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Hot Rod Hustle
Oct 11, 2013 @ 1:04pm
Jan 14 @ 5:47pm

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Hot Rod Hustle Needs YOU!
Release date: 2nd quarter 2014
Hot Rod Hustle is an MMO Racing game that's based on the classic games Street Rod I & II. Based on a love for retro games, HRH is building off the creators love for the Street Rod games of yesterday.

- TRUE Cross-Platform Multiplayer for PC/MAC/LINUX/iOS/ANDROID
- Multiple Mini-Games to Earn Money
- Beautifully Blended 2D and 3D world
- Progress through the story-mode to defeat "The King" and become the best racer scene!

HRH boasts:

- Original "Film Noir" Style Soundtrack
- 4 unique Car Brands
- 20 upgradeable/customizable Hot Rods based on the coolest cars in history!
- Huge open city map with multiple Diners
- Head to Head racing, along with timed runs in the Drag and Road race modes.
- Beautiful hand drawn 2D comic book style art and Graphics
- Endless rewards and re-playability
- 2 full sized mini-games designed to build your characters skills and XP.
- Vast leveling and rewards system
- Ability to wager REAL money on races
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Jimmy James Dec 3 @ 6:11pm 
p.s. We NEED a MCO style game. MCO was the best game I ever played
Jimmy James Dec 3 @ 6:11pm 
is this game still in the works?
CarlosRegueraDJ Nov 6 @ 4:48am 
Voted! It looks great!
Green Oct 11 @ 11:14am 
I like the idea, but the graphics are to "classic" for me. Voted No, I would not buy it.
Maverati Sep 13 @ 7:43am 
It's about time someone made an updated Street Rod game, keep up the good work!
Juggalo Jamie Aug 24 @ 8:56pm 
I loved the heck out of Street Rod and Street Rod II, I'm really excited to see this game get going, keep up the awesome work!
LukeyWolf Aug 19 @ 1:53pm 
3D Interior would be nice and the artwork looks like a terrible flash game artwork
자칼 Aug 3 @ 9:28pm 
good game
PurBeurre Aug 3 @ 12:32pm 
better graphics please
good game :-)
Gabriel Oliveira Aug 3 @ 12:06pm 
Pra quem jogou e se divertiu com Street Rod 1 e 2 no MS-DOS.

Sim, chega mais na steam!