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Aussiedroid's ZD:HD Players Handbook
By Aussiedroid
An extensive player guide covering gameplay basics (including zombies, vehicles and weapons), tips 'n' tricks, achievement hunting, trading cards plus more!

For the Steam PC Version of Zombie Driver HD.
What's In This Players Handbook?

Zombie Driver isn't an overly complex or difficult game, but knowing a few of the basic tricks to success will help you get your objectives with minimal retries also ensuring you don't miss any achievements.

I'll go through some of the gameplay basics so you know how best to use your vehicles and weapons and what to 'look out for' in the game.

Included in the sections below are all the achievements and where and how to get them. Many of these are straight forward enough not to warrant any special help in a guide but there are still a few that can be tricky to obtain or easily missed. They have been sorted into categories so they are easy to find (since there are so many!).

** Helpful Hint: You can also use CTRL+F key to search for the achievement name (or part of it) to quickly jump to what you are looking for help with. **

There is also information on how to mod the game, what is in each of the DLCs and what you can get with your ZD:HD Trading Cards.

Lets begin.....

Things You Need to Know
It is important to Keep Moving! The slower you go the more damage you will take from roaming zombies. Faster is not always better though, as it increases your chances of running into something and coming to a halt. Find your balance that gives a decent speed to avoid most damage while going slow enough to avoid most obstacles and maintain momentum.

While on the topic of speed, its a good idea not to use the full screen map while going fast. Good odds you will run into something. Use the full map while moving slowly/stopped, get your bearings and then use the mini-map to keep yourself on target.

Ramming any zombie (except the Fat Man!) will not cause any damage to your vehicle. You will take damage when zombies hit your vehicle, either in melee or ranged attacks - so keep moving to avoid getting caught. Ramming objects like fences, cars will also not cause any damage.

Choose the right weapon and vehicle for the job at hand. Each has strengths and weaknesses covered in the Crash Course sections below.

I would recommend new players begin with the Story mode. This will help you unlock the other vehicles to use in Blood Race & Slaughter modes.

A Quick Message about Obese Gassious Zombies (aKa Fat Zombies):
You have a variety of zombies to destroy in Zombie Driver HD. There are the standard zombies who aim straight for your vehicle for melee damage, zombies who throw things, strong zombies which are good at slowing you down and zombified dogs who are very quick.

All of these don't pose a huge threat unless in massive numbers, except you do need to look out for the Fat Zombies!

Avoid these at all costs! The bane of your Zombie Driver career!

Fat Zombies explode when rammed or when in close proximity to your vehicle. This can be used to your advantage to take out the surrounding zombies to the Fat Zombie. If you are going fast enough to avoid the explosion! Practice this technique.

When faced with large groups of Fat Zombies, try to trigger the proximity explosion on one outlier and you have a good chance to take a whole bunch out in a chain reaction.

Railguns (Any Lvl) & Flamethrowers (Lvl 3) work well also to take the Fat Zombies out.

Machine Guns tend to have issues getting through the pack of zombies to get the Fat Zombie in time and Rockets can be problematic resulting in explosive damage when Fat Zombies get closer (use with care).
Crash Course: Vehicles

Your vehicle choice is rather limited when you start playing the game. More will unlock as you progress through the Story mode but you can also get some extra vehicles by purchasing the DLCs.

Each vehicle's characteristics are governed by 3 key attributes:
  • Armor: Resistance to all attacks.

  • Ramming: Ability to drive through groups of zombies.

  • Speed: Speed of the car.

In practice, you also need to consider the physical size/weight/turning ability of each vehicle.

This can come down to personal preference depending on your playstyle. My favorites are the heavy vehicles like the Auroch because my reflexes are too slow for the faster vehicles :p

Selectable Vehicles:

_______________ Taxi ________________
Armour = 2+3 | Ramming = 2+3 | Speed = 2+3
Passengers = 4
Obtained = Mission 1 (At Start)

Your starting vehicle for first few levels.

Weak & Slow but easy for beginners.

_____________ Sports Car ______________
Armour = 1+3 | Ramming = 1+3 | Speed = 5+3
Passengers = 3
Obtained = Mission 2 (Primary Objective)

Very fast but built out of paper!

_______________ Limo ________________
Armour = 4+3 | Ramming = 3+3 | Speed = 2+3
Passengers = 6
Obtained = Mission 4 (Secondary Objective)

Solid people mover. Hard to turn but reasonable speed & armour.

