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Carley - Ellis The Walking Dead
Survivors: Survivors, Ellis
Game Content: Weapons, UI, Miscellaneous
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Oct 17, 2013 @ 5:40pm
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Carley From The Walking Dead is now here to replace Ellis! I was actually going to make her for Rochelle but I already had Ellis's files and stuff so i just made her replaceing ellis. HOWEVER I may Port her to Rochelle in the future whenever i have enough time.


Addbue - FPS Arms, HUD Pics, and editing the QC file

Angelaa^^ - Texture details, Eye Tracking, and Re-rigging

TO-DO LIST **********************************************************

- Fix Online Animations
- Possibly add sound files


EDIT: Tryed making her for Rochelle and it did not turn out right, the model would mess up in-game and other errors would occur. Anyone is allowed to try to make her for Rochelle and upload it if you wish HOWEVER, You must include both me and Angelaa^^ in the credits and in the making of the mod.
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EvilJustin (Satoshi) Jun 11 @ 8:29pm 
i really miss carley
Genital Acne Jun 1 @ 11:53pm 
Make it Rochelle, then my whole LFD2 survivors will be from the walking dead. :D
(Jay) Servine Lvl27 May 25 @ 3:30pm 
Really? Replace ellis? So its okay that a girl replaces a guy?
Carley could have changed Rochelle Or Zoey. But not a guy.
Hatty Hattington May 25 @ 3:15pm 
wtf...really? replace ellis? who would want that, thats our favorite character, and just imagine carley with ellis's voice....weird...Carley should replace Rochelle.They both sound very alike.
Clementine May 24 @ 4:43am 
make it zoey pls
[DG] Kha'Zix May 20 @ 5:50pm 
Why, Lilly? Thats why i left her.
FAPPZ May 11 @ 7:17pm 
:( Please keep trying to make a rochelle version.
castillo.pony May 8 @ 7:34am 
Carley is better Rochelle
Heftybull Apr 30 @ 5:43am 
Nice, happy Carley did survived at least in here. Great mod!
SpencerJ4 Apr 24 @ 9:41am 
Please Rochelle