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Replicator / Forger Collection
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This is for Vanilla Skyrim, no DLC items have been added.
Replicator is a mod that allows all those regular smithys to create (forge) replica unique armor and weapons without any enchantments, for example Nightingale Armor. The reason behind this mod was to allow players to enchant these specialty items to suit their own play style. This mod is not only a spiritual successor to the massively famous and great mod "Forger", but I am trying to truly continue in it's spirit. Pagann has stopped working on the original, so I try to pick up where he left off, with his permission, of course.
(That's why I will use "we" for the following parts of text, to honour his contribution!)

Please don't forget to rate this mod if you liked it.

A true mastersmith should be able to replicate stuff he has held in his hands, right? The armor and weapons that are made craftable by this mod require a smithing perk of some kind, clothes do not require any smithing perks.

However, each item requires a specific quest to be completed (!!!)
before it will appear in the smithing category at the forge. We made the decision to restrict them by quest to ensure that the player had at least obtained, or had otherwise been exposed to the original before crafting copies.

How can you forge a replica of something that you have never seen?

We will not document which quests will open up these recipies (Spoilers, duh!). We will only say that radiant quests are not included and the quest to be completed directly relates to the item. The most obvious example are the deadric quests.

If you have any (reasonable) requests, feel free to voice them in the comments! Please rate and subscribe!

Note: One cheat-like item has been added to this mod. A custom, hidden Leather Smithing perk was added that allows improving all leather items up to legendary quality. This perk is granted to the player automatically when the Steel Smithing perk is chosen. We feel that if heavy armor based characters can improve all their armor up to "legendary" then light armor based characters should be able to do the same.

Just because we don't want to give away the quests doesn't mean we won't give up the perks though. Here's the list of items with the smithing category and perk required:

- Blades Armor and Sword: Steel category - Steel Smithing
- Daedric Artifacts: Daedric category - Steel Smithing
- Dragon Priest Masks (Light Armor): Glass Category - Glass Smithing
- Dragon Priest Masks (Heavy Armor): Daedric Category - Daedric Smithing
- Dark Brotherhood (Shrouded Armor): Leather category - Advanced Armors
- Dark Brotherhood: Blade of Woe: Steel Category - Steel Smithing
- Forsworn Armor & Bow
- Falmer Amor & regular Falmer Axe, Sword and Bow
- General Tullius' Armor: Imperial Category - Steel Smithing
- Jagged Crown: Dragon Category - Dragon Smithing
- Nightingale Armor: Leather category - Advanced Armors
- Nightingale Weapons: Glass category - Glass Smithing
- Redguard sword (Scimitar): Steel Category - Steel Smithing
- Stormcloak Officer Armor: Leather Category - Advanced Armors
- Thieves Guild/Linwe's/Guild Leader Armor: Leather category - Advanced Armors
- Wuuthrad - Ebony
- Yngol's Helmet - Draugr Category (Skyforge!)

Daedric Artifacts (All are in the Daedric Category):
- The Rueful Axe
- Masque of Clavicus Vile
- Volendrung
- Mehrune's Razor
- Ebony Blade
- Dawnbreaker
- Mace of Molag Bal
- Spellbreaker
- Ebony Mail
- Savior's Hide (new!) - Ebony for "double improvement" perk
- Hircine's ring (new!)

Clothes (Require no perks but still have quest requirements)
- Redguard outfit (Light and dark)
- Jester clothes
- Thalmor outfit
- Ulfric Stormcloak's outfit
- Psiijic Order outfit
- Greybeard outfit
- Mythic Dawn Robes
- Vaermina's Priest Robes

Replicator Dawnguard Edition:

Replicator Dragonborn Edition:

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May 8 @ 11:26pm
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Frankenstein  [author] Jun 17 @ 9:05pm 
Sorry, Valdr's lucky dagger is not unique in vanilla, so there's no real point for it to be in this mod.
Rin The Blade Jun 17 @ 1:48pm 
Valdr's lucky dagger? (im using the unique uniques workshop mod and its the best looking dagger imo)
Das_vogt The Blue Exorcist May 7 @ 9:33am 
i now i just look the have always after save whiterun new quest whit no name only this the points ... there :(
Frankenstein  [author] May 7 @ 9:28am 
Good luck with that. UESP wiki is very helpful with that kind of stuff.
Das_vogt The Blue Exorcist May 7 @ 8:57am 
Das_vogt The Blue Exorcist May 7 @ 8:57am 
thanks :3 now i must just get this annoying civilwar quest bug in my jorney XD
Frankenstein  [author] May 6 @ 10:01pm 
Done. Keyword was missing, has been fixed. I added your suggestions as well.
Frankenstein  [author] May 6 @ 8:55am 
Haha, thats hilarious. Ill try to fix it tomorrow. Mythic dawn and vaermina's priest clothes are interesting suggestions. I think I'll add them.
Das_vogt The Blue Exorcist May 6 @ 8:53am 
found a bug if i have the greybeards clohes on the towns people saying im naked

and can you add the mythic dawn and verminas priest clothes to? :3
Frankenstein  [author] Apr 25 @ 10:11am 
Sorry it took so long.