_____________ Ambulance ______________
Armour = 2+3 | Ramming = 4+3 | Speed = 3+3
Passengers = 6
Obtained = Mission 10 (Primary Objective)

Ramming power makes this a very usable ride.

_______________ Police ________________
Armour = 4+3 | Ramming = 3+3 | Speed = 4+3
Passengers = 4
Obtained = Mission 12 (Secondary Objective)


________________ Bus _________________
Armour = 5+3 | Ramming = 5+3 | Speed = 1+3
Passengers = 48
Obtained = Mission 16 (Primary Objective)

Specialised vehicle handy only on a few missions w/ lots of pickups.

_____________ Muscle Car ____________
Armor = 3+3 | Ramming = 3+3 | Speed = 5+3
Passengers = 4
Obtained = Blood Race (Second or better in Beginners)

Upgraded version of the Sports Car. Stronger with same speed.

Good car to drive.
_____________ Super Car ______________
Armour = 5+3 | Ramming = 4+3 | Speed = 4+3
Passengers = 4
Obtained = Mission 24 (Secondary Objective)

The best all-rounder you can get for Story Mode.

Balanced stats makes it easy to drive, durable yet fast!
_______________ Auroch _______________
Armour = 5+3 | Ramming = 5+3 | Speed = 2+3
Passengers = 10
Obtained = DLC: Apocalypse Pack

Slow and tough. You can survive most things but at a speed loss.

Good seating capacity :)
____________ Chaos 126p _____________
Armour = 3+3 | Ramming = 3+3 | Speed = 5+3
Passengers = 4
Obtained = DLC: Apocalypse Pack

Nimble but fragile and easy to flip over.

With some practice can be put to good use.

_____________ Military Truck _____________
Armour = 5+3 | Ramming = 5+3 | Speed = 3+3
Passengers = 5
Obtained = DLC: Tropical Race Rage

Slight speed improvement over the Auroch.

Tough and easy to drive but limited seating.

______________ L4D Van _______________
Armour = 5+3 | Ramming = 5+3 | Speed = 3+3
Passengers = 8
Obtained = Mission 31 (Primary Objective)

Steam Exclusive Vehicle!

Same specs as Military Truck +3 passengers.

L4D 'Crash Course' Rescue Van, the best all-rounder tied with the Super Car.
_______________ Drifter ________________
Armour = 3+3 | Ramming = 3+3 | Speed = 5+3
Passengers = Unknown
Obtained = Unknown

Exclusive only on PS3 version ZD:HD.

Available after finishing Story Mode.

Unconfirmed if this can be unlocked in PC version at this time.
Crash Course: Special Vehicles
Unselectable "Mission Specific" Vehicles:

Along with the selectable vehicles listed above to unlock, during Story mode you are also treated to some unique vehicles to try.

You cannot pick-up power-ups with these vehicles so you are stuck with as little or as much firepower that's installed.


Available on Mission 15.

Slow but with solid armor - not much fun though.

Fire Truck

Available on Mission 22.

Not too bad to drive, but the water hose is weak as a weapon.


You have the pleasure of this bad boy on Mission 11.

Firepower is awesome, although you do need some distance to get best effect.

Use to your advantage to cash up and help get kill achievements. Take your time and enjoy the carnage!
Crash Course: Weapons

Unless you have a specific use in mind for the weapon you have picked up (ie boss, mission objective) then use your weapons freely to maximise your scores. Weapon pickups are frequent on most maps and will not take you long to find another. Too often you will come across another weapon pickup even when you have a full ammo still unused which is always a waste.

Upgrade your weapons as soon as you can.

Most weapons you will find are best suited to certain situations. Using them correctly will help maximise your combos and help make your progress easier:

Weapon strengths:
  • Railguns are good to take out Fat Zombies at a distance and clearing paths.
  • Rockets are great for bosses, structures or condensed groups of zombies.
  • Flamethrowers are great crowd control taking out large groups over large areas.
  • Machine Gun is efficient at clearing a path ahead to minimise slow down.
  • Oh and the Tank's Cannon is epic at destroying EVERYTHING! (More about that later).

Most weapons also have a weakness:
  • Railguns are weak at clearing large groups of zombies due to the linear firing line.
  • Rockets can miss easily from hitting something in the fire line missing the intended target. Also dangerous to use around Fat Zombies.
  • Flamethrowers are weak at close range and do smaller damage to structures/spawns.
  • Machine Gun has limited pentration in large groups.

