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Syn - Half Elf Companion
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Oct 19, 2013 @ 6:09am
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Syn is a Half Elf Warrior type Companion

she has some nice perks... and a very big axe

she can be found at The Sleeping Giant Inn at Riverwood, enjoying a tankard of ale and lookin for a fight

the head replaces the skyrim vanilla head so the mouth is not animated
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strum1 May 28 @ 2:16pm 
What armor is that she is wearing and can we get that seperatly?
777sloan Apr 14 @ 8:48pm 
TA, try resubscribing to the mod and then have her leave you. Then delete the mod.
Overseas (back 20/07/14) Apr 12 @ 3:15am 
Help: I deleted the mod, while having her still as my follower. Now i cannot have any other followers. I have tried downloading again and then seeing if i could tell her to stop following. But it dosen't work. How do i fix this?
Cyclone Apr 10 @ 4:44am 
it dosent let me talk to her and have her follow me! wtf? help!
Kotli Mar 15 @ 1:27pm 
I guess xavierlespinel that Dogtown1 didnt change his NPC to female silly of him
xavierlespinel Jan 29 @ 8:19am 
When I ask Syn to give me all of her gear she turns in to a male?! What the hell is that? And also her lips do not move when she talks, is she a telepath?
»»---Scar--›™ Jan 25 @ 3:33pm 
I want. Dat Armor.
AnimatorLinden Jan 13 @ 5:57pm 
she is like expressionless..
Nephazim Jan 7 @ 1:25am 
Could you(or somemone else) make make a -Draenei (these are alien creatures in world of warcraft) follower with the -Hammer of naaru as weapon--and also an armor or race that allows the player to look like a Draenei. that would be so awesome............
spunkyfreakster Dec 27, 2013 @ 12:59am 
Where did you find the model for this? Is it possible to make your own character this model?