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After Reset RPG
Genre: RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player, Co-op
Oct 24, 2013 @ 12:04pm
Jan 26 @ 7:48pm

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Patch #073116 Released


• Missed Narrator voice sounds added.
• Volumes for 3d sounds and speech amended.
• Not ceasing voiceover in dialogs while the dialog is closed or another line is played, or when quieting to main menu - fixed.

• ASWD bug fixed.
• Typos in Records fixed.
• Skills and stats checks in dialogs fixed.
• Awakening cut-scene reworked and enhanced.

• All female clothes (neck bug) reskinned and reboned.
• Low quality character and NPC camera with pixel border in dialogs to fixed the cinematic smoothness.

• Text blinking in dialogs fixed.
• Red coloring of the character model in Character menu fixed.
• Main Menu button corruption after traveling between levels amended.
• Tag panel fixed.
• Mouse absence during the first dialog fixed.
• Overlay picture for PAUSE deleted.
• Ivy's icon blur after interaction fixed.

• Saving/loading bug of dropped loot and trash fixed.
• Bug with several items multiplying on floor when traveling between levels fixed.
• Drone position bias after level reloading fixed.
• Death mechanics and its visual and audio assets fixed.
• Area transaction script and visuals amended.


• Final recordings and post-processing for Keren Goston dialogs are done.
• VFX sounds for drones created and embedded.
• Looped heart beat sound added for the character when he's in dying state.

• Drone’s animations added.
• Drone’s activation quest added.
• Drone’s dialog (activation) added.
• Drone’s dialog (deactivation) added.
• Ivy’s dialog (drone) added.
• Quanton dialog (repaired) added.
• Quanton repairing cut scenes added.
• Quanton repairing challenging puzzle added.
• Lab drone hive/cloud mind added.
• In-game access to all 22 Records for the prologue added.

• Gameplay camera settings polished to the ideal 3d pseudo-isometric view.
• Special Facility graphics optimized and freed resources used for graphic quality boost.
• Science Facility graphics optimized and freed resources headed for graphic quality boost.

• Dialog's answers display enhanced (numbers and "/* styles added).
• Now any GUI (highlighting, tagging, etc) do properly disable VFX during cut scenes and dialogues.
• New Quest and new Records notification icons added as clickable to let them open relevant panels respectively.

• Drones AI added.
• Followers mechanics added so that PC’s followers can travel with him/her through the levels and areas.

• Sparkles added to Quanton's servers.
• Colors for repaired Quanton changed.
• More environmental assets set at Ground Level.


#1 Thanks for your bug reports, guys! We really appreciate them, but it’s become quite time consuming to slog through them all in our e-mail. We’ve come up with a better method to make this process more organized, and you can now upload your reports to a new sub-form we’ve created on STEAM, which you can access here: LINK.

#2 Along with the Quanton’s servers, quests, dialogs, models, VFX, cut scenes, and other gameplay, we have finally completed the Science Facility level as it was meant to be. Through the prologue players should become comfortable with the specific (and quite frankly old school-ish) methods of storytelling and gameplay we plan to use in the rest of After Reset RPG.

One of these core features is very non-linear gameplay, and in regard to the Quanton Hub, it is completely up to players to decide what to do with it. Doing nothing is, of course, an option. I’d like all of you guys (while playing AR RPG) to really immerse yourself into its world and roleplay your character. Relying on the statistics of human behavior, game theory, and my D&D DM experience, I encourage you to behave like your character would in the real world—or even roleplay yourself. There’s consequences (positive and negative) for just about everything in the game. So aside from testing, please, don’t rush into decisions just because the option is there.

#3 There is one cut-scene left to be programmed into the Special Facility level in order to complete it. Except for that, nothing else should change as far as the level goes, right up to the release of the prologue.

#4 Our third level (the huge one – Ground Level) does not need to be tested yet, but feel free to explore it so you can see how things change with each update.

#5 One of the most important things in today’s update is the final representation of the dialog mechanics and its GUI. Please, feel free to share your impression and thoughts about it.


There are many reasons why it took so long to properly implement her into the game, and I’ll show you a few of them. Below you can see her concept:

An example of the terrible model we initially got from freelancers:

I just could not to put That creature in the game. Rebuilding her took two months, and here you can see the highpoly version of her we did 3 weeks ago:

Unfortunately, the low poly count of the head as well as the textures turned out to be bad:

And we had to rework the head completely to get the final highpoly variant you can see below (texturing is in progress). Now I can empathize this girl and would be be pleased to see that face through the whole game:

Albeit, I hesitate what haircut for the prologue status of Ivy to choose. We need your help to made our minds about it. Please, let us know which haircut style for her you'd prefer:


In addition to this update, I’ve posted a closed early report for our Co-Founders: LINK[].