Regardless of the above, all weapons will still damage all targets, but its important to know how to maximise their use.

A more advanced technique to learn is to use your hand-brake to do a quick spin (approximately 300 degrees) while firing to clear crowded areas. Once you have done a sweep then hit the Nitro to get out of there ASAP. Your tail end of the vehicle will also swing around and take out zombies to add to your combo!

Weapons Arsenal:

Good even dispersal of damage, but will not cut deep into hordes of zombies.
Strong Vs. Standard Zombies & Dogs.

L3 upgrade provides good killing power stopping everything in one shot except for the Hard Zombies taking 2-3 generally.

Good all rounder. Good at All ranges.

Machine Gun:
Close to useless at lower levels, once this hits L3 it becomes an awesome zombie melter! It can wipe out whole herds in seconds.

Although very strong in the mid-range, close up the weapon can be problematic. Always keep a car's length in front of you and use in a sweeping motion.

Good crowd control. Only good in Medium range.

Boom .. not! L1 is better avoided as they're lacking decent explosive power.

L2 adds more explosive power and L3 upgrades to dual-rockets (now we are talkin'!).

Strong choice for destroying Bosses, Spawners & large areas.

Wide damage area. Good Long & Medium range. Risky up close Vs. Fat Zombies.

Shoot high energy rail shot like a laser beam from your vehicle. Precision weaponry with the ability to cut through any thickness of zombies.

Powerful at all levels and downright deadly at L3 doubling up your railshots!
Good Vs. Fat Zombies.

Narrow damage area but super powerful. Deadly at All ranges.

Ok this isn't really a weapon in my books, but is a useful part of your arsenal none the less.

Best utilised to get yourself back up to speed if you hit something and slow down or simply get out of the way of something. Also good to cover long highway run on timed levels ....... (but watch out for the Fat Zombies!).

Use to maintain your speed - Get out of trouble.

Achievements: General

These general achievements are basically the high combo & grinding achievements. You should be able to get most of these after 5-10 hours of gameplay.

Remember to vary the weapons you pickup as randomly as possible to maximise getting all the 10,000 kills per weapon achievements.

Pick up as many Money & Health tokens as you can. No need to rush unless you have a timed mission objective. Money tokens are generally found down alley ways, ends of roads or other out of the way places.

The hardest ones here will be the Combo Achievements (continuous kills), especially the 30k & 40k ones. Try taking a few runs through Slaughter mode to the higher levels to increase your chances. It can be a bit hit and miss.

You can also try this cool little guide 'Operation: Thunderhorse' Grinding Guide by ρσѕт-мόδεгп {EMC} which has a good technique to try.

General ZD:HD Achievements:
(19 of 103)

Give me more

Kill more than 250 zombies in one combo.
It's raining blood

Detonate 3 exploding zombies with a single rocket shot.
Combo Master

Make a 10 000 points combo.
You got it backwards

Kill 20 zombies with the back of your car in one combo.
Kill with Skill

Make a 20 000 points combo.
I give them warmth

Light 25 zombies on fire at once.
Zombie Superstar

Make a 30 000 points combo.
Out of my way!

Kill 30 zombies with a single railgun shot.
Who wants to touch me?

Make a 40 000 points combo.
Ram them!

Kill 10000 zombies with your car.
Finders Keepers

Find 250 money pickups.
Shoot them!

Kill 10000 zombies with your minigun.
I live again!

Heal yourself 250 times.
Burn them!

Kill 10000 zombies with your flamethrower.
Sunday Driver

Drive 100 kilometers.
Disintegrate them!

Kill 10000 zombies with your railgun.
Taxi Driver

Drive 250 kilometers.
Blow them up!

Kill 10000 zombies with your rockets.
That's a trip!

Drive 500 kilometers.
Achievements: Story Mode (General)

Story mode consists of a series of 31 missions, generally involving some kind of rescue or kill target objectives.

Most of the achievements in this section you will receive through progression.

You will need to play through the Story mode twice to get both of the 'Pimp Car' (All Upgrades) & 'I Like My Car Clean' (No Upgrades) achievements.

Also be aware that there is a special 'End of the World' bonus reward on two levels later on in the game which can save you a lot of money:

Cars 20% Off = Mission 23.

Weapons 20% Off = Mission 28.

General Story Mode Achievements:
(16 of 103)

Notes & Tips
What is this thing?

