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Bound Weapons Redux
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Mar 24, 2012 @ 10:37pm
Apr 5, 2012 @ 11:12am
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Bound Weapons Redux

In 1 collection by Aertyr
Minimalist's Skyrim Overhaul and Tweaks
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Bound weapons have always been a cool concept, but their implementation is virtually always... lacking. This mod aims to bring bound weapons into play as a viable choice and perhaps even a preferable one.

Also availible on Skyrim Nexus:

-[This mod is in a complete state and shouldnt be updated anymore barring any bugs reported or user requests]-

Added spell: Bound Warhammer(Added v1.15)
-Adds a Warhammer variant of bound weapons for the spellmaces?
-Can be purchased from Farengar, may be found in random drops and can be
stolen from his private room.

Added spell: Bound War Axe(Added v1.15)
-Adds a War Axe variant of bound weapons for the socially hostile.
-Can be purchased from Farengar, may be found in random drops and can be
stolen from his private room.

Added spell: Bound Pickaxe(Added v1.15)
-Adds a Pickaxe variant of bound weapons for those who play a lot of minecraft.
-Can be purchased from Farengar, may be found in random drops and can be
stolen from his private room.
-Should work properly with gathering animations(let me know if they don't)

Added spell: Bound Woodaxe(Added v1.15)
-Adds a mace variant of bound weapons for the lumberjack in all of us.
-Can be purchased from Farengar, may be found in random drops and can be
stolen from his private room.
-Should work properly with gathering animations(let me know if they don't)

Added spell: Bound Mace(Added v1.10)
-Adds a mace variant of bound weapons for confused spellswords.
-Can be purchased from Farengar, may be found in random drops and can be
stolen from his private room.

Added spell: Bound Greatsword(Added v1.10)
-Adds a Greatsword variant of bound weapons for spellswords who likes to show off.
-Can be purchased from Farengar, may be found in random drops and can be
stolen from his private room.

Added spell: Bound Dagger
-Adds a dagger variant of bound weapons for spellthiefs.
-Can be purchased from Farengar, may be found in random drops and can be
stolen from his private room.

Conjuration perks remade:
Mystic Binding: Bound weapons do more damage(upgraded to Daedric quality) AND scale based on your Conjuration level
-Based on 10% of your Conjuration skill level(Adds +10 damage at 100, same as 100 Smithing)
-Added damage is physical
-Keeps bound weapons on the same level as upgraded(smithed) weapons at 100 Conjuration.
-Does stack with one-handed/two-handed perks but is also reduced by armor.

Soul Stealer: Bound Weapons absorb Magicka and cast Soul Trap on targets
-Absorb 10 Magicka on hit
-Infinite charges to help you replenish your Magicka pool
-Synergy with Oblivion binding

Oblivion Binding: Bound weapons deal additional damage based on your Magicka
and will banish summoned creatured and turn raised ones.

-Damage is based on 6% of your CURRENT mana pool(Rebalanced in v1.37)

-At 400 Magicka, 100 Conjuration, 100 One-handed you will be doing roughly the same damage as a Daedric weapon plus 72(this is after max perks in one-handed). This 72 damage is reduced by armor and does not have secondary affects compared to the 60 magic damage you could get from enchanting(with no resistances other than rare monsters, with secondary effects). I feel as this version is very comparable in terms of damage, considering you are using 4(ish) less perks than it would take to get the full effect from a normal weapon. This damage will still scale past 400 magicka, but so would enchanting/smithing with abuse cases and I feel like 400 magicka is a fairly substantial investment, especially considering it's your CURRENT mana that is considered, and not your max. This damage should be very balanced, and hopefully in a very good place that won't need much further tweaking. (Updated in v1.37)

-As you lose mana or gain mana the weapon will deal less/more damage respectively
-Combined with Soul Stealer makes for a great way to replenish mana while getting
in the fight

#1 Some of your weapons crash my game!
This is a bug that was present in Vanilla Skyrim and is not directly related to my mod. I generate and equip bound weapons in the EXACT same way as Vanilla. This is NOT something I can fix or change, it was present in Skyrim since day 1. The best you can do is reload a save previous to the corruption and play from there. It is unknown amongst the community as to what causes this bug or how to fix it.

-I know there are other mods that allow for bound weapon scaling but I didn't feel like
they did it exactly right. People tend to make mods that give power for free instead
of making it a trade off. This mod aims to make bound weapons feel good all game, AND
encourage different play styles and mechanics to make the game more interesting.

