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Sonya - Companion
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Oct 16, 2013 @ 11:34pm
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Sonya is a female Nord companion

She can be found at Bleak Falls Barrow just inside the temple

she has custom perks and 2 very nice weapons

the Bow and 2 Handed Mace are both playable and she also has a second Sonya Suit in her inventory that can be worn by the player

her head replaces the vanilla game head so the mouth is not animated
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Cat_Malkin Sep 25 @ 7:30pm 
I assume that she is essential and therefore can't be killed by...um...friendly fire?
Kirito Aug 9 @ 7:50pm 
is this mod compatible with the mod called "multifollower lite" mod?
TiltedToaster Jul 14 @ 4:29pm 
Can she die?
IAreMagiksiUnicorns Jul 10 @ 10:11am 
Lol she has my name xD

I am so subscribing just so I can talk to this companion with the same name.
njgamer Jul 6 @ 1:49pm 
cool mod
11cjlow May 15 @ 12:20pm 
for some reason when i choose the "follow me" dialogue she does the usual "let's not waste anymore time" but then doesn't follow me and the follower dialogue i get for her is the my home is your home dialogue option that lets me choose where she lives. it seems that a lot of people are having the same sort of problem. PLEASE FIX HER!!!
Kotli Mar 15 @ 1:23pm 
Looks nice pity about male voice and messed up weapon placement when not in hand.
Shadowsscream Feb 23 @ 5:49pm 
way too lanky. has a manly voice. but the weapons are unique. i like how the bow looks. im not criticizing, im just saying all of this so that in the future u can make them better.
darksilver Jan 27 @ 5:25pm 
She has no textures in my game. I unpacked the bsa files and I can't open the nif in nifskope to see if the texture has the right location. I can't even open the texture in photoshop. What have you done to the files?
metalgearfan1983 Jan 12 @ 1:43pm 
I can't use this mod if her mouth doesn't move!