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Prototype Earth
Oct 13, 2013 @ 12:23pm
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Progress #4 - Changed from XNA to shardpDX
Prototype Earth is a real-time strategy, construction and management simulation game developed by a small group of friends that met on Steam. The game focuses on colonizing randomly generated planets, solar systems, and later even whole galaxies. This consists of gathering resources, finding power sources, maintaining oxygen levels in your space stations and facilities, productivity of your workers, and most importantly, competing or establishing trade routes with other colonies and defending against hostile alien threats.

Game Features:
• Explore randomly generated worlds
• Colonize, search and terraform new planets
• Discover new organisms, technologies and resources
• Choose the philosophy of your colony (diplomat, military, trader, etc.)
• Design your own facilities and research new ones!
• Find ancient objects that might or not help you on your quest!
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EnderSlend Sep 10 @ 8:55pm 
[RnD]Spawnreal (ITA) Aug 15 @ 8:51am 
Please add italian languages!
Enigma Jul 27 @ 5:20am 
I have great hope in this Concept.

Ass Ketchup Jul 23 @ 8:08pm 
If this is like spore. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
st3alingh3arts Jun 29 @ 10:51am 
Awesome concept! Keep up the good work
Road-hog123 Jun 20 @ 11:31am 
Interesting concept, good luck with the project!
Jesus Jun 12 @ 7:32am 
It's great idea. nice Failcake
☼Danus☼ Jun 3 @ 6:26am 
i dont get it
Darth Gerbil May 24 @ 4:56am 
Lvl.100 Jolteon Apr 24 @ 2:34pm 
awsome but i noticed you can be a diplomat. Will there be othere sentient spieces to discover???