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Logitech G25/G27 Wheel Calibration Guide
By SlizzeR
This is a quick, easy to follow guide on how to setup your G25 or G27 racing wheel. Most of the information is in the [1920x1080] picture, all other information including links for the Logitech Profiler etc is in the Full Guide. Thanks!
Full Guide

This here is the only image you'll need in order to configure your wheel settings in F1 2013. It's a very simple, easy to understand process.

If you are unsure of how to access the profiler, simply search for Logitech Gaming Software with the Windows search function. If you don't have the profiler on your computer, simply download & install it from the official Logitech website here:

- G25 http://www.logitech.com/en-au/support/131?crid=411&bit=64&osid=14
- G27 http://www.logitech.com/en-au/support/racing-wheel-for-playstation-pc-g27?crid=411&osid=14&bit=64

This image & guide was created entirely by Stuart Vaughan // SlizzeR so any feedback given will be greatly apreciated!

v1.1 Changelog
- You no longer have to re-configure your controls upon every relaunch of the game. - Thanks Schmeval!
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Maddawg Aug 4 @ 11:14am 
Thanks SlizzeR!
SlizzeR  [author] Aug 2 @ 11:06pm 
@Maddawg Yes that's correct as this guide is for F1 2013
Maddawg Aug 2 @ 8:40am 
Aha, got it. The right hand menu is from F!-2013 I'm guessing?
SlizzeR  [author] Aug 1 @ 9:01pm 
Cheers guys! @Maddawg, it's at the bottom of 'Driving Controls' (Look@the top image, see how it's blanked out until you assign custom controls) That's why I added it at the bottom, it's the last step.

Hope that helped!
Maddawg Aug 1 @ 1:26pm 
Where the heck is "Override Input Device Type"?
[SBB] IRONEDDIE Jul 31 @ 6:20am 
Thank you so much.been trying out all sorts of settings to get the best play out of my wheel
and this has done the trick after so much searching.car even feels so much faster.Great job.
GENE PARMESAN Jun 28 @ 7:37pm 
Thanks! way better now
SlizzeR  [author] Jun 23 @ 9:12pm 
No worries guys :) Thank you for the kind words.
[EU-TRANS] Doggy_PL Jun 9 @ 2:02pm 
Thank you :-)