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Steamalot: Epoch's Journey
Genre: Strategy, RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Oct 18, 2013 @ 11:19am
Nov 4 @ 5:32am

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Final Version Release
New Trailer and More
Release date: October 2014

“completely addictive game that is totally fun and absolutely accessible.”
“what Steamalot does so well is that it takes the old and tired and gives it a refreshing facelift”

~Timothy Carson, Bleeding Cool

“The one thing I have a huge soft spot in my heart for is indie gaming, and that is what these guys do best!”
~David Valle, Bad Coyote Funky

“Once in a while games will come along attempting to combine genres and concepts in fresh and interesting ways. Combining turn-based tactical strategy gameplay with a collectible card game [Steamalot] is one such clever combination.”
~Indie Haven

Steamalot: Epoch's Journey
Steamalot is a medieval steampunk tactical card game. As a player you build a deck of characters, skills, and equipment. During a game players play characters onto a battlefield. Then those characters maneuver around the field in turn based combat. The objective is to eliminate all of the opponent's characters from the board (or in some cases just their commander card). Cards can be gained and leveled between games.
Steamalot: Epoch's Journey is set in the medieval period where the development of steampunk technology has begun earlier than the traditional Victorian setting indicates. Instead of magic the populous is amazed with new intricate clockwork and steam technology. Merlin is a gifted engineer and friend to the King. Patric (the player) is Merlin's apprentice who must help him determine the root cause behind rising disturbances in the kingdom. The game uses a combination of 16bit and cell shaded graphics.

Steamalot Key Features:
  • Deck Building & Multiple Decks
  • Single Player Campaigna
  • Cross Platform PvP matches
  • 42 Battlefields (one for each single player level)
  • Card Leveling
  • Create any card using the Fusion System

This game will be released for PC and Mac (ideally though Steam) and will also be available on iOS and Android.
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Jul 17 @ 12:01pm
map 3-5 bug with sir taswell.
< >
Eric Cartman Oct 15 @ 5:36pm 
Hey I bought this game at New York Comic Con and I have to admit I dont really like games where you sit and play and upgrade and the game lasts forever. Those games are not my style but when I played this game it blew my mind. Me and one of the developers even talked for a bit and had a nice discussion. Not only is it a good game but it was made by some amazing people. A++ on this game. I wish you luck Risen Pheonix Studios and hope one day we will meet again.
dingut forrester Oct 12 @ 3:00pm 
I met the team at an event and decided to write about it online, this game has my endorsement!
ValiantChimera Oct 11 @ 2:38pm 
I just bought this from the creators at New York Comic Con. This is an amazing game. I highly reccomend greenlighting this game and purchasing it in the future.
Zenric Oct 1 @ 1:22pm 
Voted, good luck
Peanut555 Sep 15 @ 4:08am 
raulpuro Aug 30 @ 8:06pm 
I voted the game is very interesting is a sentence that is not in Spanish but I like this style of game, good luck.
Srota Aug 9 @ 8:57pm 
voted. Here's hoping for a steam release.
GameDemonKing Jul 28 @ 12:24pm 
shurcanario Jul 21 @ 8:43pm 
Voted up. Even if it seems strange... it seems also funny. i will give it a shoot for sure ;)
Cheesebullah Jul 19 @ 2:40am 
wow such ugliness