Destroy your first zombie spawner in Story Mode.
Level TBC
No more Zombies

Destroy 20 zombie spawners in one mission in Story Mode.
Best Level to complete TBC
Homeless Zombies

Destroy 50 spawners in Story Mode.
Best Level to complete TBC
Friendly fire

Kill 30 zombies by destroying a spawner in Story Mode.
Locate one or preferrably several spawners together. Let them continue to spawn zombies till you see a larger group forming (or find a fresh zone).

Rockets work well; Stay relatively close to keep zombies in range of the spawner explosion.

You should get enough colateral damage to trigger the achievement.
Saviour of the Weak

Save 100 survivors in Story Mode.
If you collect all (or almost all) survivors during the course of the game you should reach this about ¾ of the way through Story Mode (~Lvl 22-30).

Missing a few is fine; don't miss many or risk missing this achieve.
Financial crisis? NOT!!!

Accumulate 3 000 000 dollars in Story Mode.
Grind, grind away ...

No need to rush to base on any non-timed mission. Hang around and stack your cash. Earlier the better to immediately afford upgrades when they become available too!
Hot Rod!

Obtain the sports car in Story mode.
Mission 2.

You will obtain this achievement finishing the primary objective.
Killer Fumes

Finish a boss with the flame from your turbo in Story Mode.
Mission 3.

Make sure you have Nitro and are very close to killing the first boss; reverse into it and hit your Nitro and kill it off.
Very Important Person

Unlock the mayor's White Limousine in Story mode.
Mission 4.

Complete the secondary objective by clearing the area outside the mayor's mansion.
I don't need any weapons to kill

Kill 500 zombies with a Military Truck in one mission in Story Mode.
Mission 9 or 26.

I Am The Law

Unlock the police squad car in Story mode.
Mission 12.

Complete the secondary mission to clear the Police Station.
Die Zombies, Die!

Kill 3000 zombies in a single mission in Story mode.
Mission 18 is loaded with zombies and good place to get this one.
Pimp Car

Fully upgrade one car in Story mode.
Mission 21. (Earliest level)

Available after killing the Plant Zombie boss on Mission 20.

You will need to upgrade all 3 levels (any car) for Ramming, Armor & Speed to complete the achievement.

Unlock the super car in Story mode.
Mission 24.

Complete the secondary objective to clear the garage.
Guns Of Glory

Fully upgrade all weapons in Story mode.
Mission 27.

You will get the final upgrade of L3 Railgun at the end of this mission and be able to fully upgrade you car.
I Like My Car Clean

Finish the Story mode without buying any car upgrades.

Mission 31.

To complete Story mode without any upgrades is far tougher experience, but it is possible to complete the Story mode with upgrades, then go back to the last level and remove/sell any upgrades on the car you want to use to complete the achievement. * Thanks for the info Jepp! *
Achievements: Story Mode (Missions)

Most of these achievements are unmissable, obtained by completing the primary mission objective.

A few are secondary mission objectives and can be missed.

List below has been sorted in order of mission to ensure you don't miss any :)

You will need to complete the final mission twice in order to receive the less than 10% and more than 75% health achievements (you can use mission select from menu to try without doing all missions again).

Mission Specific Achievements:
(18 of 103)

Notes & Tips
I came, I saw, I saved

Save the mayor and his crew in Story Mode.
Mission 1.

You will obtain this achievement finishing the primary objective.
Dirty Work

Defeat the first boss in Story mode.
Mission 3.

You will obtain this achievement finishing the primary objective.

Boss Tip: Move when the boss shoots out at you, otherwise concentrate fire at close range to kill him off.
Your 5 minutes

Ensure that the TV van reaches the base with at least 50% of health.
Mission 5.

You will obtain this achievement finishing the secondary objective.
Smells worse than Zombies

Spray the area with a special chemical compound for the first time in Story Mode.
Mission 7.

You will obtain this achievement finishing the primary objective.
Sunken Hope

Move to the harbor base in Story mode.
Mission 7.

1st Base Relocation: You will obtain this achievement finishing the primary objective.
Heavy Hitter!

Kill 20 or more zombies with one shot while driving the tank.
Mission 11.

They give you a tank in mission 11!! The kill target should be quickly achieved just find the first big herd.
The Last Express

Progress to the train station base in Story mode.
Mission 15.

2nd Base Relocation: You will obtain this achievement finishing the primary objective.
Bod The Destroyer

Kill at least 150 zombies in one combo while driving a bulldozer.
Mission 15.

