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Sniper Alley
Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Singleplayer
Scenario Type: Infantry
Scenario Map: Altis
Meta: Dependency
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Sep 26, 2013 @ 5:20pm
Jan 31 @ 4:54pm
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Sniper Alley

Now featured in PC Gamer as one of Arma 3's best 15 player created solo missions!

While the war for Altis is over, there are still some snipers sneaking in in a stretch of a few kilometers, this area already has been dubbed "Sniper Alley" by our men! Eliminate the targets (can be in any order you want, just dont forget to activate your objectives), than use your radio to call in a extraction chopper! (press 0 than 0 again).

*This mission is designed for BEGINNERS, so don't expect anything difficult! Also, i do not advice using the Developer version of the game, seeing this can give strange bugs or glitches! If you encounter mission breaking bugs, restart or redownload the mission. If you liked the mission, check out my first mission Patrol Duty!*

*For people who asked, im a member of a realism unit for the games Darkest Hour (for RO), Rising Storm for RO2, and Arma 3! We are recruiting now so if you are interested in having a fun time while keeping it strict to realism rules, visit!

*UPDATE*! The mission has gotten a huge update with the thanks to Cobra4v320 over at the Arma 3 official forums! Biggest fix is that the mission in the end is checked as completely as i could not fix that! Another big change is that some of the snipers and spotters will have random positions when they spawn in! For the entire changelog check the October 11 Changelog.

PLAY WITHOUT MODS! Mods can create bugs like instant death exiting the chopper or the radio not working.
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stocky_s May 21 @ 11:39am 
great mission :), good for begginners :)
**Sneaky_Peaky** May 21 @ 3:22am 
I'm new to Arma 3 and having played through some of the campaign fancied something different. This sniper mission is great, really enjoyed it, can't wait for more missions from Sgt.Veld!
wheresmyeyebrow May 21 @ 12:49am 
I went to the first marker and was shot instantly gg
Vddicted May 20 @ 4:28pm 
I really enjoyed this mission, the freedom was the best factor, the way that the enemies was placed on the map was the key of this scenario. but i have only one complaint, theres almost no "resistance", even giving up the stealthy aproach on the last target, they didnt noticed me, (not until i shooted the spotter...) maybe increase their awareness? increasing the challenge or at least give the player a chance to have a nice firefight against another sniper xD, other than that, good scenario :)
Xph1re May 20 @ 12:19pm 
idk why but I cant kill the first sniper wtf ....
DeathStarScream May 18 @ 4:07am 
Really great Scenario. That first sniper was difficult to find, but the rest were not as difficult. Short if you can find them all. I think I spent 1 hour... maybe 1.5 hour playing this.
DaekTwentri May 17 @ 12:36am 
There's a bug in Target Bravo. The sniper that was on the roof of the plant can't be seen from distances more than 300m. Overall was pretty fun.
qxstyles May 15 @ 8:09am 
Simple and quick, I like that. I wanted something like that.
Chelios89 May 5 @ 4:26am 
Very fun mission. Great job!
H3xOoO Apr 24 @ 8:33am 
Geile kleine Mission.
Keine Bugs alles I.O