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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Russian
Oct 7, 2013 @ 9:06pm
Feb 4 @ 1:19am

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Thank you for your interest in our project.
Release date: 2014
WIPEGROUND - Race for survival in the most dangerous corners of the galaxy. Pilots control high-speed armed flying cars – Hovers.
Anti-gravity Hover, with powerful system of weapons, is equipped with an impulse motor and generator. On the track, each pilot has something to clear their way with - self-guided missiles and bombs, machine guns and lasers, protective shields and stealth fields, boost, and more.
Participants with a mad craving for speed, love for tough fire-fights and flying at dangerously low altitudes, and their greed leads to a blinding flash of careless beginners.
Fierce races are held on mysterious planets and satellites, space stations, and in abandoned mines of asteroids. Pilots on high-speed Hovers try the strength of their character in incredible conditions, raging atmospheres of the planets and in the vacuum of space.
WIPEGROUND is a race which makes your blood boil and your veins cold, any turn may appear to be the last on the way to glory. Earn credits, make bets, participate in survival races, or just speed races, challenge your rivals to a duel. Pump up your Hover right during the race in the pit stops. Earn even more credits and buy a new Hover in the garage.
Credits are awarded for passing energy barriers and annihilation of rivals’ Hovers. Winning the local tournament allows you to pay for your flight to another corner of the galaxy to the new track and continue your participation in the championship.
The most courageous aces and bounty hunters compete for the title of the Best Pilot in WipeGround Star System. May the best man win! May the force and attention be with you!

Code of Novice Pilots:
GUN - quick-killing gun
LASER - a deadly laser beam
ROCKET - homing missile seeker
MINE - a cascade of gravitational mines
BOMB - a powerful big bomb
INVIS - generation of stealth field around the ship
ARMOR - composite armor
SHIELD - multi-level energy shield
ENGINE - speed, acceleration and boost
GENERATOR - Hover energy provides the operation of: Laser, Invis, Shield, Boost. The excess energy automatically restores the Hover.

Each new race begins with a basic configuration Hover. Slots of upgrades and other Hover types may be purchased between races.
Visiting the pit stop limits your Hover in speed, turns off the fire function, allows to buy upgrades and fully restores the entire ammunition, armor, shields, and energy. Each upgrade type has a fivefold pumping. During the race, each Hover is pumped up to the current level. A fully pumped Hover of level 50 includes 50 slots.
In case of annihilation of a Hover, it is restored in the pit stop, and the pilot loses the progress of the current round, but retains the credits previously earned for the annihilation of rivals.

H – Help;
↑,↓ - Throttle;
← – Left turn ;
→ – Right turn;
Ctrl – Fire;
Shift - Nitro;
Space – Invisible;
1-5 – Select weapon;
Z – Show rearview mirror;
F – Show FPS;
F1 – Switch camera;
F5 – Autopilot;
B(In pitstop) – Autobuy;
0-9 (In pitstop) – Buy weapon;
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T5ZK 14 hours ago 
Please make it better than Wipeout series.
Apocalyptico Jul 7 @ 8:31am 
achei o jogo com muita açao e un cenario futuristico muito bom.Gosto muito de jogos assim,q nos levam para o futuro e nso tao una espetativa e como sera daqui a alguns anos.
DigitalLion  [author] Jul 4 @ 1:10pm 
Dear friends, we thank for your interest. We continue to work persistently. You are waited by the New name of the game, new tracks, multiplayer, and on planets with low gravitation of hovers can fly up))) Soon
Ishara Mera'din Jun 27 @ 11:38pm 
Looks like it would be a decent racing game. Reminds me, to an extent, of MegaRace which I spent countless hours trying to unlock tracks and cars many many years ago.
Pankratiast Jun 19 @ 2:40am 
I am a big Wipeout fan, so when i saw Wipeground i had to check it out. I used an xbox-controller to test the demo. Have to say, i do not like the way, the controller is maped by default. To accelerate with the right stick wihle steering with the left stick feels just wrong. I will give the game a closer look if the controlls can be comstomized. The input-editor within the launcher is not helping me, since it does not work with the analog-stick. The game looks good and i would like to play it. So please do something about the controls :)
NoME Game Designs Jun 9 @ 9:20am 
You're closer to my vision than QUANTUM RUSH - minus the MMO aspect - but this still feels very Arcade-style...
BachBreaker May 31 @ 7:42pm 
Looks good!
ionutudor2012 May 22 @ 11:03am 
Jason Walker May 17 @ 7:49am 
reminds me of wipeout, would love to giver a try. looks fun.
Dangerous I May 14 @ 1:03am 
It is still not yet released ;) Wanna have...