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UNIVERSUM - NODE-based RTS with Action and RPG elements
Genre: Action, Strategy, RPG
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Oct 1, 2013 @ 11:33am
Jan 17 @ 11:22am
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New super-heavy unit “Dreadnought”. Air battles. Alien artillery.
Universum: War Front - Scale Figures

When you played other strategy games, did you ever wish to come down and keep the enemy at gunpoint in dynamic battles? In Universum you can:
- Command your troops on high or come down and keep the enemy at gunpoint in dynamic battles.
- Discover unique NODE-based strategy gameplay.
- Play infantry, vehicles, mechs or alien creatures.
- Customize your character and researching new technologies.
- Enjoy beautiful graphics, realistic physics and incredible visual effects.
And all of this, on the beautiful landscapes of alien planets with their unique nature environment, - physics and disasters, in the huge world of Universum.

INTERACTIVE DEVELOPMENT gives the funders a unique opportunity to adjust direction of the project creation in compliance with their wishes!
In fact all that you see now was done by one person - Cyril Megem , who is both professional artist, game designer and programmer at this project, worked hard to build the game of his dreams called "Universum: War Front". If we reach our goals, Cyril will be able to invite to the project some other very talented and experienced people to help him, and game will be released more faster than if he continue to develop it alone.
In our Community, we have a special system to consider your decisions and suggestions. We have contests and development direction polls that would take into account the opinion of each funder. As a result, the game will turn out as funders want it to be!

What distinguishes Universum from other?
- Switchable on fly Action/RTS control
Develop your base, grow a strong army, send your troops into the enemy camp, but at any time come down, control your main characters directly and keep the enemy at gunpoint in dynamic battles with realistic physics and beautiful visual effects. See what you character sees!
- Unique NODE-based Strategy Gameplay.
- Variety types of Maps and Units
Several planets with their unique nature and variety of maps based on it. (Not only Dota-style maps! Survival and deathmatch maps also planned.)
A variety types of units: high-tech vehicles, magic and incredible alien creatures meet at the battlefield.
- Single player campaign
Lead your heroes thru the fascinating storyline of the game.
- Transformations
Walk along the ground, fly into the air, digs into the ground, dive under the water, teleport in open space. Move at high speed in all directions and destroy your enemies everywhere!
- Tactical Nukes ;)

This is a story about our possible future, and what could happen after the beginning of space expansion and after the first contact with aliens. We look forward and ask a question: "What would happen if mankind lost Earth and will they be able to capture their home planet back?" This game is about choosing a path for human evolution. Storyline of Universum based on the book written by our project lead, Cyril Megem, created with deep sense and narrative.
In 2050 the global crisis of low resources came to an overpopulated Earth. Genetic modifications and implantation entered into the life of humanity. The need for colonization and resource extraction on distant planets became apparent to the United Government of Earth - "New Colonial Republic". When the world's largest resource-processing corporation TerraKorp launched a planets-colonization project called"Universum" many volunteers and adventurers rushed to the most remote parts of the galaxy in search of the resource-rich planets.
By 2075, most of the human population lived outside of Earth on distant planets, the government has difficulty controlling their colonies. On most of the colonial planets began insurrections and territorial wars. And then humanity first faced the greatest horror in the universe..
Unknown till now alien civilization started to conquer humans planets one by one. People must unite in the fight against the enemy, but instead separatists and large corporations took advantage of the protracted conflict for their own purposes. This lasted until the humans lost most of their colonies, and there was a threat of destruction of the planet Earth. Most of Earth's citizens have been evacuated to nearby planets. Homeplanet was preparing a devastating invasion. Humans realized that they must unite in order to survive or they will disappear..
An amazing interstellar adventure waits! Be a republican guard, mercenary of corporations, bounty hunter, rebel or a warrior from alien civilization and find out who will rule the universe tomorrow.

For more information about the game visit our website:
For any comment, feedback or suggestion feel free to contact Cyril via
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the kickstarter backers are in the alpha test at the moment, so yes there is development ongoing
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Psyringe Dec 27, 2014 @ 1:36am 
This page needs to be updated -- especially the "Single-Player" part.

On the Websites forum I've confirmed 1v1 and 3v3 - and the option is available in the menu - not positive about anything else MP at the moment. Show us video!
Stellarcrazyargonaut (Stellar) Dec 22, 2014 @ 7:03am 
What song is in the video about the oceanic level?
|SEC|Flection69 Dec 21, 2014 @ 3:03pm 
Faith and Despondency Dec 21, 2014 @ 8:09am 
anymore updates or development?
CryVengeance Dec 20, 2014 @ 9:19pm 
Its like AirMech, but you can go first person? Cant wait!!!