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Digitigrade Khajiit + Argonian Raptor Feet
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Oct 6, 2013 @ 5:46pm
Oct 11, 2013 @ 5:08pm
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Digitigrade Khajiit + Argonian Raptor Feet

Digitigrade Khajiit gives Khajiit unique, paw-like feet, while Argonian Raptor Feet gives Argonians velociraptor-style claws. If you'd like to use these two mods together, subscribe to this mod instead of either individual mod.

--Argonian Raptor Feet--

I felt something was missing from Argonians-- for a race of primeval lizard people, they seem awfully human-shaped. So, I made new Argonian-specific models for all of the boots and shoes in the game with a look inspired by the always popular velociraptor.

Note that this will conflict with any mod that alters boots, shoes or feet, so make sure it loads last. Also, please let me know if you find any clipping or incorrect model issues.

--Digitigrade Khajiit--

Ever since I released the Argonian Raptor Feet mod last year, I've been getting requests for a similar Khajiit mod- Well, here, finally, it is.

Like Argonian Raptor, this mod includes alternate versions of all of the boot and shoe models from the vanilla game, designed to give the Khajiit a look slightly closer to the beast races of Morrowind.

This won't be compatible with mods that alter the vanilla boots and shoes, and any boots added by mods will look unchanged, but it should work well with reskin mods.


Will this mod work with Dawnguard and Dragonborn?

At present, I haven't modified any of the boots or shoes from those mods. What that means is that, while the mod will work normally with the DLC installed, the footwear added by the DLC will look unchanged. I may get around to adding in the DLC boots one of these days, but possibly not.

Is this mod available on Skyrim Nexus?

Yes- it's at

Shouldn't the feet be further back with the knees slightly bent to put the paws or talons closer to a character's center of mass?

Yes. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done. It's one thing to shift the heels of boot models to the highest point that wouldn't clip with armor models, but to bend a character's knees would seem to require either modifying all of the armor in the game, all of the character animations in the game, or possibly both.

There are people working on that problem now, however, and I may take another crack at it myself at some point- so keep an eye out for future digitigrade mods my myself or others. In the mean time, digitigrade beast races will unfortunately have to rely on a bit of superhuman balance to stay upright.
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Irrwahn Nov 24 @ 12:27pm 
This is just so simple but epic!
Aquatic Charizard Nov 15 @ 5:13pm 
for some reason when i wear boots they don`t show? do you know why?
Captain fabulous[P.W.D] Nov 11 @ 7:50am 
does it work with footprint mod?
MeltFire Oct 31 @ 4:26am 
Is this mod going to be supported for the new SSE? That'll be great!
Dovah-Rex Oct 29 @ 4:43am 
hey, could you bring this mod to the xbox?
Volatile Oct 23 @ 2:40am 
maliciousJester: My guess is that you have some mod later in your mod load order that overwrites the changes this mod does. Try putting this mod last in the mod loading list (under "Data Files" in the launcher menu), and see if it helps.
Yarysya Oct 11 @ 8:19am 
С ногами аргонианцем все норм, а вот катжитам надо доработать (сильно худощавой смотрится)
maliciousJester Sep 19 @ 1:57pm 
im subscribed to the mod but it doesnt show up in-game. any help?
Volatile Sep 19 @ 4:17am 
This mod is one of the reasons why I don`t play EsO. The argonians` feet just looks WEIRD without it! Thanks for making this mod!
alkateltel Aug 17 @ 10:09am 
Wuld you ever put caws in the Kahjiit feet?