This game has been Greenlit by the Community!

The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.

Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Oct 21, 2013 @ 3:14pm
Jan 22, 2015 @ 6:54pm
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Did you know Quadradius is already a fully working game you can play and experience now?
Quadradius is an intricate and competitive game of skill, chance, bluffing, and devastation. It is a turn-based board game played by 1 to 6 people on a three dimensional grid. Each piece can collect Power Orbs scattered throughout the arena, these orbs contain one of over 30 versatile powers that can be unleashed to attack, defend, foil your opponent's plans, or be combined together for even greater devastating effects. Dubbed "3D Space Checkers on Crack" by the community, Quadradius will have you amazed at the rewarding victories, fumbling losses, and the wondrous complexities you continue to unravel.

Playable now at !
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Oct 27, 2013 @ 11:06am
what game is this?
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Sir Onyx Apr 13, 2016 @ 5:19pm 
....I think this project's been abandoned... two of the three devs listed on the project havent been online for ~3 years
Eyesis Apr 13, 2016 @ 3:36am 
I bought membership for the very first version of Quadradius :) From 3/4/2008 to 3/4/2009
I love this game and I hope I can own it on Steam soon! :)
altSHIFT1 Jan 22, 2016 @ 7:45am 
When will this be released on Steam?
geerky42 Jan 12, 2016 @ 3:35pm 
When will this be released on Steam?
Rakashis Jan 3, 2015 @ 1:28pm 
A kinda chess/checkers but faster, more versatile, less predictable, lighter and with modern graphics, plus is challenging and the luck factor is always there, not sure why this isn't on steam already, vote vote!!! :)
ManOfDemolition Oct 29, 2014 @ 2:01pm 
One of the best fun easy tactical
White Noise Oct 28, 2014 @ 3:54am 
Люблю подобные игры, где нужно думать.
Камасутра - эта я Sep 27, 2014 @ 12:13pm 
Это очень интересная и веселая игра!
OV3RSE3K #FixCSGO Aug 31, 2014 @ 6:20pm 
I like this time of games <3
SwiddleDee Aug 15, 2014 @ 4:43pm 
Unique perspective on a chess/checkers crossover that includes power-ups and other upgrades to make the meta of the game dynamic and ever changing. Kudos.