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Gear Balance Overhaul
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Mar 24, 2012 @ 1:56pm
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Gear Balance Overhaul

WARNING: very personalized mod
This mod does many things. You might not like them all.
The idea is to make choices less obvious from the choice of armor during the tutorial to the choice of artifacts vs. master level custom enchantments. Smithing is nerfed and so are various forms of armor so now it is not so easy for a light armored character to become a supertank. Now exploring for new materials and unique items is more rewarding than craft grinding.

Version 2.0

• Changes
o No more leveled items
 All items have top level values
o Weapons have relative weights of Morrowind
o Stagger is given by weight/20 [more deviation]
o Weights are relative to whitebread steel weapons
o Daggers and bows sill have 0 stagger
o Bow speed is given by 30/(30+weight)
 Weights are multiplied by the following factors…
 0.4: Bound weapons (for stagger and speed calculation only, 0 weight)
 0.6: Elven, Glass, Nord Hero bow
 0.8: Silver, longbow
 1.0: Iron, Steel, Skyforge, Imperial, Redguard, Dwarven, Akaviri
 1.2: Orcish, Draugr, Nord Hero melee
 1.25: Forsworn
 1.5: Falmer
 2.0: Ebony, Wuuthrad, Ebony Blade
 3.0: Daedric, Dawnbreaker, Mace of Molag Bal, Volendrung
o Bow damage is ascociated with swords (generally less) except…
 Ebony bow: waraxe
 Daedric bow: mace
 [glass bow is the best damage/time, daedric bow is the best sniper]
o Smithing changes…
 Studded and Leather armor now improved by first smithing perk renamed
 Studded armor now has higher AR than leather armor
 Blades armor improved by steel smithing
 Elven Gilded improved by elven smithing
 Morokei and Diadem of the Savant are not armor
o Fixes?
 Falmer Armor not affected by steel smithing
 Falmer circlet/mask glitch exploit stopped, Falmer helmet properly heavy
 Savior’s Hide now improved by steel and leather smithing
o Faster Greatsword/Slower Battleaxe (were the same speed)

• Nerfs
o Smithing goes only to epic without enchanting or potions
 Perk multiplier lowered from 2x to 1.4x
o Armor Ratings lowered by the following factors
 1.0: ebony, daedric, dragonplate, blades, wolf, draugr, falmer
 0.9: steelplate, orcish, dragonscale, ancient shrouded, nightingale
 0.85: dwarven
 0.8: iron, steel, glass, bear, imperial heavy, thieves leader, penitus oculatus, Linwe’s
 0.7: scaled, gilded, thieves improved
 0.6: elven, studded, elven light, shrouded, thieves
 0.5: hide, fur, leather, stormcloak, imperial light, forsworn
o Battleaxe now slower than greatsword
 Speed 0.7 now 0.67
o Bound/Mystic bow nerfs…(really REALLY needed a nerf)
 Bound Arrows damage 24 now 10 (daedric now steel)
 Bow damage 18/24 now 11/20 (elven/daedric)
 You can equip better arrows
o Windshear stagger 100% now 40%
o Leather Armor requires more leather

• Buffs
o Glass, Ebony, Daedric weapon get slightly more damage
 Affects heavier weapons more, daggers get no buff
o Glass melee weapons are 1.1x faster
o Bound melee weapons are 1.1x faster
o Bound/Mystic sword does orcish/glass damage
o Bound/Mystic battleaxe buffed to dwarven/ebony damage
o Hide Armor requires less leather

• Beginning Armor Enchant Buffs
o Leather: fortify sneak 12%
o Imperial Light: fortify archery 12%
o Imperial Heavy: fortify block 12%
o Stormcloak: fortify melee 12% (one and two hand)
o Bear: fortify health/stamina regen 25%

• Artifact buffs
o Dawnbreaker fire damge 10 now 30
o Ebony blade now twohanded, damage 11 now 23, magica damage 50
o Keening now has charges, absorption 10 now 15
o Mace of Molag Bal stamina/magica damage 25 now 30
o Mehrune’s Razor kill 1% now 3%, stamina dam 10, bleed 10 for 3
o Staff of Magnus absorb 20 now 60
o Volendrung paralyze 3 sec
o Wabbajack half charge cost
o Wuuthrad damage to elves 1.2x now 1.4x, temperable
o Hevnoraak fortify armor 50
o Konahrik effect 25% now 30%, rare effect 5% now 10%, fortify health 100
o Krosis lockpick/archery 20% now 35%
o Morokei shout time reduced 20%
o Rahgot fortify stamina 70 now 120
o Volsung barter 20 now 25, carry 20 now 50
o The Gaulder Amulet fortify attributes 30 now 50
o Masque of Clavicus Vile regen magica 5% now 10%
o Necromancer’s Amulet fortify magica 50 now 100
 NERF: health/stamina regen -75% now -100% (stunted)
o Ring of Hircine light armor 25, onehanded 40
o Savior’s Hide resist magic 15% now 20%, resist poison 50% now 70%
o Spellbreaker resist magic 10%
o Diadem of the Savant fortify schools 5% now 12%
o Better Dragonbane

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Super Shotty Bros. Mario Sep 12, 2014 @ 11:14pm 
I'm interested but why the heavy heavy nerf on the bound bow? It seems to me the bound swords and the bound axe are both in need of a buff, though the bow certainly is uber end game-able.
TreyLove101 Feb 10, 2014 @ 8:46pm 
it does need a picture
MrDilly Sep 1, 2012 @ 2:09pm 
cole mod, I'm not going to get it becuse it looks prety big, but for someone that played the other games like me it looks cool
Tmkkkj Jul 24, 2012 @ 1:00pm 
needs a picture pls