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Attack On Titan - Become Titan
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Oct 1, 2013 @ 10:26am
Oct 10, 2013 @ 3:19am
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Attack On Titan - Become Titan

Adds a little Quest when you start your game.

It will tell you to kill a bandit, but beware he will become a titan =)
Ive added some bandits to some random locations in skyrim the can change too !!

When you killed the one bandit from the quest you will gain 2 spells, first one lets you become a Titan, the second one will change you back.

Ill tell you now what i have done in this mod:

-Based on your race you will change into and much bigger version of your race i createt custom races for each race
if you got a custom race it will get the body of a nord

-Titans, of course, are not pushable and cant be knocked down

-Ive added effects to the footsteps and sweet animations for the change also the footstep sounds are replaced for the titan races

-when changing you will cast a fear spell and you gain a lot of bonuses like :

-increased Health by 150
-increased Health regen by 5
-increased Health/combat regen by 5
-increased Stamina regen by 5
-increased Stamina/combat regen by 5
-increased carryweight by 700
-increased Unarmed dmg / base incrase 20 /individual: beast races got a base of 70 all others got a base of 60 dmg
-increased unarmed reach from 96 to 120

The best way to make the camera fit to the size would be downloading this mod:
but it requires SKSE thats why i do not implent it into the mod
thx to Ryushanna for the help on the female textures

update 4.10.2013

- added stagger to footsteps
- added a perk that reduce fall dmg( dont know if it applies correct. set it to 50 percent)
- added a showcase of the textures i will add for now they are not that good for females also no khajit textures made yet.. face texture isnt completet fully
- if you do not want the textures go to
and download the older version
- made titans a bit bigger

Update 9.10.2013

-added a barrel next to the bandits that contains the spells if you allready made the quest
-added a Eat up Power : you gain it when in titan form lets you eat ppl in very short range, they die, give all items to you and will be teleportet into a room that you can enter anytime with the Teleport to death chamber spell !! you can teleport out of the room with the same spell ( in future i will change the room to look like a stomach)
-headtextures for male and textures for female includet : female textures are not finished. Its just an alpha you see there! ( textures are compitable with ADEC body, but should work with any other body mod)
-added a second spell transform to titan textured : transforms you in a textured version

Update 10.10.2013

-added mouth ears and eyes to each race
-female textures are more red now and changed some minor stuff on the textures
-cleaned out some bugs and made the scripts a bit smoother
-you can watch what i have already done to rebuild the city ( no houses or stuff yet only the walls but you can see how large it gona be)
to get there open console and type COC mauermaria
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Plesio Digger Sep 28 @ 10:36am 
Also, where is the city if it is made, and/or are you planning to make one?
Plesio Digger Sep 28 @ 10:32am 
The textured titan form is right, except for me, it has a redguard's head
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collessel titan do eet
brandon Aug 20 @ 4:07am 
so you become a 5 meter? i thought like a 7 or 15 meter titan
Nuuuu Aug 19 @ 12:04am 
would it be possible to change the power attack so that when you punch someone it sends them flying? that would make it feel much more fun and immersive considering what they do in the anime.
Dovahkiin Aug 9 @ 7:21pm 
Oh and another thing, when using console commands you don't have a staggering foot steps, so would you mind thinking before being a jerk?
Dovahkiin Aug 8 @ 9:50pm 
Jeeze dude what is your problem? you could never see yourself when using console and that's just plain rude in the first place, I for one think this mod is amazing, I mean the use of the Skyrim animations, the effects, how about you just get outta here, good day to you sir
Zé do lixo Aug 8 @ 2:20pm 
worst mode ever, when i turn into textured titan the game just crash seryosly who needs the normal titan power? we can change our size with the console and that makes the normal titan power useless!
Tactical_Pizza Aug 3 @ 3:23am 
Is it just me or are ALL of the bandits supposed to be titans?
lisayates7 Jul 25 @ 8:03am 
i am a khajit and this broke my game