There are some decent areas near the home base to complete this. Can be a bit tricky.
Demolition Company

Destroy 250 destructibles with the bulldozer in one mission in Story Mode.
Mission 15.

Try to run into everything!
Zombie Plants Must Die!

Defeat the mutated zombie plant in Story mode.
Mission 20.

You will obtain this achievement finishing the primary objective.
Giant Campfire

Set the tree boss on fire with your flamethrower in Story Mode.
Mission 20.

There are flamethrowers in the area. Pickup and use on Tree boss.
Missed Flight

Progress to the airport base in Story mode.
Mission 22.

3rd Base Relocation: You will obtain this achievement finishing the primary objective.
Hot Deal

Put out the fires in the shopping mall.
Mission 22.

You will obtain this achievement finishing the secondary objective.
It's not a Weapon

Kill 100 zombies with a watercannon in one mission in Story Mode.
Mission 22.

Zombies tend to get pushed away or rammed over getting killed by water. Never the less, you should receive this by the time you finish extinguishing the fires.
Father of all Zombies

Defeat the last boss in Story mode.
Mission 30.

You will obtain this achievement finishing the primary objective.
Zombie Driver

Complete the Story mode.
Mission 31.

You will obtain this achievement finishing the primary objective.
Piece of cake

Finish the last mission with more than 75% health in Story Mode.
Mission 31.

The Hard one.
That was too close

Finish the last mission with less than 10% health in Story Mode.
Mission 31.

The Easy one.
Achievements: Blood Race (Winning)

Blood Race mode consists of a series of racing events called tournaments. Each of the tournaments increases in difficulty and length adding a new race from Beginners to the Zombie Drivers Tournaments.

Most of the achievements in Part 1 are about winning races and as such you will receive through normal progression. Part 2 mainly has the killing achievements, which include most of the harder to get Blood Race achievements.

You will need to come first in every race and tournament to get all these achievements.

The Supercar is the best choice of vehicle for Blood Racing. It has great Armor and Ramming and also has solid speed and turning ability to get around the few hard corners. You will need to unlock this first in Story mode, so if you don't have it your vehicle choice will vary based on the game mode you are playing.

There are several different game modes within Blood Race:
  • Race:
    No tricks, just come across the finish line 1st to get the Gold! Weapons are still allowed so use them to your advantage to get ahead of the pack.

    Choosing a fast and nimble vehicle is the key to a successful race. Armor & Ramming are less important for Races.

  • Elimination:
    Carnage central! This mode is all about destruction; destroy as many cars in the time period as possible to get the Gold.

    Vehicles with good Ramming and with reasonable Speed is recommended.

  • Endurance:
    Time attack mode, you need to survive for as long as possible to get the Gold. Destroying zombies & the enviroment will get you extra time as well as racing fast to the next checkpoint will reward you time.

    Your choice of vehicle for Endurance can vary. Speed is important but Armor can also be a benefit. I have had good success with the Auroch/Military Truck but the Supercar is also a good choice.

Blood Race 'Winning' Achievements:
(14 of 103)

Faster than a wheelchair

Finish the Beginners' League in the Blood Race mode.
Smell my fumes!

Be the first on the finish line in a Race event in the Blood Race mode.
Faster than a bike

Finish the Rookies' League in the Blood Race mode.
Look! I know how to drive!

Earn your first Blood Race mode medal.
Faster than an airplane

Finish the Drivers' League in the Blood Race mode.
Maybe next time

Finish fourth in any event in the Blood Race mode.
Faster than a speeding bullet

Finish the Pro Racers' League in the Blood Race mode.
They didn't see anything but my rear

Get gold medals in every event in the Blood Race mode.
Faster than the light

Finish the Zombie Drivers' League in the Blood Race mode.
Always second

Get at least a silver medal in every event in the Blood Race mode.
Wow! It looks like a brand new car!

Change the look of your car in Blood Race mode.
Better than nothing

Get at least a bronze medal in every event in the Blood Race mode.
I just can't get enough!

Win all tournaments in the Blood Race mode.

Maybe it is too much to handle.

Unlock the Muscle Car in the Blood Race mode.
Achieve 2nd Place (or better) in the Beginners tournament.
Achievements: Blood Race (Killing)

Here you will find the most challenging achievements to pursue (along with a few grindy ones).

Triple kill on Railgun, getting 2:30 in bonus time in Elimination & 30 kills in Endurance can take many tries to complete. Keep trying on different tracks or with different vehicles if you are struggling.