It contains screens from our project boards as well as several personal boards of the team members; financial report; plans for the future development (the game is not limited to the prologue, After Reset’s development is about more than one game).

If you’re a Co-Founder, please, feel free to check that early report and share your thoughts.

For our other Kickstarter backers I’m going to share that report a couple weeks before the prologue release in a closed update. Everyone else will be able to see this report after the release.


I posted in previous updates our thanks and my personal kudos to those several hundred gamers who purchased our game on Steam Early Access and rooted us regardless of its very early stage of development. I promised to find some way to show our gratitude.

So, I’d like to provide you with Co-Founder statuses, guys, so that you will have access to all the extra content on our forum and to be the first to view our reports. Th

Patch #051716 Released


• The bug with inventory listing when you put the object from active slot to inventory is fixed.
• Bug when you're unable to drop object on the floor fixed.
• Stacking system amended.
• Items identification bugs fixed.
• Tutorial pages now can be slid correctly.
• Items activation while switching items fixed.
• Saving/Loading date while travelling between levels reworked.


• Ivy monodialog [first aid] added.
• Ivy monodialog [recover] added.
• Ivy dialog [warning] added.
• Quanton monodialog [NBC] added.
• Quanton monodialog [firealarm] added.
• Quanton dialog [broken] added.
• Free talk dialog with Ivy as a companion added.
• Tutorial "Character Skills" added.
• Tutorial "Hacking Electronic Devices" added.
• Tutorial "Lockpicking Mechanical Locks" added.
• Tutorial "Item Identification" added.
• Tutorial "Identifying Creatures" added.
• Tutorial "Journal Records" added.
• "What Makes a Terrorist?" Journal Record added to gameplay.
• "Gigantic Red Zones Amoebas" Journal Record added to gameplay.
• "R/K Selection Theory When Applied to the Status of "Survivors" Journal Record added to gameplay.
• "Quanton Hubs" Journal Record added to gameplay.
• "O'Shea's Cooperation Speech" Journal Record added to gameplay.
• "Artificial Intelligence" Journal Record added to gameplay.

• Screen Resolution selection launch screen for MAC version added.
• New Quanton NPC model (broken and fixed) and its VFX added.

• Augmentation panel added to Character Menu.
• Need to lock other interactions while in game Main Menu is open.

• Quantity dialog window when move only one object now does not appear.
• Pop-up text mechanics (Fallout 1/2/T style) for monodialogues and NPC taunts added.

• Dozens of new items.
• Trash containers authentically added to Special Facility and Science Facility levels.
• Final containers (contents/types/states/descriptions/sounds) for Special Facility level added.
• Final containers (contents/types/states/descriptions/sounds) for Science Facility level added.


1. Sorry for delay with the update: it was ready around a week ago but we found the critical bug in the final build - Kaspersky deleted (!) the whole build relying to "suspicious behaviors" when the character travel between levels. We were not able to find out origin of the bug in our scripts for a week; hence, we had to rewrite all save/load system from scratch symbol by symbol. Now it works smoothly.

2. I know, with this huge update, it might look like we "finally" got to development just a couple months ago. Frankly, we joke a lot about within our team ourselves. But the case is the major work was done for that year before – the major work for creating content and engine/constructor fitted to our SACPIC game mechanics. We go right step by step like Bioware did for Neverwinter Nights 1: it took around 3 years of 75 programmers and 45 testers (10 internal, 35 external) as well as 10 million dollars just to create an engine/constructor fitted to DnD 3.5 mechanics, and only after that they get to sewing campaign on it. That was actual in good old 2002. Modern technologies, social support and crowd founding gave us a boost but we still follow the same passage and still face the same issues :)

3. Mac users, now you can select screen resolutions when launching the game as well as running it in windowed mode. It looks beautiful, but I recommend to use resolution not wider than 1920 for now because current Macs might be lagging running the game on 4k resolution. E.g. I prefer to play in on Mac with 1200 resolution windowed. I know, Mac suffer some visual bugs in Main Menu but we’ll fix that on further updates.

