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Daywalker Vampire Race
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Sep 29, 2013 @ 2:55pm
Nov 12, 2013 @ 11:39am
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Daywalker Vampire Race

In 2 collections by Kryptonian
Krypts Collection
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The Marvel Universe
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If you want a ond and two handed version of the sword go to my blade vampire sword page.

Blade's Daywalker abilities in Skyrim

Due to an enzyme in your blood stream resultant from your mother's being bitten by a vampire while giving birth to you. You have superhuman strength, stamina, speed, agility, heightened senses, and a rapid healing. Your half-vampire physiology results in you being completely immune to silver weapons and sunlight.

Your abilities are detect life, vampire's daywalker strength, waterbreating, poision and disease resistant, night eye and muffle. You have better stamina regen and health regen as well

I have tested this race with
DVA- dynamic vampire appearance
Better Vampires
Tales of Lycanthropy
Heart of the Beast
The Dance of Death
SkyMoMod which is Skyrim Monster Mod
Apachii Hair

Animations ( I am using all of these at the same time)
Martial Arts by evanoblivion
Kick Bash by evanoblivion
3rd Person Sprint - Ninja Style by IcePenguin
Unarmed Warfare - New Animations For Hand To Hand Combat by WarriorKeKe
Pretty_Combat_Idles by dualsun
No DLC's are needed for this to work.
Please rate and Enjoy

For the people that would like more options with things such as the vampire eyes to normal in game these two programs will help you do just that.

Skyrim SKSE Download / Install Tutorial on youtube
this is the program

this is the program on the Nexus
SkyUI by SkyUI Team
DVA- dynamic vampire appearance
Better Vampires by Bren
The Dance of Death
Heart Breaker
Deadly Mutilation
among others have MCM options which is the Mod Configuration Menu, and it lets you choose options that modders have put in there mods for people to have more options in game and for ease of use.
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Pineapple Ninja Games Nov 26 @ 7:51pm 
What happeneds when you become a vamire when being this race?
KALONA THE RAVENANT Nov 21 @ 7:28pm 
As for the mod, you forgot to add frost resistance. I can always use the console commands to add Nord anti-freeze, but vampires have that passive ability. That being said, not all of they're stregnths, then.
KALONA THE RAVENANT Nov 21 @ 7:16pm 
@OUTLET_MASTER... There are no werewolves in the Blade movies or series & silver is deadly to vampires. It's also deadly to all undead in the Elder Scrolls games in general. That being said, take your comoplaints to Bethesda & Marvel for that one, lol.
Frankie Sep 29 @ 11:34am 
silver is too kill the undead
StarvisoR Sep 12 @ 6:10am 
silver kills vampires in the Blade universe
OUTLET_MASTER™ Jun 24 @ 9:14pm 
this is awesome only thing though is... silver is for werewolves not vampires, just a heads up great mod though
johnphoenix103 May 22 @ 9:03pm 
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Xxx_LoliLover_xxX Apr 25 @ 5:27pm 
nice now its somewhat worth doing the vampire side of dawnguard
pnoble69 Mar 20 @ 3:49pm 
ok.thanks for the info
Kryptonian  [author] Mar 19 @ 9:07pm 
Updates in progress for all my mods.
Steam has finally lifted the 100MB limit for modders.