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DRAGON: A Game About a Dragon
Platforms: PC
Players: Single-player
Nov 8, 2013 @ 12:33pm
Nov 6 @ 9:14pm

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Release date: January 13, 2015
Oh, no! Dragon’s girlfriend has been kidnapped by the mean king and it’s up to you help him save her! Fight your way through knights, soldiers, and other authoritarian elements to save the day and make it home in time to catch Dragon’s favorite trashy daytime TV show!

dʒrægɛn: A Game About a Dragon is designed to look and feel like a picture book, but parents beware: it’s a picture book for grown-ups like Go the F**k to Sleep or All My Friends are Dead. Every sprite and every stage has been lovingly drawn by hand and has been animated using traditional methods. It provides a visual experience that can be hard to find in this modern era.

It’s an RPG Platformer modeled after classics such as the Wonder Boy series on the Sega Master System or Front Mission Gun Hazard on the Super Nintendo. Play the game the way you want to play it: conquer it with skill alone, or take advantage of the RPG elements to help tilt the odds in your favor. Learn new breath elements to help you fight powerful enemies… or just use them to give humans a hard time. You ARE a dragon, after all!

Featuring a soundtrack composed by the brilliant Zack Parrish, you can’t go wrong! It’s an enjoyable experience for anyone old enough to understand its tongue-in-cheek tone, whether they’re casual players or grizzled veteran fans of the classics alike.

  • A fully hand-drawn world with clasically-animated sprites
  • Over fifteen stages to explore and six bosses to overcome
  • Get stronger naturally as you go through the game: hit harder the more you use your attacks and fly longer the more you fly
  • Find new breath types to help you expand your hoard and save the day


Oh, ¡no! ¡La novia de Dragon fue secuestra por el malvado rey y depende de ti ayudarlo a rescatarla! Ábrete camino a través de guerreros, estudiosos, y soldados experimentales para salvar el día justo a tiempo para llegar a horario para ver el Programa favorito de Tv de dragon.

DRAGON - A Game About a Dragon es una aventura de exploración envuelto como un juego Rpg de plataformas. Hay mooks que combatir, niveles por ganar , y jefes para conquistar, seguro, pero realmente es sobre buscar en los niveles y usar los diferentes tipos de aliento para encontrar y alcanzar tesoros ocultos. Disfruta una experiencia relajante, un mundo dibujado a mano con un soundtrack compuesto por el brillante Zack Parrish.

  • Un mundo completamente dibujado a mano con sprites clásicos animados
  • Hasta 15 escenarios para explorar y 6 jefes que superar
  • Vuelvete fuerte a medida que avanzas en el juego: pegas mas duro a medida que más Usas tus ataques y volarás mas lejos mientras mas uses el vuelvo
  • Encuentra nuevo tipos de alientos que te ayudarán a expandir tu tesoro y salvar el día
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Nov 16, 2013 @ 3:06pm
< >
tine.dreilich Nov 21 @ 12:39pm 
I really love the colouring^^
The Freemanator Nov 15 @ 8:48pm 
This is an original idea, and would gladly buy it if it gets to be on steam. I also think this would make a great mobile/tablet game as well.
Neno Nov 8 @ 1:08pm 
Süße Story, tolles Artdesign und schöne, stimmige Musik!
Ezidow Oct 18 @ 11:20am 
This whole Art and Musi Design is aweasome and pretty cute :3
DudeLove Oct 18 @ 10:11am 
Really nice music. Artdesign is pretty awesome!
Sessoma2k8 Oct 18 @ 10:08am 
Pretty nice art design. I love it!
Darker Oct 18 @ 10:03am 
One word is enough to describe it: CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!
DerLift Sep 25 @ 1:36am 
Schöne Musik und super Grafik.
Es ist etwas langsam, aber dadurch hat man noch mehr Zeit, die Landschaft zu bewundern
wild-flowers Ⓐ ❤ S Sep 9 @ 11:13pm 
I LOVE IT !!! The hand-drawn animations make it so appealing !! Its amazing that someone decided to just draw the levels and not just breath fire to destroy everything !! in-game the dragon is sooo adorable :P Really really hope this game gets on Steam !! (the best part ) ITS AN INDIE GAME !! meaning your supporting upcoming developrs and making it worth their while to be as creative and GENIOUS as they are. I recommend you check out "To the Moon" my alltime favourite game as of yet. May not be your kid of game but please, check it out. Its a wonderful game with a message ripe for the world !! Draegon - A game aout a Dragon looks fantastic !! T.W Dragon, WELL DONE !!
Halloween Hellserpent Aug 8 @ 10:00am 
Finally, something with 'dragon' in the name that actually revolves around a dragon. And it's not just a mindless monster. I am genuinely impressed. <3