master level illusion spells fix the fact that the illusion spell's level cap essentially cripples the usability late in the game? Previously, even with all the perks, enemies past level 47 (I believe) were immune to "mayhem" and other such spells. Can dual casting double the level limit, or no?
iDrew1st Sep 14 @ 3:54pm 
Alight, cool, thanks! And great mod! It really does make the mage archetype a lot more fun and usable! :D
SushiSquid  [author] Sep 14 @ 3:41pm 
You should be able to freely add and remove this at any time. The only issue I know of is that you should remove the Mage Armor perks from yourself with the console before you remove the mod. Some people (though not all, because Skyrim's engine is weird like that) have seen their characters permanently keeping the bonus Armor if they don't remove those perks first. Everything else is fine.
iDrew1st Sep 14 @ 11:42am 
Do I have to start a new game to get it to work, or can I continue my saved game with this mod?
ykethineni Aug 4 @ 8:34am 
Does anyone think this is okay to use as a battlemage/spellsword?