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xerxes - DarkSeer (Jungle step by step)
By xerxes
Dark Seer is such a good hardlane hero because he can farm without being in harms way.
While you prevent yourself from getting damage on the lane, by putting your shells on your creeps or the enemy creeps, you can not avoid getting damage in the jungle.
There are several more advanced tricks but the basic idea is to kill the small camp with a iron shell on yourself while stacking the hard camp and repeat. When the hard camp is stacked 4 to 5 times you can start killing it by putting a shell on a creep.

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xerxes  [author] Oct 4, 2013 @ 3:21am 
thx for the feedback!
I already found the mistake in the skillbuild while playing.
I also agree with most of what you wrote.
Will also add mekka, but with good jungling you can have your vaguard and mek at around 16 minutes.
I also might add Blink and bkb as situational items. But to my mind blink is not that necessary on a darkseer.
About the wall, ofter teamfights drag away from your first wall so a fast second might come in handy. But basically I agree with you and I think my discription was not clear enough about that.