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The Somme
Genre: Shooter
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
Oct 3, 2013 @ 3:21pm
Oct 29, 2013 @ 10:47am
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Release date: TBD 2014
The Battle of the Somme symbolised the horrors of warfare in world war one. Follow orders, fight for your country, survive in rain soaked trenches and wait for the call; the call to charge-over no man's land fighting for freedom and liberation. Equipped with an arsenal of weaponry, make haste and overtake your enemies; watch over your brothers and god speed.

The Somme is a multiplayer only World War One First Person Shooter. Set during some of the bloodiest battles in history, the game features team based gameplay with rich level design and high quality visuals designed to immerse you in the battlefield.

Feature List
  • Multiplayer focussed World War One FPS
  • Immersive battlefields based on historic accuracy
  • Drivable tanks and rideable horses
  • 4 countries, each with unique weaponry and equipment
  • 4 unique classes to choose from
  • Built on the award winning Unreal Engine 3
  • Both Eastern and Western front conflict

Detailed Description


As a soldier in The Somme you are challenged to overtake your enemy's forces. Team work dependency is key, having the choice to play as either the medic, infantry, heavy gunner or officer class. Each class will offer unique equipment and weaponry all of which will lend their strengths to the team effort.

Your role on the battlefield is important to the success of your country, without cooperation and support you're sure to fall victim to the enemy forces. By moving forward as a team and taking key positions on the battlefield you will be able to push the enemy forces back behind their lines and secure control.


The Battle of Delville Wood - After 2 weeks of carnage the infamous Somme Offensive has reached somewhat of a stalemate. With both the Allied and German lines holding firm it became a race to secure tactical locations, one of which was Delville Wood and the nearby town of Loungeval. Will the British forces be able to take back the Wood or will the Germans push through and take back the town?

The Battle of the Marne - Also known as the 'Miracle of the Marne', the battle took place along the river Marne. It was the Allies last stand against the relentless push of the 'Schlieffen Plan', the German attempt to keep the War to a one front battle. The German Offensive lasted a month and had reached the outskirts of Paris when a French counter-attack finally stopped them in their tracks. Will you uphold the legacy of this great French victory or rewrite history and push through to Paris as the Germans?

The Battle of Tannenberg - This fierce battle fought between the Russian and Germans in the opening days of the war caused mass casualties on both sides. With an interesting backdrop of lakes and forests the natural terrain features left both armies suspect to flanking and weak spots in defence ultimately resulting in a victory for the Germans. Will your fate remain the same?

Realistic Weaponry

One of the key features in The Somme is the detail of the firearms. There are a lot of dedicated weapon specialists out there, some of whom take great interest in World War One. We wanted to please them and the gaming community by offering beautiful visuals in the first person view. We are carefully studying the weaponry so that we have accurate animations, correct posture and most importantly viewing pleasure.

Vehicular Combat

The Somme will feature the ability to mount horses and charge over no man's land. Use them to gain ground quickly but be careful to shelter them from battle. Working together as a team in The Somme is something we are very focussed on developing and this is no different when it comes to tanks. When used as an extension to the team they can be devastating to the opposition but left alone they become sitting ducks.

TopHat Game Studios

We are a start-up Indie development studio. We are a group of developers with varied backgrounds but a common passion for games. Our aim for the future is to support The Somme, to keep it growing adding more features and content. We truly are passionate about the game and will strive to bring you the best quality product we possibly can.

How Can You Help

Spread the word about The Somme and our campaign to help make it a reality. A little goes a long way and every person you tell helps our exposure to the gaming community. Why not let news sites be aware of The Somme and how you would like them to discover and promote a unique World War One First Person Shooter.

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