Portal 2

Portal 2

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Three Basic Rooms

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Three Basic Rooms

Three rooms which lead into each other to get the level done.

Tip: After the second room, go to the middle one.
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Petutski Oct 31, 2014 @ 7:50pm 
Nicely done! Thanks!
asminahipi Jan 27, 2014 @ 10:51am 
buen trabajo,gracias
DeathWish808 Oct 15, 2013 @ 5:49pm 
You're welcome for the video feedback...
NOT A HUMBOLDT SQUID  [author] Oct 15, 2013 @ 5:38pm 
Several new maps in the works, working out the bugs and they should be out within the week.
Garunas Oct 14, 2013 @ 7:09am 
Awesome test chamber. Can you try mine? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=180312984
DeathWish808 Oct 6, 2013 @ 8:59am 
I did a blind run of your map and recorded it.
The video description shows them in the order they are played in the video to help you find it.

Spoiler video here: http://youtu.be/ZvT_jI23lFY
NOT A HUMBOLDT SQUID  [author] Oct 5, 2013 @ 2:07pm 
Over a thousand subscribers!
New map soon to come out.
dalbozofgurth Oct 3, 2013 @ 4:26pm 
I couldn't figure out how to do it the way you wanted it to be done, so what I did was I bypassed 90% of your entire level by using the light bridge to zap me and the cube up to reach the cube button, then I propped the cube on its side to activate the button and jump through to the elevator.
Matt# Oct 2, 2013 @ 8:00pm 
Esta bueno el mapa, al ser basico no le quita ese plus que te da el portal en pensar lo que haces...esta bueno