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Gmod 13 CS:S Sweps with C_models
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Oct 21, 2013 @ 1:54pm
Aug 26 @ 7:07pm
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Hello everyone, remember my Basic CS:S sweps? Remember the no ironsights? Well here you go, have the ironsights! These also utilize the c_models that are in gmod now. So that means you get to be all creez with your player model and weapon. This also means you don't need CS:S for this pack.

Notes - If the thirdperson models are not rigged to the player model's hand "crotch guns" then uninstall the pirated CS:S models packs or restart singleplayer if you made a map change with console or ulx. If the textures for the scope are purple and black restart Gmod, if doing so doesn't fix it then unsub and call me a pleb.

This pack does NOT add any CS:S models or textures to Gmod, only contents are scripts, vgui for spawn icons, a few scope textures and two sounds. This pack uses the models that are in the Gmod vpk files.

Low textures? Try this here.

Known sources of crotch gun issues: Addon 1 Addon 2

Console Commands

Server Side
Disable Dashing
sv_ptp_dashing_disable 1
//This is for when you are sprinting the gun doesn't holster. (Set back to 0 if you want to reverse it.)

Client Side
Hl2 Crosshair
cl_ptp_hl2crosshair_enable 1

No Crosshair
cl_ptp_crosshair_disable 1

My weapon base (I still need to name it)
Worshipper's Scope and Grenade base

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Why have I removed these addons? I decided to start a clean slate of the workshop.
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Handy men

Saturday, October 26, 2013 12:33pm -10k subs, Thanks Everyone for Downloading
Sunday, May 25, 2014 8:37pm -30k subs, The size keeps increasing... very slowly!
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Sep 19 @ 6:56am
PINNED: Bug and Error Reports.
Ill jERN
Aug 13 @ 4:52pm
help my textures are not HD help me plz
< >
[BF-G]Conga Sep 6 @ 9:10pm 
In third person view, some of my weapon aren't holstered (AK-47,Bullpup and Famas)
furios34 Sep 4 @ 6:00am 
how to the guns is the view correctly whet thirperson cam the gun is view on waist how to fix it thanks and sorry for my bad english iam playing in single player or friend iam the host
Subnok Aug 30 @ 3:03pm 
thanks ;) this would help me alot with my darkrp server...
Ill jERN  [author] Aug 30 @ 2:46pm 
As of now, you can't. Im putting it on the list for the next update.
Subnok Aug 30 @ 3:17am 
how can i disable that i get ammo when i pick up a weapon?
Certian guns have no aim, that's the only problem that I see. I didnt get the update, so I re-subscribed, hopefully it works.
Ill jERN  [author] Aug 26 @ 3:27pm 
Now that I have pushed out this update. Ive read most of the comments present and past for suggestions. Ive noted what I like and what Ill do for a future update. Thank you all
Winston_Deringer Aug 23 @ 9:57am 
@broski wondering the same thing, did it get deleted?
Great pack, I'd reccomend it to anyone who feels like GMod doesn't have enough guns, It gives you every weapon you've come to know on GMod, form the murderer's knife to the sniper from TTT and then some like the AK-47, the Galil, multiple pistols, snipers, and grenades and so much more! The only thing that would make this pack perfect is if the creator added individual ammunition instea of making it shared across guns.
S0L1D SN4K3[SVK] Aug 17 @ 10:58am 
ok i have a problem when i throw smoke grenade it doesnt pops smoke can u help me?? thx :)