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Kingdom of Jerusalem, Papal States & Sioux - Civ Set II
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Oct 21, 2013 @ 4:41am
Sep 17 @ 2:41am
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  • Kingdom of Jerusalem
    leader: Baldwin IV

    UA <Crusade> +1 Trade Route available for each owned Holy City. You become a founder of Religion upon conquering Holy City if you have no religion yet.
    UU <Crusader> Longswordsman replacement; +33% combat bonus near Holy Cities; -25% production cost.
    UB <Templar House> Bank replacement; Caravans and Cargo Ships originating from this city are not destroyed if plundered. Is available at Chivalry.

  • Papal States
    leader: Gregory XIII

    UA <Syncretism> Found religion when there is no more religions available. Can spend Faith to annex a City-State that follows your religion.
    UU <Swiss Guard> Pikeman replacement; +1 Culture per turn and +6 City Defense if garrisoned.
    UB <Church> Temple replacement; 3 Faith, Great Artist slot.

  • Sioux Tribe
    leader: Sitting Bull

    UA <Happy Hunting Ground> Founded cities can work neutral tiles and may occasionally claim enemy territory in working radius. Cannot acquire tiles with Gold.
    UU <Zuya Wicasa> Cavalry replacement; Can once merge with another Zuya Wicasa, disbanding it for extra 4 Combat Strength and earning Promotions of second unit. In addition, Zuya Wicasa can move into rival territory.
    UI <Tipi Camp> can be built only on Plains, available with Trapping. Tipi Camp grants 2/3/4 bonus yields depending on distance to your nearest city (the further the more yields).
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wizardbatman Nov 2 @ 1:18pm 
Small recommendation - suggest changing the Sioux Tribe name to Lakota. The Lakota lived to the west of the Algonquin. When Europeans asked the Algonquin what tribes lived to the west, they were told it was the sioux, the Algonquin word for enemy.
gman40 Oct 9 @ 6:04am 
It is not Kingdom of Jersulem, it's either Israel or Cannan!
Andador Aug 25 @ 1:41pm 
whenever I try to add a city in for the Kingdom of jerusalem in worldbuilder it crashes...it worked fine for papal states on the same map...help would be greatly appreciated
isnorden Aug 4 @ 9:58pm 
P.S, I'd be OK with the package if the Papal States hadn't gotten their trait chznged...I loved having a convert-and-conquer religious civ.
isnorden Aug 4 @ 9:52pm 
Tried clearing the cache three times, tried un/resubscribing too...your mod still won't download through Steam on this PC.. Please, *please* put the old CivFanatcs link back!
Teddyk  [author] Aug 4 @ 4:28pm 
Nope, you can download all from civfanatics. You can also try deleting 'Civ5ModsDatabase' from Cache.
isnorden Aug 4 @ 4:22pm 
The latest update to this mod won't download or imstall correctly. It deleles the older versions and replaces them with a non-working, unopenable, size 0 .civ5mod archive. Is there any way to download *just these civs* directly from another site, please?
Teddyk  [author] Jun 15 @ 2:45am 
I will see what can I do.
Bipolar Bear Jun 14 @ 4:09pm 
If you could add a strategic view icon for the tipi camps, that would be great. ATM horse resources with tipi camps appear to be unimproved in strategic view.
theDoomBox May 8 @ 7:22am 
@Georg Friedrich Handel Ah, sorry about that. I was under the thought that it was THE holy city for those three religions, as in the city they oringinated from. It still wouldn't be a bad idea for the UA though.