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Undead Overlord
Genre: Strategy, Horror
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Oct 4, 2013 @ 2:47am
Nov 12, 2013 @ 10:46am
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Release date: FALL 2014
Undead Overlord is a real-time strategy game that puts you directly in charge of your own zombie horde. Lay waste to the tidy world that humans have created for themselves; feast on their brains, grow, mutate, and gain incredible powers. Take over a small town (deputies are delicious!). Overwhelm the arriving SWAT units. Reduce a mighty city to rubble and gorge on the remains of generals as their weapons lie smoldering. Savor the mayhem.

"This is a cool idea, and it looks great so far - I'm really looking forward to the game."
- Jordan Weisman, Hare Brained Schemes (and BattleTech, Shadowrun, etc.)

"Undead Overlord is hilariously fun. I'm a backer!"
- Stefano Corazza, CEO of Mixamo

"Overlord Undead team is the bet . . . railroaded to a compendium of creatures battered against everything in their path."
- The Vault, a la Google Translate

"It brings us something different in the zombie genre..."
- Developer's Accomplice

As an Undead Overlord, the world is yours to conquer and remake in your own grotesque image.
  • Make your horde deadly enough to overwhelm modern armaments.
  • Mutate deadly Boss Zombies to provide strategic advantages to your horde.
  • Gain powerful special abilities that maximize the mayhem.
  • Create the most chaos possible in your quest to undermine the very basis of reality!

Inspiration from the huge body of work in the fertile zombie genre led to one of the distinguishing aspects of the game’s design:

Your enemy is your resource.

That means that each time a human unit is killed and makes the transition to being undead, the player assumes control of that unit. It means that the tide of battle can shift quickly when a soldier's wing man not only goes out of action, but is suddenly working for the other side. That's a crushing blow to morale, and one that could send that soldier fleeing in panic, or even leave him cowering in abject fear - making him easy, tender, juicy pickings.
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Apr 9 @ 12:47am
level editer?
Lord Toadster
Apr 4 @ 4:25pm
Early Access?
Jan 31 @ 7:09pm
This looks awesome
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dredd811 Apr 13 @ 6:35am 
zombie army !!!!!!!!!
ivan_rn Apr 11 @ 12:37pm 
Look nice...
undead.gaucha.z  [author] Apr 8 @ 2:28am 
That's great to hear, we can't wait to release the Early Access version :) soon...very soon...
paulo Apr 4 @ 6:22pm 
This is much more interesting than any of those boring games where I'm always a guy trying to survive the zombieapocalypse. I'll buy Undead Overlord without any hesitation or regret! :)
scrieversj Mar 29 @ 8:42pm 
command a zombie army, YES!
lord-armand Mar 28 @ 11:37am 
Assassin Mar 27 @ 3:07am 
I want to play this game!!!
un_sungheros(-USH-) Mar 24 @ 5:53pm 
just found this game and I am hoping that this game is not dead very much looking forward to this
undead.gaucha.z  [author] Mar 18 @ 10:37am 
Hey everyone, thanks for all the comments and suggestions! We are still working on the game and planning to release an alpha version as soon as possible for you all. :D
Sgt.Wilson [45 ID} Mar 17 @ 11:09pm 
Still in the works i'm assuming? :D wanting to play this so baddly.