The die and kill achievements you will get quickly.

You should get close to 500k after a round of each of the tournaments, but might need a second playthough if you are a big spender or have had some bad rounds.

Blood Race 'Killing' Achievements:
(12 of 103)

Don't you ever scratch my paint again!

Kill your first enemy in the Blood Race mode.
Money, Money, Money

Accumulate 500 000 dollars in the Blood Race mode.
I will be the first someday

Kill other racers 10 times in a race event in the Blood Race mode.
You can't stop me!

Die 25 times in the Blood Race mode.
My car is my weapon

Kill 25 enemies by ramming them with your car in the Blood Race mode.

Notes & Tips
Coming through!!!

Kill 3 enemies with a single railgun shot in the Blood Race mode.
Not as easy as it sounds as you have good odds at least one enemy will survive a single shot.

Recommend attempting this when you have fully upgraded the Railgun.

You will see on some races that the AI will sometimes group up attacking each other. When you see this on a straight section of track fire your Railgun and hope for the best.

Requires accuracy, timing and a good dose of luck.
Find Your Own Race Track!

Kill 30 enemies during an Eliminator event in the Blood Race mode.
If you have not achieved this during an earlier Eliminator, the last race of the Zombie Drivers' Tournament has a 30 kill target as a Gold medal.
Fair Play

Kill 100 enemies in the Blood Race mode.
Straight forward. You will get this fairly quickly after completing around 5-10 tournaments (or about one playthrough all tournaments).

Make the most of your Eliminator rounds!
Kill and Destroy

Gather 30 seconds extra at one time from props and zombies in an Endurance event in the Blood Race Mode.
Keep firing your weapons and destroy everything zombies and scenery alike (as much as you can!). It works like a combo so keep killing/destroying as much as you can in sequence.

Keep up good racing speed to maximise your time to get the achievement.

The first event of the Zombie-Drivers cup a nice one to do this.

*Thx for the additional info Cabritsanscor! *
I don't want it to end yet!

Survive for more than 2:30 in an Endurance event in the Blood Race mode.
Harder tournaments offer longer events which will to help get this one.

Go as fast as possible and don't stop firing! (All zombies and scenery will give you time)

Use your Nitro as much as you can.
I buy a new one everyday

Buy all the original cars in the Blood Race mode.
You will need to unlock them in Story Mode first.

Original cars includes the Bus, Police Car, Ambulance, Limousine, Taxi, Sports Car & Super Car.

They do not need to be upgraded to get this achievement.
Stand out from the crowd

Unlock all car skins in the Blood Race mode.

All tournaments need to be gold. This includes the Tropical DLC (if you have it installed), but can be achieved without this DLC if you do not own.

You'll need to buy all the cars in Blood Race to add the option to unlock the skins, otherwise achievement won't trigger. If you have Tropical DLC installed you will need 54/60 points for the achievement to trigger.

There are 4 rewards each tournament, the first one is (I think almost everytime) money, then there are 3 others. They are dependant on the medal you earned with the tournament for example, got a silver medal instead of a golden one and I didn't get 1 skin. You'll probably need a golden to unlock all car skins since that's the only way you get ALL the tournament rewards.

*Thx for the additional info sadbawwz, kambotzis & lsdMyth! *
Achievements: Slaughter Mode (Tips)

Slaughter mode consists of all out bloody zombie splattering fun - No objective other than to survive as long as you can as the waves get harder and harder .. and harder.

Slaughter is the best mode to get your Kill Achievements (10k / 50k). A single round could net you 1000s of kills!

Drive over everything - Remember to destroy as many objects on the map while you are killing zombies. This will ensure you get your Destructibles achievements.

The maps for Slaughter are generally small and easy to navigate. For each map follow a set main path that will take you over most of the map and that circles around the full area to maximise your damage going past as many power-up drop points as possible. You want it to be easy to drive around, wide, with room to maneuver.

Once you have a main path locked down find an alternate path you can use to mix up your route, covering the odd power-up drop point not covered by your main path and ensuring a 'bug out' option of your main path gets crowded.

Use your Nitro after turns with a short burst to keep your speed high. Use long burst if you hit something or need escape.

Light armor vehicles will not last long in Slaughter. You need to choose something strong with good ramming points so you can make a mess like the above screenshot.

On the 'faster' side the Police Car, Muscle Car, Chaos 126p or Ambulance are ok choices.

