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This car was built by Dr.Carter Orion, he beleved in electric powerd cars. He and his crew teamed up with trackmania vally to verify the car. Test driven and approved by Owen Hansen there was only one thing left to do. that thing was to find a generator and a body frame that could hold the weght of the engine and reach about 1,000kph. in order to acheve this there was a second engen placed in the front of the vehicle it was rather small due to the size of the generator sitting next to it. the small engen was a charge engene, i would sit and charge in order to give the car enough torque in order to get off the start line. once the vehicle left the start, the movement of the wheels would Charge the ganerator powering the electric engine in the back. the car itself weghed rather light but with the regular egene on it wegh about as much as the avrage minivan and would top off at 570kph then stall and/or hit about 285celcius and the lower regon of the car would melt. with the ganerator and the charge engen AKA "the donkey". It would wegh about of a world war 2 soviet bt-7 light tank. (arround 13.9 tons 13.7 long tons; 15.3 short tons) but Dr.Orion acheved his goals with the help of Ryan Tomson CEO of RENAGADE ENERGY, the car was not cheap and never was released into the public for regular day transportation and was only used as a reace car. in the end only 390,005,917 cars were made and are now considerd a "colectors item".