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› Vikster says:
"Rainy day, Stay at home, Play some video games. V1: Gentleman Edition."
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Breaktamer Jul 20 @ 5:14am 
Crazyd5979 Jul 14 @ 2:56pm 
what mods does he use in this
♠KHARǾUTCHEV♠ Jun 25 @ 4:45pm 
You forgot Skyrim
RafifGundam Jun 21 @ 10:28pm 
This should get more likes
kangaroo112 Apr 22 @ 6:39pm 
i see tee master cheef
-.._The New King_..- Mar 17 @ 4:15am 
Roman: Hey Niko, Wanna go Bowling? Niko: I don't have f*cking time for this sh*t!
I'm hanging out with some men. Roman: Is it gay? Niko: Shut The F*ck Up!
striker Mar 6 @ 7:32am 
Hey Niko! Jump!
somsameday Feb 22 @ 9:43am 
Im gonna try name all the characters :

Gordon Freeman (hl2), Lee Everett (The Walking Dead Season One), Demoman (TF2) Niko Bellic (GTA IV), Louis (L4D), Francis (L4D).

theres also the witcher guy, idk his name though, and theres the assasins creed guy and i think his names damien the guy with orange hair, but idk.
Ace The Dragon Feb 2 @ 12:35am 
I love louis' drink. xD
2 dangerous4U Jan 25 @ 6:22am 
plus why is samus hiding?