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1. Start a New Game Glitch 2. Alternate Keybindings (Split Topic Guide)
By Crypt Warden
For the Keyboard Junkies
If your "New Game" option is glitched, you will need to follow these steps to start a new game for a speedrun acheivement.
How to Start a New Game if your "New Game" Button is Glitched
Okay so you might have already played through Anodyne.
If you're interested in the speedrunning/collecting acheivement, but didn't make it the first time around, you'll need to start a new save file to try again.

Here's how to do it on Windows 7:
Disable Cloud Sync
  • Right Click on Anodyne from your library and go to properties. Disable Steam Cloud Sync. If already checked, but not highlighted, go FIRST to Steam overlay settings --> Cloud and uncheck Steam Cloud Sync.
  • Either way, you will need to uncheck both.

Delete Your Old File
  • Next, go to the Start tab on your Desktop.
  • Search for .Anodyne
  • It should appear as a folder.
  • Open the folder. Delete the backup save file (probably ends in file extension .swf).
  • Leave the README file.

  • Search for anodyne sav
  • You will need to delete the save file named anodyne_save_123

Prepare to Start a New Game
  • Go to the Steam overlay and restart in Offline Mode.

Open Anodyne

  • Start up the game
  • Adjust they keybindings
  • Save and Quit.

Re-Sync your Files

  • Go back to the Steam and Anodyne settings and re-check Steam Cloud Sync.
  • Eventually, Steam may notice a conflict in save files upon starting up Anodyne.
  • If this occurs, you should probably upload the newer-dated file.
I do this with a lot of games whose default settings are...awkward to use on keyboards, and there isn't an option on the menu screen to select keyboard versus gamepad OR the keyboard settings are rubbish.
I write simple guides reminding people where might be a good place to put their fingers on the keyboard.
'Nuf said.
What to Change to
  • From in-game, go to the menu by pressing Enter.
  • Basically you will need to open the menu in-game and as you put in a new control, the game will automatically scroll down AND and apply the new control. Keep going down the list until the screen says "Press......" a key to change settings or press another key to exit. Redo the controls if needed or just EXIT
The following is a list of Classic Keyboard settings:

  • Up = W
  • Down = S
  • Left = A
  • Right = D
  • Jump = Space (sorry it's a spoiler, but really. It will appear as ??? when you start)
  • Attack Command = Enter
  • Menu = Tab

Other Options:
  • Number Keys 1-3 or 8-0 (easiest to use from full-size keyboard)
  • Backspace (for an attack command)
  • Arrow keys (for movement)
  • Shift Key
Bonus Speedrun Tips
-Use "Return to Entrance"
- "Return to Nexus"
These two options will save you monumental travel time, especially in areas with distant portals or checkpoints. Be sure to activate portals when you enter an area, otherwise they will be inaccessible via The Nexus.

- "Continue?" Selecting, "No" will basically take you back to the title screen from your last save. Thus, not adding to your timer or inventory for that matter.

-Alt F4 to Soft-Reset (be aware of when you last saved and which items and bosses you defeated!)

-Use guides.

  • Some of these guys on Steam made amazing walkthroughs for this game, which I must thank profusely for my speedrun time of approximately 2 hours 20 minutes (rounded up about 2 minutes)
Bonus Boss Tips (minimal spoilers) with strikeout text, for your convenience....
  • Shield Boss: When the shield starts ramming the walls, it generates dust. Use that dust as a barrier against his strong horizontal beam attack
  • Wall Boss: Attack the Wall, not the hands
  • Red Sea Monster: Tidal waves deal knockback, tentacles do damage. Aim for the head
  • Haunted Apartment Boss: When surrounded by clones, first keep moving either up or down to avoid damage. Then, move left or right to avoid damage
  • Acrobats: The broom will put out the flames
  • Hotel Manager: Attack the eye. During Phase 2, consider the broom extender.
  • Sage: Focus on the pros and cons of your broom extender OR widening...thing?
  • Briar: Don't move much, or thorns will seek you out. You can actually stand still, if done near a corner while waves of thorns and projectiles go by.
  • Ice cannon - deflect with your broom. Play ping pong with the fire cannon.
  • Fire cannon - place dust strategically near the ice cannon or set off a chain reaction to damage the ice cannon when it starts leaking
Mission Statement
Thank you for reading this guide. Feedback is important - please rate and comment!
If you want more, go to my guides section and “follow”!
I am one of the leading guidewriters on Steam, having written dozens of guides, from troubleshooting to achievement hunting.
I enjoy helping people play games, but I can’t do it alone!

Encourage your friends to write guides…for games!
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Crypt Warden  [author] Aug 23, 2016 @ 3:48pm 
@da_von84, not sure how to help you. Check the game forums or contact a dev
da_von84 Aug 23, 2016 @ 4:11am 
I am having difficulty playing the game with my wireless xbox one controller
itsNinjaToast Feb 3, 2014 @ 4:26am 
Thanks, now i can finally play it right :D
thank you for the wonderful guide!
Crypt Warden  [author] Feb 2, 2014 @ 6:31pm 
Guide updated to explain the Start a New Game Glitch and how to work around it
Crypt Warden  [author] Feb 2, 2014 @ 2:50pm 
let me restore the original version of the game to answer your question.
Basically you will need to open the menu in-game and as you put in a new control, the game will automatically scroll down AND and apply the new control.
itsNinjaToast Feb 2, 2014 @ 12:50pm 
Good tips Vhampster, and i actually just got a tiny question if you can answer it.
Ok so, even tho it says i can use WASD instead of the Arrow control [wich most people dont use these days] i seem not to be able to change them from the Arrow to the WASD control , can you be more specific on how to change it?