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Category: Utilities
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Oct 11, 2013 @ 9:36pm
Mar 16 @ 10:00am

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Status Update
Early Access Licenses Are Now Available!
Release date: Early Access available now

VoiceWarrior is a macro application for Microsoft Windows that executes user defined actions when a trigger phrase is spoken. Users can setup commands such as “Play my favorite MP3”, then define the actions required to complete the command. When the user speaks the trigger phrase, the Command is executed.

Whether you want to automate key commands in your favorite photo editing application, or setup commands for the spells of your favorite RPG, VoiceWarrior will get the job done.

  • Tag Grouping of Commands
  • Keystroke Simulation
  • Launch External Applications
  • Text to Speech
  • Play Sound Effects
  • Background Music Player
  • Enable and Disable Commands or Entire Tag Groups
  • Sub Commands

  • Windows Vista or Newer

* This application relies on the Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine that is built into Window Vista and later versions of Windows including Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. Installing this feature can be done from the control panel and should NOT require a Windows install CDROM.
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Jun 25 @ 2:28pm
What features would you like to see in VoiceWarrior?
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Dr. Mama Jul 10 @ 11:09am 
Soooooooo... Can i run normal games as Team Fortress 2 or Watch_Dogs simply by saying: run Watch Dogs or whatever i want to say? Becouse if it's only possible to open the notepad and Internet explorer and stuff like that, would i probably not buy it. But launching any random sh*t just by saying it whould be extremly badass (and pretty useful to, of course).
TheGamer152 Jul 9 @ 5:39pm 
This sounds like it could be very useful.
Mr Bean Jul 2 @ 12:13pm 
[SB]OMGameR Jul 2 @ 8:45am 
I like it!
Fighting Blaze™ Jul 1 @ 7:55pm 
If I can use it for speech to text, then I would get it.
Peace™ Jun 30 @ 11:29pm 
Good idea ! ;)
patrickgappo Jun 30 @ 3:03pm 
Rinkk gg Jun 26 @ 6:32pm 
I like It!
Rinkk gg Jun 26 @ 6:32pm 
I like It!
Rinkk gg Jun 26 @ 6:31pm 
I like It!