Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

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FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs - SMGs
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Oct 3, 2013 @ 1:52am
Jan 26, 2014 @ 1:34am
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FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs - SMGs

Requires FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs! (Click here)
Requires FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs! (Click here)
Requires FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs! (Click here)

This is an optional SWEP pack that adds more sub-machine guns to the official FA:S 2.0 SWEPs pack that I worked along with the developers of the mod, to make sure that it matches their tastes.
The base is written completely from scratch.

In case you're interested, get the source mod here.[]

This optional pack adds 4 more sub-machine guns:
- MP5K
- MP5SD6
- IMI Uzi
- M11A1 (MAC-11)

- Weapon attachment system (sights, suppressors, extended magazines)
- Dynamic accuracy
- Dynamic recoil
- Surface penetration
- Surface ricochet
- Sprinting
- Near-wall
- Holstering (takes a while to put a weapon away)
- First-time draw animations
- Unique weapon reloads for weapons like SKS, Raging Bull, M24
- Unique weapon behavior for weapons like M24, M3 Super 90
- Shell ejection
- Bullet chambering
- Empty/full reloads
- Reload duration depends on amount of ammo in the weapon
- Custom viewmodel movement when walking, sprinting, reloading + sprinting, standing still
- Custom viewmodel sway
- Custom ammo indicator
- Firemodes (full-auto, semi-auto, bursts, etc.)
- View bob during reloads
- Weapon proficiency (after using a certain weapon for a long time you become proficient with it and as a result reload faster)
- Custom ammo types (5.56x45MM, 7.62x39MM, 7.62x51MM, etc.)
- World models

RELOAD KEY - reload/check magazine, firemode
CONTEXT MENU KEY (default is C) - open customization menu; while aiming down a scope - peek away from the scope
USE KEY + RELOAD KEY - change firemode
USE KEY + SECONDARY ATTACK KEY - check magazine and firemode
USE KEY + PRIMARY ATTACK KEY - quick grenade (requires the FA:S 2.0 Miscellaneous pack!)

Known issues:
Upon spawning the weapon for the FIRST TIME, your deploy sounds will be slightly delayed, based on the amount of time it took to load the models
Some weapons have wrong models for third person view, this is because Firearms: Source 2.0 does not yet have models for some weapons. As such I'm using placeholders.

Console variables/commands:
fas2_differentorigins <0 - 1> - if set to 1, will use slightly different weapon origins. CLIENTSIDE.
fas2_handrig <0 - 1> - if set to 1, weapons will use a sleeve along with different gloves; changes apply upon new weapon equip. CLIENTSIDE.
fas2_handrig_applynow - applies the selected hand rig instantly (without having to get a new weapon). CLIENTSIDE.
fas2_nohud <0 - 1> - if set to 1, it will disable the HUD elements that pop up when you reload. Requested feature. CLIENTSIDE.
fas2_profgain <0 - 1> - controls the amount of proficiency increase with each reload. SERVERSIDE.
fas2_holdtoaim <0 - 1> - if set to 1, then releasing your secondary attack key while aiming will go back to hip-fire
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JurassicPork Aug 23 @ 9:21am 
what player model do you use for the gloves pls tell me
Tackleberry Aug 22 @ 8:52pm 
I cant get ammo for them.
i cant use the bandage and the m249 and ammobox help?
DehPotatoMisteh Jun 29 @ 4:23am 
I seem to be having some trouble with the lazer sights.
Do I have to press a key to use them?
If so what key and if you have to bind it.
Dosh May 3 @ 7:19pm 
How come there's no world model on the M11A1? Also, the viewmodel holds it with only one hand, so i think that the world model should also hold it one handed like a pistol.
Blut und Ehre Apr 18 @ 1:52pm 
Anyone know how to remove the ammo on wep pickup? i want players to buy ammo.
Red~Ninja_Gaming#1 Apr 16 @ 8:35pm 
ThatOneLazyDawgeh Jan 3 @ 7:52am 
That first video is awesome..
Eneljio Dec 19, 2015 @ 4:58pm 
gamez hype you need to download the base too
Pingu Dec 9, 2015 @ 1:49pm 
how come when i get all the guns they all dont pop up, and when i click on them they are a hl2 pistol? HELP!!!!!!