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Fighting Styles Of Tamriel
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Oct 15, 2013 @ 7:11pm
Oct 17, 2013 @ 6:56pm
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Fighting Styles Of Tamriel

This Mod is Alternate version of the Mod Fighting Styles Of Tamriel by Yaharhar

It reworks the stances to these

Akaviri Stance --- Is now slower and doesn't reduce damage. But increases your run speed, 100 % disease resist, 100 stamina, Sneak attack and Poison damage. With a -50 percent Health regen.

Orcish Stance --- Very small weapon speed increase , 100 health, and more Damage. But 50 less magic regen.

Weynon Stance --- Is the same as original increasing defense but opening up to attack when stuck. Also now adds 10 percent elemental resist and 100 magicka. With -50 to stamina regen.

Let me know if it needs more I still balancing.

Orginial Mod description----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Change Fighting Style power can now be used as often as you like, at the cost of 50 stamina.

Orcish Stance
Balance: Power-Attacking now costs more stamina than before
Balance: Orcish Stance Power-Strike is no longer a guaranteed disarm. A few factors come into play. Style section has details.
Balance: Orcish Stance’s armor-piercing ability is now a reward after staying in the stance for 1-hour.
Appearance: Orcish Stance’s animations and attack speed have been modified. Combatants now wind-up and then strike at normal speed, rather than the previous – “Swinging through molasses” method :)

Akaviri Stance
Balance: Power-Attacking in Akaviri Stance costs less stamina than before
Balance: Akaviri Stance gains a reward at 1-in-game hour of use. A bleeding effect on all physical damage. 15 damage spread over 10 seconds.

Weynon Stance
A new stance has been added! Weynon stance is a countering-friendly way of fighting, offering high defense until struck, then momentarily giving a damage boost to counter-attack.

Throughout all of Tamriel and Nirn itself, warriors of all caliber have been honing their skills and talents. But not all talents, and indeed, fighting styles themselves, are the same. This mod grants adds a few of these styles, granting you the ability to switch between them at will. But be warned! Switching can be exhausting, and the true power of a style may only be unlocked after a short period of use.
Fight in the classic Imperial Stance, Lightning-quick Akaviri Stance, Powerful Orcish Stance, or Misdirecitng Weynon Stance.

The Styles
Imperial Stance - Vanilla Skyrim combat.
Lore - The most popular and versatile style of fighting in Tamriel. Speed and power is balanced for a stable fighting base.
Pros: Balanced
Effective against all combat types.
Full power is always available (no 1-hour reward)

Akaviri Stance - Fast paced combat that favors poisons and enchantments.
Lore - The style of fighting once favored by the Akaviri. Their warriors were said to become a whirlwind around foes, flowing around counterattacks while dicing them to pieces. Those who fully immerse themselves in the style find their wounds striking deeper, yet unnoticed by their opponents until too late.
Pros: Double combat speed
20% faster movement speed
Poisons last for three hits
Cannot be recoiled.
1-Hour Reward: 15 bleed damage over 10 seconds.

Cons: 30% physical damage.
Cannot recoil foes.

DPS: Physical DPS 60% of imperial
Enchantment/Poison DPS 200% of imperial

Orcish Stance - Slow, but incredibly powerful tactical combat. A few good power attacks will turn the tides of many battles.
Lore - Beware those who move in the manner of the early, vicious Orcs. Their movements may seem slow and deliberate, but that gives way to a fast, crushing strike that can keep an enemy off their feet for an entire battle. Once they full immerse themselves in the style, even an opponents armor tends to give way.
Pros: 250% physical damage
A power attack that connects will both stagger and can disarm a foe. Foes who are blocking are more likely to be disarmed. Similarly, striking with a two-handed weapon also raises your odds.
1-Hour Reward: 10% Armor Piercing

Cons: Reduced Combat Speed
20% slower movement speed

DPS: Physical DPS 125% of imperial
Enchantment/Poison DPS %50 of imperial

Weynon Stance – A style that surprises foes by switching from a master-defense to a crushing offense, and often.
Lore - The monks of the Weynon Priory, with their connections to the blades, had an upbringing both peaceful, yet warlike in nature. The resulting style means that while they won’t start a fight, they sure as Oblivion will finish one.
Pros: Increased defense until struck
Increased offense after struck for a short period of time

Cons: Decreased offense until struck
Offensive gains are reduced if continually hit
Weak against magic users

Dps: 400% Defense/20% Offense (until struck)
100% Defense/400% Offense (after struck, for 3 seconds)
Offense gains cut in half with each additional hit, until able to rest for 2-3 seconds

Install the mod via Steam Workshop, Nexus Mod Manager, (any other tool of your choice), or manually unzip the files to your Skyrim folder.
Upgrading follows a similar path, though for the most guaranteed-bug free experience, I recommend switching back to Imperial Stance before doing so.
To change fighting styles, simply select the Power "Change Fighting Style" from the magic menu and use it as you would a shout or racial ability.

For the most optimal experience, switch back to Imperial Stance before uninstalling. Then, simply remove the mod files. If you fail to do this, you may have to use the console to reset lingering effects.
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medavroog Jun 25, 2014 @ 7:17am 
How does this mod activate and work in-game? I tried to activate "change stance" in the power section ... but no message was displayed, nor any selections ... and my "style" still looked the same without this mod. So, what am I missing? ... please instruct me; thank you.
ashley_kittycat Apr 4, 2014 @ 4:26pm 
I agree with TDOG345 really liked it though !!
Draco1122  [author] Oct 19, 2013 @ 3:18pm 
no it is standalone
Elfendrago Oct 19, 2013 @ 2:05pm 
nice does it need the original version or is this standalone
KrotoS Oct 16, 2013 @ 6:31pm 
I think the damage in Orc form should be taken down juusssttttt a bit and stam usage is a little much imo