On the 'stronger' side the Military Truck, Auroch, Super Car or even the Bus can see you to good scores. See what works best for you.

Use your weapons as soon as zombies are in your sights - keep to your path and keep your speed up. Destroy everything in the arena to get some bonus points and try to string together continuous zombie kills to get the best combos.

If you miss a power-up drop you were trying to pickup its best not to slow and turn around (or reverse!). Take a wider route and circle back to the power-up otherwise you can risk taking much more damage.

Ensure when you level-up that you pickup all the random power-ups dropped as ASAP! If you happen to level-up again before you pick them up these will be overwritten/lost by the new power-up drops for the new level. Most power-ups will have an immediate benefit so make them a priority after every level-up.

Be wary of the occasional level that spawns a large number of Fat Zombies. These can catch you off guard and end your game super quickly. One seems to come up every 5-10 levels on an average for me. Some arenas don't spawn Fat Zombies for quite a few levels often resulting in some reckless driving .. until they suddenly appear again to hasten your demise! Always be cautious and look ahead.

Remaining achievements are for Medals, Levels & Scores. These go hand-in-hand and will often trigger in the same game. To get the Golds (and required 250k Score achievement) you will need to get to around 30 waves. The Gold medal scores are different for each map. Make sure you have a strong car (Military Truck, Auroch, Super Car), use the tricks here and get practicing!

Most (or least) importantly ... don't constantly turn in circles .. it can make you dizzy as hell!
Achievements: Slaughter Mode (List)
Get a heap of achievements ...
................ beat your friends' scores ...
.................................... and have fun doing it!

This is my favorite mode and has the best replayability for me.

It cuts right down to what is really the best part of the game - Killing zombies nothing else :)

Slaughter Mode Achievements:
(24 of 103)

I'm just warming up

Kill 100 zombies in a single game in Slaughter mode.
The devil told me to do it

Destroy 666 destructibles in Slaughter mode.
Hot dog

Make a barbecue of 100 zombie dogs in a single slaughter mode match.
Naughty, Naughty

Destroy 1500 destructibles in Slaughter mode.
Can't hide from me

Kill 500 zombies in a single game in Slaughter mode.
Smashing idea

Destroy 5000 destructibles in Slaughter mode.
Gas is cheap

Burn 1000 zombies in Slaughter mode.
It's like a sport

Earn your first Slaughter mode medal.
Blood bath

Kill 2000 zombies in a single game in Slaughter mode.
The worst of the best

Earn a bronze medal on all original arenas in Slaughter mode.
It was in self defence. I swear

Kill 10000 zombies in Slaughter mode.
It's almost like winning

Earn a silver medal on all original arenas in Slaughter mode.
Why do you hate them so much?

Kill 50000 zombies in Slaughter mode.
My favourite color

Earn a gold medal on all original arenas in Slaughter mode.

Earn 150 000 points on any arena in Slaughter mode.
They just keep coming

Survive 10 waves in Slaughter mode.

Earn 200 000 points on any arena in Slaughter mode.
Are there many more?

Survive 20 waves in Slaughter mode.
Are you serious?

Earn 250 000 points on any arena in Slaughter mode.
This is really endless

Survive 30 waves in Slaughter mode.

Notes & Tips
The best car ever!

Get all car upgrades in a single game in Slaughter mode.
If you get most of your weapon drops as you level up, you should receive this around level 12-15.

You will need to get all 15 power-ups for each of the 5 weapons (Guns, Flamethrower, Rockets, Railgun & Nitro).
I've seen places

Unlock all original arenas in Slaughter mode.
Unlock the Harbor, City Center, Park, Midtown and Suburbs arenas in Slaughter mode.
Gotta try them all!

Drive the Taxi, Sports Car, Limousine, Police Car, Ambulance, Bus and the Super Car in Slaughter mode.
You will need to unlock them in Story Mode first.

They do not need to be fully upgraded to get this achievement. Just start a game with each vehicle.
Do you have a license for that?

Get all weapon upgrades in a single game in Slaughter mode.
Requires Full Upgrade of all 5 Weapons to Level 3.

Includes Machine Guns, Flamethrower, Rockets, Railgun PLUS Nitro!

Drops are random, so you will need to survive atleast to 15-20 generally to have a crack at this achievement.
Trading Cards & Badges

Trading Cards were introduced for Zombie Driver HD on the 20th June, 2013.

