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Star Wars Weapons
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Oct 4, 2013 @ 6:51pm
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A pack of Star Wars weapons with both first person and third person models.

This pack contains the following weapons:
DC-15 Side Arm
DC-17m Anti-Armor (beta; not in spawn menu (use browse to find it))
DC-17m Blaster Rifle (With working mag lights)
DC-17m Sniper Rifle (With working mag lights)
Defender Sporting Blaster Pistol
Imperial Heavy Repeater

Thanks to one "roguex100", we now have NPC weapons that work with both friendly NPCs and enemy NPCs!

If you make use of these weapons on your server, you must give appropriate credit.

Steam Group: Historical Garry's Mod.
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spartanmark6 Mar 26 @ 5:35am 
yeah like republic commando the only place where the dc 17 blaster rifle ever appeared except for some SWBF2 community mods that people have made
☭ Syntax_Error752 ☭™  [author] Mar 26 @ 4:24am 
@Edvard Schnitz:
The models are from all over the place, most are not from SWJKJA.
Edvard Schnitz Mar 25 @ 5:04pm 
It is hard to import those weapons, not only that, but most of the weapons portrayed in this pack are just models from Jedi Academy, which is easy to port from
spartanmark6 Mar 24 @ 11:47am 
also the clone trooper shotgun from SWBF2 because there are no shotguns in this pack
spartanmark6 Mar 24 @ 9:32am 
could you add more republic commando weapons like the acp array gun, acp repeater, a thermal detinator, some of the weapons from Star Wars Battlefront 2 like the rebel blaster rifle and the various types of rocket launchers, the sniper rifles, and possibly the wrist rocket so that somebody could be like boba fett. also it would be neat if you added scopes to the guns to give them a more realistic look. i just think that it would be great if those things were added because i think that there needs to be more weapons that should be in this pack and that the weapons need scopes to feel more realistic.
KitchenParty Mar 22 @ 12:23pm 
why does it zoom in, instead of using the scopes?
why do nearly all of the guns use the same sound effects?
why does that last one sound like its at a techno concert?
why does the first one that has a new sound effect sound like its been recorded in someones bedroom?
☭ Syntax_Error752 ☭™  [author] Mar 19 @ 12:28am 
This has nothing to do with this addon; you'll need to get another addon for this and/or use console commands.
TheLivinPixel Mar 18 @ 7:22am 
How do I switch to third person?
☭ Syntax_Error752 ☭™  [author] Mar 15 @ 1:51pm 
@[RTB] Havoc 007:
The sniper isn't upside-down for me, can you send me a screenshot?

Post Script:
"Upgraded"? it's only an upgrade if you were running Windows 8 before, but if you were running anything else, even windows 3.11, it is a downgrade.
[ITB] Havoc 007 Mar 15 @ 11:13am 
Alright, then. Thank you.

Also, I tested the DC-17m Anti-Armor Grenade Launcher, and you've done a great job with it, along with the other Clone Commando weapons. Though with the sniper, I can't aim perfectly with the scope, with it being upside down (which is confusing), causing me to use a sniper rifle that isn't Star Wars.

But other than that, great job on the Star Wars weapons. Ever since the day it came out, I was excited to try it out, considering that I'm a Star Wars fan, AND a Republic Commando fan. Now, I can finally BE a Clone Commando in singleplayer, making my own loadout with the weapons, and I already made a First Person machinima named "Star Wars: Havoc Squad". Check me out, channel is JamesBondBLHK100. I'll be making more episodes in the future. I had stopped, because maps on Gmod were being stupid, making me lag at random points while I'm recording, recording software (Dxtory) is making me lag as well, and I got my computer cleaned and upgraded to Windows 8.1