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Oct 5, 2013 @ 12:15pm
Feb 10, 2014 @ 10:12pm
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Version: 1.01


Compatible with all mods. Load order doesn't matter.


This is a simple mod that plays audible breaths from your character when your health/stamina/magicka drops below a certain percentage. The rate at which you breathe increases as your health/stamina/magicka drops. This is a player-only effect with male or female sound effects automatically set depending on your sex.

By default, once your health and/or stamina drops below 50%, the breaths will trigger. To better suit your playstyle and/or gameplay mod selection, you can configure which resources (health/stamina/magicka) trigger the breaths, the percentage at which they will trigger and the volume. Configuration requires SKSE[skse.silverlock.org] and SkyUI but they are not required to run the mod at default settings. There are no plans to sync the breathing with Wet and Cold's breath effect.

My Workshop Mods:

Wet and Cold
Splash of Rain
Shooting Stars
Deadly Spell Impacts
Realistic Water Two
iNeed - Food Water and Sleep
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Loot and Degradation

Donations are always welcomed.[www.paypal.com]
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pootis0513 Mar 23 @ 8:31am 
He's taking quite a long time updating wet and cold.
pootis0513 Mar 14 @ 10:19am 
it might be better than before
pootis0513 Mar 14 @ 10:19am 
he's probably working on wet and cold
pootis0513 Mar 14 @ 10:18am 
calm down
Johnny Kronaz Mar 13 @ 3:11pm 
Where's Wet & Cold?! WHY?!
pootis0513 Mar 13 @ 10:04am 
Are you still working on wet and cold?
TalkMonkey Mar 12 @ 10:25am 
Thank you for the update. When ever you get it back up, awesome! That was one of my favorite mods. Paired with Frostfall... epic game experience!
isoku  [author] Mar 12 @ 9:31am 
Some of my mods are currently undergoing some changes. No ETA, sorry.
TalkMonkey Mar 12 @ 8:52am 
Where did iNeed go? I loved that mod!
ScottTheRobot Jan 18 @ 7:19am 
Keep up the good work!!