Card Facts:
  • You need to collect all 6 unique cards to craft a badge.
  • You get 3 free card drops when you buy the game.
  • There are 5 different badges plus 1 unique foil badge.
Cards drop randomly over time during normal game play.

Booster packs will give you 3 random cards with a chance of a foil drop.

How to Trade:
  • You can swap/trade cards with your friends through your 'Badges' Profile screen.
  • Via Trade Offers (under Discussions > Trading forum) to trade outside your friends list.
  • Or you can buy/sell them from the Community Market.

Each Badge you craft will also reward you with 2 random items: 1x Background & 1x Emoticon.

Cards, Badges, Backgrounds & Emoticon Chart:

Modifying ZD:HD (Mods)
Zombie Driver HD offers mod support allowing you to change game settings, create your own cars among other things.

There are some guides and a fun mod on Exor Studio's Zombie Driver HD website[www.zombiedriver.com].

The Zombie Driver HD Mod Forums[www.exorstudios.com] also have a some mods for you to try.

Listed here are some recommended mods to try to add to your Zombie killing fun!

Darkness Mod[www.zombiedriver.com] (by Exor Studios)

Is Zombie Driver HD too bright for you? Do you love the night time levels?
Enjoy the darkness....

Visit Zombie Driver HD website[www.zombiedriver.com] for installation instructions.

<Recommend your Favorite Mod> (by SomeAwesomeDude!)

If you know of any good mods for ZD:HD that should be listed here, please leave some details in the comments. Thank you.

DLC Feature List

Below is a quick feature list you get with the additional Downloadable Content for Zombie Driver HD on Steam.

Main Game:
__ Zombie Driver HD ______ (Steam | Base Game) ______
_______________________ [Released: 18 Oct 2012] ____

+ Cars x13
+ Story Mode Missions x31
+ Blood Race Tournaments x5
+ Slaughter Mode Maps x7

Steam version also includes the Summer of Slaughter DLC.

+ Bonus Paradise Island Slaughter map.
__ Zombie Driver HD Soundtrack _________ [Released 18 Oct 2012] ___

+ Music Tracks x20

__ Zombie Driver HD Apocalypse Pack _____ [Released 21 Feb 2013] ___

+ Cars x2 (Chaos 126p & Auroch)
+ Slaughter Mode Map x1 (Military Base Arena)

__ Zombie Driver HD Tropical Race Rage ____ [Released 10 Sep 2013] __

+ Car x1 (Military Truck)
+ Blood Race Tournament x1 (Tropical Tournament)
+ Car Skins x2 (Bus & Sports Car)

_ Zombie Driver HD Burning Garden of Slaughter _ [Released 9 Nov 2013]

+ Slaughter Mode Map x1 (Burning Garden)

_ Zombie Driver HD Brutal Skins Bundle ____ [Released 27 Aug 2014] ___

+ Classic ZD Car Skins x7 (Stylish black taxi, metallic sports car, pimp limousine, yellow ambulance, hippy bus, evil super car & the muscle car of death).
Change Log | Notes

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Could I improve this guide?

Your constructive feedback is welcome!

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* 1.6 (23rd Jan 17) - Fixed the sizes of the achievement icons in the tables. *
* 1.5 (11th Mar 16) - Further update 'Stand out from the Crowd' achievement. Thx lsdMyth!*
* 1.4 (16th Jan 16) - Updated 'Stand out from the Crowd' removing DLC req. Thx kambotzis!*
* 1.3 (26th Jul 15) - Added missing Achieve 'Stand out from the Crowd' (3 / 6 done). Thx sadbawwz!*
* 1.2 (31st Oct 14) - Updated Follow Me in Appendix. *
* 1.1 (28th Aug 14) - Added new Brutal Skins DLC to DLC section. *
* 1.0 (12th Aug 14) - Updated info on achievement 'Kill and Destroy'. Thx Cabritsanscor! *
* 0.9 (27th Apr 14) - Updated info on achievement 'I Like My Car Clean'. Thx Jepp! *
* 0.8 (23rd Feb 14) - Blood Red Headers! Filled missing Achieve details (2 / 6 done) + Review link. *
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* 0.4 (18th Nov 13) - Added 'Things to Know' & Trading Card sections. *
* 0.3 (15th Nov 13) - Added Cars, DLCs & Intro sections. *
* 0.2 (13th Nov 13) - Finished added Achievements, Mod Support sections. *
* 0.1 (30th Oct 13) - Initial Draft creation (Unpublished). *
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