-I know that my dagger model/others doesn't look as good as Midas Magic. If I get his permission
I'll use his model, but until then I think the one I have looks pretty good. I have added
this just so people can sneak attack with daggers and get their awesome bonus's.
-I will not be adding mod support with Midas Magics dagger, I added my own dagger to suit
this need.

-To keep with the flavor of Bound weapons, all weapons will use Daedric models. I know this may come as a slight disapointment to some who would like different kinds of weapons(so would I!) but it wouldn't fit the designers original aesthetic intent.

-REGARDING SHIELDS and ARMOR: I experimented with bound shields but ultimately the engine doesn't have proper support for it and I would have to get pretty heavy into some scripts to make it look/act appropriately. The more I tried to make it work, the more I thought about it, and realistically wards are the bound shields of Skyrim. I have an alteration tree + restoration redux out that fleshes out wards and makes them much more desirable. Armor for much the same reason is not fitting of the initial intent of the game and would make Mage Armor largely redundant.

This is a new series of mods I have planned that simply make some of the worse perks more in line with the rest in the tree. These are designed to be small mods that allow the user to pick and choose what they feel needs a little brushing up. These won't be massive overhauls, just very small mods changing one area of gameplay.

-All new bound weapons/tools now count as Daedric weapons so that specific weapon type perks will now be applied (Like axe bleeding damage).

-All new bound weapons/tools now have no weight while being wielded.

-Fixed tools bug adding weight to your inventory (Really sorry!)

-Tools now work properly with animations (though they don't retain the "ghost" effect when they are being used, sorry.)
-Rebalanced weapons again(to 6% magicka from 10% magicka - see theory crafting)

-Rebalanced weapons again (to 10% magicka instead of 15%)
-Cleaned up the file with TesVsnip
-Added new weapon spells to Phinis(Expert trainer) and Falion(Master trainer)

-Added Bound War Axe, Warhammer, Pickaxe, Woodaxe (work with perks, should work for harvesting)
-Fixed a glitch that let you add bound items into inventory and sell them(shame!)

-Added Bound Mace, Bound Greatsword(work with perks)
-Rebalanced bonus damage scaling. Mystic binding is the same as smithing 100 when conjuration is 100.
Oblivion binding is the same as enchanting 100 at 400 Magicka(Remember this is CURRENT magicka not max magicka)

Check out my development blog and other popular mods!:
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Bobguy Feb 16, 2017 @ 10:04pm 
Bound Bow seems to have disappeared with this mod installed. Nobody's selling it, and I can't find it in Fort Amol.
midgetgamer1 Oct 29, 2016 @ 9:12am 
Will you port this to the SE?
Zero Apr 29, 2016 @ 1:17pm 
wonderful mod, really makes a conjuartion battle mage worth the wait and effort.
Reborn Jul 29, 2015 @ 7:23pm 
does the bow apply? or the bow tree?
Ozydev Jul 6, 2015 @ 8:18am 
This was a very good add-on for the mace-mage build I went for on one of my recent characters. With proper skills and training in 1-hand, Conjuration, Heavy Armor, Destruction, Blocking, and of course Smithing and Enchanting, this mod produced a very well-balanced and fun to play character. He did plenty of damage, and was very satisfying to play as, with lots of options for both close quarters combat and long-ranged exchanges. I went with a fire-mage build in destruction, which helped the subsequent pounding from either the 1-hand summoned mace and a heavy shield or dual-wield summoned maces, or mace in one hand, fire spell in the other. As I said, loooots of options. This mod was integral to that build, and it was both fun and effective.
Heyoka Jun 29, 2015 @ 1:08am 
I assume that since this mod has bound weapons stack conjuration, and one-handed or two-handed together, then it does the same for archery?
Kroepoek May 21, 2015 @ 10:11am 
Bound Pickaxe and Woodcutter's Axe! Im subbing even if this mod supported just those!
achloryn Mar 22, 2015 @ 12:59pm 
This is by far one of my favorite addons ever. My one (VERY minor) complaint is that a couple of the weapons aren't following the toggle cast option. Bound war axe, bound dagger, bound battleaxe, all seem to be dismissing after 2 minutes (with the proper perk) instead of staying toggled.
IksDeH90 Mar 19, 2015 @ 2:27am 
how i get the perks?
the death star was an inside job Feb 8, 2015 @ 7:55pm 
so what are the perk codes? if i want to get them manually by entering the perks in console?