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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, German
Players: Single-player
Sep 29, 2013 @ 11:14am
Mar 11 @ 1:29pm
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Beta out now, and a Making-of
  • We also added some gameplay elements like solid light rays - tubes you can reflect like light rays, but are able to walk on.
  • And there is a new effect which greyes out the region where you won't be able to set the other two points and make a full triangle. So creating them will be quicker and more fun!
  • The last levels are not fully tested, but you will be able to play through the complete game from now on. (If you preordered it via IndieGameStand, HumbleStore, Desura or GamersGate.)

Because the release date is crawling nearer and nearer (and won't slip through our fingers that easily like it did before), we decided to film a little series of stories that led to the creation of TRI. Have a look at the first episode, in which we talk about the beginning with the Ludum Dare #20 version.

The upcoming month are going to be very stressful AND exciting. TRI will be presented in the Leftfield Collection of the EGX Rezzed[] in Birmingham from March, 28th-30th and we are going to attend the A Maze in Berlin[] from April, 9th-11th. It would be cool to see you there, as it is a truly amazing event for indie game developers and gamers alike.

In the meantime we will be working on the characters, animations, cut scenes, sounds, voice overs and polish, polish, polish. So, stay tuned and if you played the beta, we would love to hear your feedback, of course.

Release date: Q2 of 2014
TRI is a first-person puzzle exploration adventure game where you place corner points onto walls to build walkable triangular platforms. Find a way through the towers and dungeons in sophisticated levels.
Solve puzzles, climb vertiginous abysses, reflect light-rays and try not to lose your mind when you‘re falling upside-down. Don‘t worry - the TRIs will let you create your own paths in this magical world.

TRI is still in alpha state. With the release of the new update we hope to fund the final 25% of our adventure. Right now TRI features 12 levels and the characters Fox and Monk.

Some (p)reviews!

Originally posted by Andy Moore, The Indie Mine:
As visuals go, this is one of the more unique and over-exaggerated worlds that I’ve come across in the indie game scene to date, with vibrant tones of orange and red painted against the towering structures found in each level. The cel-shaded aesthetic compliments the game’s East Asian themes, giving the world a somewhat mysterious aura that makes you want to explore.

Originally posted by Bobfish, Pixeljudge:
The art style is absolutely gorgeous, almost bordering on a sado-masochistic abundance of colour. This could well be the most inventive puzzle game since Portal.

Originally posted by Aleš Smutný,
It will make sense in some bizarre way.

Originally posted by Konstantinos Dimopoulos,
Spatial awareness. The calculated construction of triangles. Dungeons in towers. Vertiginous abysses. Wild falls. The creation of mystical paths. Reflected rays of light. Puzzles. Odd characters. Music. Transformable structures. Colours. TRI.

Originally posted by Chris Priestman, Indie Statik:
It‘s during these moments of precursor and reflection - teased by the level‘s close-knit and smart design - that a strange pleasure rises up in me.

Originally posted by Flavio Soldani,
The German developers seem to have done a great job crafting levels where our ability to create triangular platforms (and deform them in real time) will be put to the test, especially when we decide to dissect every room facilities until we find all secrets.

Who is the Rat King?

We are Jana Reinhardt and Friedrich Hanisch. Our main goal is to empower the player with new ways to interact with the environment.
Our previous game was the Rogue-like PITMAN.
We also spend a lot of time doing Game Jams, like Ludum Dare or the Global Game Jam. You might also know our other games The Sun Is Deadly, Tale of Scale, Rat Race and Me Against The Mutants.

Our musician is Ludwig Hanisch, who works with us since nearly forever.
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Rat King  [author] Mar 23 @ 3:12pm 
Heya @DangerGerbil, thanks for the review! Awesome!

Regarding the two minus points:
1) Voice overs are planned, but will done only when we finished creating the story and writing the texts (so we don't have to pay for the voice overs twice ;).
2) The lost momentum you describe when running and then jumping is actually not a bug, but by design. Running was implemented late in the process, and if the player were able to jump even farther we would have to change a lot of levels. Also, it would make the triangles obsolete in some parts. Hopefully that explains it!
DangerGerbil Mar 23 @ 2:52pm 
Video Review:

Great 3d Platform puzzler with great characterisation and level design.
+ Expansive Levels
+ Hidden Secrets
+ Great Soundtrack
+ Simple but stylish graphics
+ Unique triangle mechanic
- No voiceovers
- Running Jump Bug (You lose all momentum when you jump when running)
Rumpel Mar 20 @ 11:05am 
Scheen! Gruß aus Leiptzsch!
bbq102 Feb 25 @ 5:32pm 
I love portal, and I havent found a good puzzle game that I really liked, until now, cant wait for release!
happyW12 Feb 21 @ 4:06am 
GREENLIT!!!! Good job, Cant wait 2 play this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) =)!!!
A Bear of Thrones Feb 19 @ 3:13pm 
Good job, guys!
Maurog Feb 19 @ 1:29pm 
mrwonko Feb 19 @ 12:27pm 
RottenHedgehog  [author] Feb 19 @ 12:02pm 
Yes! From me, too! Thanks everybody for your kind words and votes!
kontrast  [author] Feb 19 @ 11:15am 
Woah! Thanks to everybody who voted for us!