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Mjolnir Unbound
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Sep 29, 2013 @ 11:34pm
Sep 30, 2013 @ 4:19pm
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Mjolnir Unbound

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Lore Be Damned!
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I noticed there are many "Thor's Mjolnir" mods that already exist, but most are nothing more than a new Hammer with a lightning enchant stuck at the bottom of some old Dwarven ruin. I didn't expect much more, but still, I thought of something better. A new hammer stuck outside a Nordic ruin that shoots LIGHTNING at people! :D

Sure, there are plenty of 'Thor's Hammer' mods out there. But this one aims to add the Mjolnir we all know, the one that projects ginormous amounts of lightning and toasts all foes to a crisp.

This Mjolnir mod, aside from others, is able to shoot a huge lightning bolt at opponents.

The hammer's lightning isn't that overpowering, because it does not do all too much damage. However, the force of the lightning bolt will slow most opponents and send the dead flying, and also do area damage, so even if you do not hit them directly, it will still do damage.

The hammer is outside Bleak Falls Barrow in a crater in the snow just to the right of the first staircase.(see the pictures for the location on the map, and the video for the more specified location of where the crater is.)

-No known issues at this time.[/b]
If you know of any, please let me know, and i will do my best to see to them.

-Credit to UNSC Spartan for creating the original model.

-Hammer of the Gods
-Asgardian Race
-Thor's Armor[]
-Ironman's Assistance
-Flying Ring (beta)[]
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The Ultimate Warior Jan 23 @ 10:44am 
how do you get the thor skin thingy
CᵒʳᵈᵉᶫᵉᵖʰᵃᶰT  [author] Jan 18 @ 7:21pm 
@thee_pezz_jester ,
Great idea. Have fun scripting that
thee_pezz_jester Jan 18 @ 6:31pm 
it appears to be a retextured staff of lightning. (with no charges) how about a lightning hammer that you can hit with using a standard attack and the lightning bolt with a power attack. make it a leveling weapon at lower levels hit only then as you level up it gains the lightning strike then throwing then a version of whirlwind sprint in any direction including up then summon storm at the highest level. This would make it more like the Mjolnir used by Thor.
Westboro Baptist Church Jan 12 @ 7:57pm 
cant find it
Kingspian Dec 2, 2015 @ 10:54am 
NOICE!!!! I found it. Thanks!!! :) I agree with Ryno, Make the hammer fly and bring it back! lol
RyNoCeRaPtOr Aug 28, 2015 @ 7:34pm 
If only someone would make one that you can throw it like thor and it will come back
IG_95 #TeamPyro Aug 28, 2015 @ 8:17am 
awesome mod!!! its really cool and finally something different than a blunt hammer with shock damage!
۞dgravesaint34 Jun 1, 2015 @ 6:45am 
what was the like training room where you could test weapons? A mod? dungeon? ??? i would love to know! heh great mod btw i was just about to fry some draugr
Slavette (Babushka in training) Feb 17, 2015 @ 10:13am 
I found a glitch, when i went there i did not find a crater because one of the bandits there had the hammer and used it on me :)
Wattup1 Feb 11, 2015 @ 2:29pm