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Genre: Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
Jan 22 @ 1:06am
Mar 20 @ 3:18am
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Atajrubah Development Update - 06/07/2014
New Team Members

Tien Chi is our new concept artist and he’s been hard at work creating all sorts of concepts for us to work from.


Dan Hitchen is our new Character Artist and he has taken on the task of overhauling Atajrubah’s character assets.


Jeremy Davidson is a talented and experienced rigger and animator and he'll be handling the rigging and animation needs for the project.


Comparison Video
Below you will find a comparison video showing just how much of a difference there is between the prototype made previously in the UDK and the current version of the game in Unreal Engine 4.

[Comparison Video : Atajrubah UDK Vs Atajrubah Unreal Engine 4]

Technical and Programming
I have been working on a wide range of things this past month. A great deal of my focus has been in the following areas:

- Hunger/Thirst System (Code re-integration and improvement from prototype)
- Inventory Manager (Code re-integration and improvement from prototype)
- Death and Respawn System (Complete re-write)
- Player/World interactions (Overlapping Actors and Trace based)
- UI R&D (Epic have chosen not to use Scaleform for UI in UE4 , so I have been shopping around for a new API)
- Player Character State Machine and Root Motion based movement.
- Day/Night Controller improvements.
- Underwater post process effects & Player buoyancy.
- Stamina System and improved player movement mechanics

Over the coming weeks I will be focusing more on Player/World interactions as well as UI research and integration. Once this work is done I can go about re-integrating and improving on both the crafting and drag-drop inventory systems that I had in the prototype.

Character Assets,Rigging and Animation Test
Dan Hitchen has finished texturing the game ready mesh for the male player character. In addition to that he has just handed off a game ready female character mesh for rigging.Once Dan.H has completed the textures for the female character mesh he will begin work on clothing assets with concepts supplied by Tien Chi.

We have chosen to go with fairly neutral features, this will allow us to go either way in terms of skin tone and facial features during character generation and allow for a degree of player customization.

Jeremy has finished rigging the male character and has been hard at work further refining the rig, we have been doing tests and working out any kinks in our animation pipeline.Once we have all the kinks ironed out Jeremy will get stuck into building the animation library.

[Male Player Character : Game Ready Mesh Textured ]

[Female Player Character: High Resolution Sculpt]

[Character Rig]

[Early Character Animation Test]

Art Assets
Dan Reese has been hard at work detailing art assets that the world of Atajrubah will be populated with.

[Art Assets]

Concept Art
Tien Chi has been hard at work creating awesome environmental and creature concepts for us. recently he has created a prop sheet for us to use in the creation of ruin assets and will create an environment concept painting , this should be completed before the week is at an end and will help guide us as we work on the environment art.

[Ghul Concept Art]

[Ghul Second Form Concept Art]

[Oasis Environment Concept]

[Environment Concept Art: Ruins Prop Sheet]


Atajrubah has come a long way in just a few short months and the community has grown substantially even at such an early stage. Thank you for taking the time to read this update and check out the images and videos, we've got some exciting things happening and the next couple months should see a lot of progress. As always feedback is always welcome.

Best Regards and Much Love
Mr.Nexy and the Atajrubah Team

'Atajrubah' is the Arabic word meaning (an) 'Experience'. Atajrubah is set in a 1930's to 1940's era and is strongly influenced by Arabian Folklore and Architecture. The world is open for the player to explore either on their own or with their friends. Using the Oculus Rift for full immersion the player will discover hidden secrets and deadly enemies in a colorful and rich fantasy world.

Built from the ground up to support the Oculus Rift and with VR in mind, the game will also be available to players who use conventional control methods and monitors. Atajrubah is a persistent world sandbox. Up to 30 players can join each other in adventuring, crafting, trade, exploration and combat against each other or hostile creatures such as bandits, ghul and djinn.

You find yourself in a land not your own, with no prospect of finding out who you were. You are forced to forge ahead and create a new life.
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Mar 7 @ 12:54am
Atajrubah Official Discussion
Mar 23 @ 4:02am
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Commander Fluttershy Jun 25 @ 3:21pm 
I hope this turns out great. The theme/setting couldn't be more perfect for me.
LawSuth Jun 17 @ 11:59am 
No wish given by a djinn is without some kind of peril exacted upon the recipient.
EnochPrime May 18 @ 9:29am 
There could be island settings in the style of, say, Cyprus or Malta consistent with the theme. And a city full of fountains and gardens would be nice, too... I can't find the text, but I vaguely recall Ibn Battuta's description of his hometown in Morocco as green and temperate. If indeed the game is set in a 1930s/40s era on actual Earth, then just use Cyprus and Morocco. If it's a fantasy realm, parallels or inspirations could be placed anywhere.
MrNexy  [author] May 18 @ 3:54am 
@Hingle McCringleberry , @EnochPrime :
Thanks for the feedback , this is something that we have been taking into consideration during the design phase. Keeping environments relevant to the setting yet varied and interesting is something that is one of our top priorities :)
Hingle McCringleberry May 13 @ 7:50pm 
What EnochPrime said. I feel like the desert setting would get bland after a while.
EnochPrime Apr 26 @ 5:24am 
Reminds me of D&D's Al-Qadim setting. Which I always liked. Not sure how long I'd want to stay in a persistent world that's mostly desert, though.
ImKawaiiBitch! Apr 24 @ 11:28pm 
cant wait to try it out!
Byota Apr 5 @ 6:20am 
played the game at comic con dubai, best game i have seen all year
iPhony Apr 4 @ 10:53pm 
i tried the alpha version at comic con dubai, and it was EPIC!!!!!!!
Rikudou Sage Apr 3 @ 10:54pm 
Let's make this one of a kind experience for us to experience.