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Dream of Moon Cabin
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Oct 3, 2013 @ 4:53pm
Oct 30, 2013 @ 3:26pm
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This garden home is located on the quiet shores of beautiful Lake Ilinalta. It is the perfect weekend retreat featuring all crafting amenities, a fully functioning fishery and a lovely garden just waiting to be planted. Read the history, locate the key and make this your private getaway.

This began as a request from another player who's father is just beginning his Skyrim adventure and wanted a copy of my Mage's Chalet in a warmer climate for him. It just didn't feel right, so I built this. It's first release, so I am sure there are some bugs to tweak. :) Let me know in the comments and if you like it. It does require Hearthfire, which I believe is much underrated because it adds a wealth of assets to be used in modding.

When you subscribe, a marker will be placed on your map east of Half Moon Mill, north of Falkreath and across the lake from Ilinalta's Deep. It's immediately available, so fast travel there. Read the book on the bench to learn the history of the cabin and how to find the key. If you need a little help, there is a circlet in the chest by the deck and a spell tome in the gazebo if your magicka is high enough.

Features include:


Kitchen with crafting spit, oven and cooling rack
Dining for four
Sitting area with fur covered benches
The barrels and crates on the overhang are just clutter - nothing useful
Sumptuous midnight blue bedroom
Cellar with food storage, cold storage, alchemy and ingredients
Second bed in the Cellar with some storage
Secret room - look for the pull chain behind the stairs
Bookshelves for more than 100 books
A special shelf on the desk in the bedroom will hold 18 Journals
Custom paintings
Enchanted weapons and jewelry - not the shabby stuff either


Deck with Gazebo for evening dining
Plantable garden with trellis and space for 24 plants (2 are on deck)
Forge, smelter, workbench, tanning rack, grindstone and a few raw materials
Fishery, tame mudcrabs, tame slaughterfish, fish and clams
Practice dummies and target
Wood Chopping block with axe (I always seem to be without)
Stable, chickens, nests and a goat
Look down as you are walking - there's more ;)

Oh - and beware the neighbors. They show up unannounced the first time, but are easily dispatched.

**A couple of additions -
I cleaned some of the cobwebs and increased lighting for those of you who got the first release
There is a small lever inside by the dockside door that will change the tapestry colors to bright colors
There is a small lever under the stable side deck just below the lampost that will add more chickens
Also, if you have Better Dark Brotherhood, it's impossible to get the key - use code 020080a9 to add it

Please remember to rate it even if you favourite it.

Some of us really know how to pick a location. Silver Falls Lodge uses the same space. (Thanks lilbutterflyfairy for letting me know)
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Molag Bal Sep 2 @ 12:21pm 
Jon Snow Aug 27 @ 7:33am 
fuck off bob
brandon.grissom01 Aug 20 @ 12:40pm 
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over the workshop
/ \ so he can take over
ladysedim Jul 25 @ 7:54pm 
VampireLord, I know this is WAY after yoru question but if you use Custom Family Home and only have 1 child, it can be set up for family.

I still totally love this house, and it's still Dad's house, thank you thank you many times again Psylvermom ((hugs you))
PastMars Jul 22 @ 6:37pm 
is there a console command to spawn this in? i cant get it
PastMars Jul 22 @ 12:42pm 
when i go under water to retrieve the key i cant see my screen is just solid color of the lake as if the water has no visibility, i really wnat that key, help.
davetango182 Jul 16 @ 7:15pm 
Just have to say "AWESOME"
Vampire Lord May 19 @ 9:42pm 
can u move family in, and what dlcs do i need
zeke bogans May 17 @ 1:35pm 
psylvermom  [author] May 17 @ 1:29pm 
do you have the Hearthfire DLC?