4. You might encounter many dialogues with Ivy in this build, albeit she is represented by painted avatar still. We got her model but I decided it is not as cool as other content of ours. She’s too important (as the companion for the decent part of the game) to be neglected. Freelancer did her model, so now our lead 3d modeler redoes it himself. I’ll present you her "old" version with comparison to "new" one in the next update.


One of the most inspiring part of today's news is that, based on our current stage and pace of development, as well as on our current human and financial resources, I recon to complete and delivery the prologue by the end of this summer. I know this is just an estimation, but it is a realistic one.

The game core become more and more sophisticated with every monthly update. It happens very often when amending one bug that we reveal a couple of new ones. The major threat to this plan of release is the human factor (frankly, as it's been the case during the whole development). I'm doing my best to attach a new spare programmer to the development (at least for bug fixing) but if we lose our current programmers that might slow us down again. I'm praying with you that won't happen and we'll go through this coming three months smoothly and release a great product.

Beyond that, if it goes according the plan, we need to look in the future. In the next update, I feel like to share the plans with Co-Founders, coordinate it with them, then (in August) share updated plan with Kisckstarter backers to ask their thought on it. If it run fine again, we'll share the plan with everybody else after release of the prologue by this Fall.


In previous update I posted Steam statistics about 7,000 wish lists collected and how that milestone has inspired us. It looks like my news found some traction within the hearts of our fans that follow the development process. For this month amount of wish lists has increased to 8,200!

Thanks for adding us, guys. This growing number of wish list adds will definitely help us by the release date.

The art above is painted and cordially shared as the illustration by one of our favorite contributor-artists Antony Fedotov who worked on the cover art of Fall of Gyes. This art you see is inspired by New Reno capital of the New Confederacy from After Reset setting :)


At this current stage we’re working hard on Ivy and Quanton characters. Both of these NPCs are virtual intelligences. For several weeks we received a lot of questions from our fan, littleONE, about Artificial & Virtual Intelligence science and its place in the hard sci-fi setting of After Reset.

I decided to prepare some extra lore about that issue and include it into the prologue. You might read about it here or discover it in current build by yourself. But I’d like to show you how the hard sci-fi approach is different from casual "fast-food" approach (e.g. for many, the subject of AI typically resolves into "AI is a threat" or "Kill all humans").

Here you can read a part of an article from a public official from the Human Rights Watch. By 132 A.R. the HRW is one of the Social Corps Departments that monitor and enforce compliance for a ban on AI research and development within the United Governments. I hope, you'll enjoy it:

"Specify the way in which you believe that a man is superior to a computer and I shall build a computer which refutes your belief. Turing’s challenge should not be taken up; for any sufficiently precise specification could be used in principle to program a computer."
Karl Popper, The Self and its Brain

When thinking about Artificial Intelligence a

Release date: End of 2015

After Reset RPG an old-school hard sci-fi post-apocalyptic roleplaying game inspired by such video games as Fallout 1/2, Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment.

TARGET AUDIENCE: 21+y.o., USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand.
TARGET PLATFORM: PC (Windows, Linux), Mac OS X.
COMBAT MODE: rule-based real-time.
GAME MODE: single-player, co-op.

After Reset RPG is based on three pillars of the good old days of RPG - you can expect:
A POSTAPOCALYPTIC ATMOSPHERE, developed with scientific realism and with more places to explore than Fallout 1 and 2 together had;
A NONLINEAR STORY with freedom of choice and a ton of branches and endings, which influence the whole setting even beyond the game you play;
HARDCORE MECHANICS in the best traditions of DnD and SPECIAL, in which even the process of character creation stretches out into prolonged enjoyment.


It’s our future. The golden age of humanity, globalized under the aegis of the United Governments. The century of corporations, of unbelievable scientific discoveries and hard overpopulation. A century in which extraterrestrial artifacts appeared. A century of conflict, which ended just as it never began. A century in which our planet was burned by nuclear fire, and a century which buried humanity and almost all life on Earth under radioactive ash.

Despite the scale of the tragedy, several millions from a population of over 17 billion were able to find refuge in specially equipped underground bases and over hundreds of years to expand them into fully fledged underground megalopolises. And so, after more than 100 years of hiding under the earth, the United Governments noticed that the ecological situation on the surface had improved and made the decision to come back outside and begin the reconstruction of the world.

