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Awesome Arma 3 Addons
By Lord Omni
A list of fun and useful mods/addons for Arma 3 with descriptions, screenshots and video. A constant work in progress
This is not a step by step guide on installing mods. Most mods listed have very easy to follow instructions provided with the links.

That said, this is a showcase of some of the best mods available for Arma 3 and will be constantly updated as new mods are put through their paces and playtested in solo and online missions.

Feel free to add your favorites in the comments.

These mods aim to improve the overall experience of Arma 3.

Community Base Addons
An essential mod for getting other mods to work properly with each other (install this first)

TMR (Weapon Realism/Resting)
This mod adds a variety of enhancements to gun handling, aiming down sight/through a scope as well adding the ability to rest your weapon on cover, and the ability to deploy your bipod.

ShackTac Fireteam HUD
Provide situational awareness on where your fireteam members are and what their orientation is. This is intended to represent both peripheral vision, as well as the extended awareness one has in reality. You only see your fireteam members relative to you - no terrain, no other players/units.


J.S.R.S. Sound Mod 2.0
Still an active work in progress, but aims to replace/enhance the sounds in Arma 3 by adding depth, stereo effects and in many cases entirley new audio.

WarFX Blastcore

Makes explosions more cinematic. Changes and enhances muzzle flashes and other effects.
Some people are not satisfied with the fictional weapons used in Arma 3, so luckily there is a wide range of weapon mods available. The ones listed here have been playtested for hours, and are part of my online campaigns/missions.

R3F French Weapons Pack
Adds a plethora of weapons used by French forces, as well as variants and attachments.

Russian and NATO weapons
Many familiar weapons from Russia and the US with variants and attachments. This mod is required for many of the unit mods listed later.

Armies and Units
The mods listed here will add custom gear, loadouts and troops for use in the editor or while accessing customized ammo boxes in MP games.

PG Services PMC

Add a fictional Private Military Contractor group. Variety of camo combinations, and civilian outfits. Also adds reskinned vehicles.

Russian GRU OMON Spetsnaz

Great retextures for your Russian loadouts. Has camo patterns for temperate, woodland, desert, artctic and more. Also adds reskinned vehicles.

US Marines and MARSOC

Great retextures for your US loadouts. Has camo patterns for temperate, woodland, desert, artctic and more. Also adds reskinned vehicles.

German Bundeswehr

Great retextures for your German loadouts.

UK Special Forces

Great retextures for your UK loadouts. Has camo patterns for temperate, woodland, desert, artctic and more. Also adds reskinned vehicles.

Canadian Armed Forces

Great retextures for your Canadian loadouts.Has camo patterns for temperate and arid conditions. Also adds custom weapons and flags.

Hellenic Armed Forces

Includes new camo, weapons, attachments and aircraft. Aircraft* include: A-7H Corsair II, Mirage 2000-C, F-16C, F-4E Phantom II and variants.

Polish Armed Forces

New camo and new weapons.
Requires: FHQ Accessories Pack

French Intervention Forces

Adds GIGN and RPIMA units and their respective camo, new headgear, and a riot shield.
Requires: R3F Weapons Pack
A list of the best vehicle mods for use in Arma 3

F/A-18 Super Hornet

A superb model with lots of nice details and extras.

SU-35S Flanker E

A new jet for the OPFOR forces.

Imported from Arma 2 with permission from BiS. This is probably one of the most OP vehicles in Arma, good speed, durable and silent, perfect for those recon units behind enemy lines.
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Dj Otacon Sep 17 @ 7:08am 
Awesome work man. People like you are the blood of our community!
Microsoft PP Jun 7 @ 9:40pm 
How do I intiate this stuff? Like in editor and sutff?
Lord Omni  [author] Jun 7 @ 3:53pm 
Microsoft PP Jun 7 @ 2:27pm 
the skins and guns I mean
Microsoft PP Jun 7 @ 2:27pm 
can I play multiplayer with these if my friends have them?
Lord Omni  [author] Apr 14 @ 3:57pm 
hey guys, not sure why, but everytime i try to edit this guide i get a steam error on save, it's beyond frustrating... i may have a new guide made up, a version 2.0, now that Arma has been out quite a bit longer, and there are a lot of mods i'd like to include in more detail.
Nitel Apr 4 @ 5:55am 
Wich addon add's this headset?
Hertizch Mar 10 @ 7:37am 
This thing works beautiful for playing in SP.
Lord Omni  [author] Mar 10 @ 4:36am 
I've been meaning to give task force radio a go, but haven't had the time lately. i'll be sure to give it a go soon, as the feature list looks amazing. thanks!
Fairport, D [NEU] Mar 10 @ 4:11am 
You should add Task Force Radio http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23615 much better than ACRE or equal mods, features unique radio's for each side and has secure networks for each side, which can be tampered with and be listened too with the right radio set to the right frequency.. And did I mention it's not like ACRE where you got fixed frequencies but more of where you can chose what ever frequency you want to use? Go check it out! I strongly recommend this mod.