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Sky Nations
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player, Co-op
Oct 1, 2013 @ 2:14pm
Apr 9 @ 11:56am

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Update 0.20 - Mining with lasers!
  • Added Item Magnet block that attaches to the top of Crates. It will suck nearby blocks into crates.
  • Added Lasers. These will break blocks at the expense of a large amount of power.
  • Added Focusing Lenses. These will multiply a lasers strength up to 3 times and do not cost any extra power.
  • Cracks on broken blocks appear much softer over blocks now.
  • Block textures are now 64x64 instead of the previous 128x128(Vanilla textures are 32x32 scaled up so this does not affect them). This is too fit many more block textures into the same texture space without increasing the resource usage for old computers.
  • Block textures are now point filtered due to small texture space and pixel art will appear ‘crisper’.
  • Changed EWDS alarm sound to something that is less likely to drive you mad.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed major bug related to creation of new chunks. New island chunks would not be visible when revisiting an area until the server restarted.
  • Fixed dropping items when typing R on signs.
  • Fixed servers not sending correct player count to server list.
  • Fixed a bug where you are able to move ships without power use.
  • Fixed being able to turn ships without power use.
  • Fixed changing sound in options not effecting game until restart.
  • Fixed large time jumps on the client(from things like device loss) from allowing you to fall through blocks and get stuck or die.
  • Fixed issue with NPC(mainly Bird) rotation where they’d disappear when moving in some directions.
  • Fixed Turrets firing at NPCs.

Developer Log #3 and Insomnia 51 Gaming Festival
Release date: Third quarter 2014
Sky Nations is a multiplayer sandbox game set in a world of floating islands and air ships. Players can construct air ships as they adventure across procedural maps full of different islands and structures. Each island type containing different materials and loot which can be crafted into useful items for your ship and character. Players can band together to form Nations in order create bases and fleets of ships cooperatively and fight in large scale battles with other Nations and lone pirates.

  • Build Airships and partake in Airship battles.
  • Explore a large procedural open world full of different islands both unique in aesthetic and resources found there.
  • Create custom wearable items with the Item Sculpter in game.
  • Board and fight enemy players on land and ship with guns and melee weapons.
  • Craft items including radars, guns and many other devices for your ships.
  • Modifiable player skins and texture packs to make it your own experience.
  • Group up with other players as a Nation to claim land and ships.
  • Player hosted dedicated servers.
  • C# server mod API - Server owners can create a custom experience making their server truly unique. - coming soon
  • Both friendly and aggressive Non-playable Characters(NPC). - coming soon
  • Regular bi-weekly updates to content and features.

Sky Nation is still in development and there is a lot more to come in each bi-weekly update. All updates will be free during development of the game until it is completion. The game has been in development for around 2 years. It was created and is developed by one developer and was released in it's alpha state to the public on June 23rd 2013. Since then it has received and will continue to receive major updates every 2 weeks, allowing the community to bring direct feedback on mechanics and improve the game as grows towards it's finished state.

You can follow the developer on twitter:
And check out the Sky Nations website[] for more details.

Try it!
The game is currently available on a bunch of other platforms where you can purchase and play it right away. You can find them on the website:
Buy Now[]

There is also a FREE demo[] with limited features.

Please Note: This is not a Minecraft mod. This game was built from scratch and the focus of the game is pretty different. I wrote a fairly lengthy post on why not all games that use blocks are 'Minecraft rip offs'. You can check it out here[].
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Sky Nations Symbol a Face
Captain Frosty
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McCloud Apr 13 @ 11:39pm 
why not simply make a mod for minecraft instead ?
Minecraft+flying ship battles. sign me up.
Bloatedwombat Apr 11 @ 11:22am 
it seems to me that its just minecraft and guns of icarus mixed together
gavanw Apr 9 @ 3:34pm 
looks good, voted :D
Cardinal Lord Holland Apr 9 @ 9:34am 
Weirdiolio Apr 7 @ 5:35pm 
Looks like another minecraft... Not intrested
Petrenko Apr 6 @ 9:57am 
This just has to be released on steam. Love it.
Looks great, I am looking forward to the steam release
Mr. Blue Apr 1 @ 4:08am 
You can always just host your own server off your PC and not let people in, that's a pseudo singleplayer.
MrBenjammin  [author] Mar 24 @ 7:28am 
@aid man the17th, there will not be a singleplayer. If the game gets Greenlit people with registered accounts will likely get a Steam key, assuming Valve allows it.