All the same, as suddenly became clear, the burden of this holy mission had already been taken up by a civilization born of the flames and chaos of the apocalypse. A civilization that was markedly behind the United Governments technologically but made up for it in their larger numbers and better-developed survival instincts. Hundreds of isolated descendants of Survivors are beginning to unite under the banner of the New Confederation to stake their claim on the Yellow Zones and drive back the war machine of the old world that’s slowly crawling out onto the surface. For the Survivors, it’s a replay of the American Revolutionary War against the British Empire. For the United Governments it’s the Iraq War all over again, threatening to turn into a new Vietnam.

The action in the game After Reset RPG takes place starting 132 years after the apocalypse, called the Reset in two large areas of the former North America: The Great Desert (what was once Nevada) and The State of Eagle (what was once California).


Here is your story. When it begins, you find yourself on the floor of some kind of laboratory, completely naked and surrounded by shards of broken glass and spilled liquids. You don’t know anything or remember anything, neither about yourself, nor about the place where you are. Apart from medical instruments and some kind of installations, there’s no one around, and the only thing in the laboratory other than you is a female voice. It brings you to by saying “Wake up, Commander.” From that moment, everything is in your hands. Where to go, what to do, whether to listen to the voice or not, to try to figure out your story or not – it all depends on you. I don’t want to spoil too much of the game for you, so I’ll only add one more thing – no matter where you go, or who you decide to become in the expanses of the Great Desert, your personal story will find you. Like in Baldur’s Gate 1, you’re totally free to explore the world, but the story will follow you like your shadow.


When making the game mechanics for After Reset RPG, we brang together the very best of the mechanics of Dungeons and Dragons edition 3.5 and SPECIAL. If you’ve played Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights or Fallout 1-2, it’ll all be pretty intuitive for you. Like in the original Fallout, we named our mechanics SACPIC after the first letter of all the main stats of your character. And similarly to Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights, it can promise you a long, thought-out character creation process with a true multitude of combinations and interesting descriptions. And yes, don’t forget that of course, God made everyone different, but Colonel Colt evened the playing field. Good or bad, level three or seven, a lot of strength or a little – in the expanses of the wasteland, what matters is who has a gun.

In our way for the visual part of gameplay, we’re trying to make it all as close to the classics of the genre as possible. The same top-down view, the same shabby interface, and the same global map. A never-ending space to expore, limited only by your water supplies, skills and some feats. In terms of fights, we’re often asked: will the game have a turn-based system or real-time. I can safely say that the game will be rule-based real-time (like Neverwinter Nights, Baldur’s Gate, and Planescape: Torment).

And of course, speaking of game mechanics in After Reset RPG, I want to note again the features like Quanton Synchronization which will require an Internet connection. I’d also like to remind you that the game can be played just fine without being connected, but if you activate it you’ll get the maximum enjoyment from the game. This includes bonuses such as your choices influencing the whole setting of the After Reset world, and unique encounters, and access to other goodies like parts for a cyberdog companion etc.
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Release date: End of 2015.

Oh yeah ????
Mr.Nixon  [author] Oct 15, 2015 @ 8:59am 
1 и 2. Потому что дрался с 3мя старшекласниками за два эти диска. Разбитый нос, выбитый молочный зуб, С по куче предметов в четверти, но эти две игры того стоили :)
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Какая ваша любимая часть Fallout и почему?
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Top-down view? no, thanks! I prefer Firste or Third Person view in my RPGs.
Mr.Nixon  [author] Aug 27, 2015 @ 6:02pm 
Можно почитать здесь (интервью еще до КС):
Кraftер Aug 27, 2015 @ 9:49am 
Как родилась идея After Reset?
Mr.Nixon  [author] Aug 27, 2015 @ 9:40am 
Отчасти, реализация такой сложной системы и является причиной того, "почему мы так долго возимся с программированием" :-/
Mr.Nixon  [author] Aug 27, 2015 @ 9:40am 
Если говорить о прологе, то мы реализуем сейчас 6 способов (и результатов) его прохождения, не считая боевки. Плюч 4 вида смертей, не связанных с боем, а только с действиями/бездействиями игрока. В остальном: это песочница, мы не знаем точно, как вы будете проходить пролог и игру, куда пойдете, как в конкретную сессию игры решат себя вести те или иные НПС, появятся они в сессии или нет, что выпадет в том или ином луте или что находится в контейнерах...
Mr.Nixon  [author] Aug 27, 2015 @ 9:39am 
Механика концовок всей игры планируется двойной: содержание последних двух глав должно строиться на результатах прохождения предыдущих. Плюс, после прохождения этих двух последних глав. Концовки по регионам, людям, организациям на которые игроки оказали вляние (или не оказали), как в оригинальных Fallout 1 и Fallout 2.