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v6.82 ET/TC: When Played Competitively
By BoxeR
Elder Titan or better known as Tauren Chieftain has more recently entered Captains Mode with a strong hit against the meta in 6.78, just before 6.79 was released. Originally a very powerful hero in the Chinese meta during WC3, now shifted in having the west influence the east on how to play him. Being a very strong right clicker through using his Astral Spirit, he doesn't require any damage items to be useful. Skilling the hero is now being based around 0/4/4/0 instead of 2/4/1/1 due to his ability of being a hard target to deal with in the mid lane, he will require help from his allies to setup a solid Earth Splitter and Echo Stomps. The item build after core is complete is dependent on the heroes.

The 6.79 Astral Spirit change has only affected his ability to one shot ranged creeps, so this is up to you to change up how to farm and control the lane. With dual lanes also being viable after defensive tri-lanes got squashed by the jungle changes, the only time he should be in the offlane is if there is a jungler for your team. If you wish to play Tauren Chieftain as a support, follow the standard support build, while also following closely to his core build + Urn of Shadows.

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Stiverton Jan 11, 2014 @ 2:44am 
Consider adding Veil of Discord to your guide.
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no refresher?
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good job
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the sleep is combo to the ss of this hero
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not bad
Dipsy Oct 28, 2013 @ 8:07am 
That is a good guide. If only I could understand more.
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good explonation