› Vikster says:
"Rainy day, Stay at home, Play some video games. V1: Gentleman Edition."
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我是ATM Aug 28 @ 9:27pm 
so good
Its Ya boiiiii Apr 27 @ 6:26pm 
vikster btw nice pic
Its Ya boiiiii Apr 27 @ 6:26pm 
ok thanks
Its Ya boiiiii Apr 26 @ 10:41am 
whats the map
Demon Kitty Apr 21 @ 11:27am 
i imagine doom guy from the good days of fast pased demon shooting fun just wanting be apart of the party
DugoNinja Apr 18 @ 1:47pm 
that photo is epic
djs37 Apr 17 @ 11:15pm 
why hah all new ?
I'm Asteroid Cat I think Mar 29 @ 7:58pm 
I wish I had days like this, where people just come in then we have a video game party... then master chief just barges in with a copy of super smash bros melee.
ICroxYou Mar 22 @ 1:10pm 
:) just men F*CK YEAH