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Sniper Alley
Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Singleplayer
Scenario Type: Infantry
Scenario Map: Altis
Meta: Dependency
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Sep 26, 2013 @ 5:20pm
Jul 16 @ 6:19pm
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Sniper Alley

Now featured in PC Gamer as one of Arma 3's best 15 player created solo missions!

While the war for Altis is over, there are still some snipers sneaking in in a stretch of a few kilometers, this area already has been dubbed "Sniper Alley" by our men! Eliminate the targets (can be in any order you want, just dont forget to activate your objectives), than use your radio to call in a extraction chopper! (press 0 than 0 again).

*This mission is designed for BEGINNERS, so don't expect anything difficult! Also, i do not advice using the Developer version of the game, seeing this can give strange bugs or glitches! If you encounter mission breaking bugs, restart or redownload the mission. If you liked the mission, check out my first mission Patrol Duty!*

*For people who asked, im a member of a realism unit for the games Darkest Hour (for RO), Rising Storm for RO2, and Arma 3! We are recruiting now so if you are interested in having a fun time while keeping it strict to realism rules, visit!

*UPDATE*! The mission has gotten a huge update with the thanks to Cobra4v320 over at the Arma 3 official forums! Biggest fix is that the mission in the end is checked as completely as i could not fix that! Another big change is that some of the snipers and spotters will have random positions when they spawn in! For the entire changelog check the October 11 Changelog.

Getting killed when ejected from the chopper is a know bug, restarting or reinstalling the map can fix this. Also try going prone or crouch can help as you exit the chopper.
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Dec 19, 2014 @ 5:57pm
Suggestions for followup!
Cpl. Veld [29ID]
Feb 22 @ 6:12pm
Work started on Sniper Alley II!
Cpl. Veld [29ID]
Nov 17 @ 1:46am
Scenario not saving
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deRekt Nov 25 @ 5:00pm 
Fun, and I even did 2 frontflips on my quad while driving!
Eralar Nov 23 @ 7:02pm 
Great mission, fun to play and great learning curve! Thanks for the nice work!
apostrophe' Nov 21 @ 9:20am 
Thumbs up! Fun mission! Straight forward objectives, but with no understimation of the player. I loved the topographical planning the targets require (at least this is how I played it). It felt like playing a strange genre, a puzzle shooter, and it was great!
...of course, I over-react. the secret, really is to go from hilltop to hilltop, which is a basic strategy, but also fundamental, as you are dealing with sharpshooters, on the lookout and dangerous.
But, some things i'd like to point out:
- what's up with the choppers? this is to show that the island is under NATO command? also, if sniper bravo is such a danger to choppers, we should be able to see his prowess ingame. also, I suppose there could be more civilian drivers, getting their lives on track after the war;
- target delta: you don't need to kill the guards to complete the task, but Command says otherwise;
- I couldn't shoot target charlie from the northwest hills. Aimed at him dead on, but would hit only dirt.
Cpl. Veld [29ID]  [author] Nov 19 @ 3:25pm 
@Clepto, once you have clicked on Subscribed it should download itself into your game. You will eventually find them under Single Player (scenario's i believe).
Clepto Nov 19 @ 11:16am 
hey im from germany and i really like to play your mission, but i can´t find the folder in my arma directory. So i don´t know how i can connect your mod with my game :/ Hope you understand what i mean an you might help me please
chris1912 Nov 19 @ 6:54am 
Great! but if this misson was harder, it would be much more fun,
Nice work!
Satan Nov 18 @ 1:03pm 
-Feedback, enemies are invisible, you die from dropping 1ft, very terrible the way you have only one vehicle. WOULD NOT RECCOMEND TO DOWNLOAD
Bandit4Life Nov 12 @ 10:25pm 
Awesome!...Loved the dead soldier lying on the road on Target 1...made me think..."ok the shooter he's close I know it!". I was into it from that point on! Look forward to Sniper Alley II.
emmetmurphy15 Nov 6 @ 3:41pm 
Good mission.
Cpl. Veld [29ID]  [author] Nov 5 @ 11:43am 
This is a common thing in ARMA where enemies seem to be floating in the air, but its just the game not rendering high quality terrain, try setting your distance quality higher.