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Make your own CS:GO Weapon and Stickers
By Venom Apex
This guide is quck guidiance for beginner and pro's who want to get into weapon designing. Stickersguide inside
Ⅰ. _The _Start_
You should read the official Guide Counterstrike Global Offensive Blog[blog.counter-strike.net] before continue reading this, it will help you to understand the basics and you should know the basics of Photoshoptoo!!

  • Adobe Photoshop[www.adobe.com]
    Recommended for Weapon finishes. Get the evaluation version or find it elsewhere. Extended needed for 3D!!!

  • Adobe Illustrator[www.adobe.com]
    Recommended for Stickers. Get the evaluation version or find it elsewhere.

  • NVIDIA Texture Tools for Adobe Photoshop[developer.nvidia.com]
    Plugin to generate Normalmaps.Neded for Foil stickers.

  • : VTFEdit[nemesis.thewavelength.net]
    If you already using it please check if its updated.

  • I extracted allmost all weapon-textures and uploaded them.
    Including PSB's with a Dynamic 3D-model.

    • Download:
      Google Drive <------- THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT :D

      Status: New link! Deleted the old content also isnt accessable with the old link
      Everything updated including M4A1-S and USP-S textures!
Custom paint only because most people dont use any different styles and doesnt't have interest into them.

Please don't do this:


    Note that this is not an in-depth guide because there is no guide that can include everything and more than this it's up to you what you want to do.
  • Open the UV sheet / texture in Photoshop or the .PSB file from Google Drive.
  • Use the Quick selection tool . If you dont know how it work watch some Tutorials.

[x] ignore_weapon_size_scale 0
pattern_offset_x_start 0
pattern_offset_x_end 0
pattern_offset_y_start 0
pattern_offset_y_end 0
pattern_rotation_start 0
pattern_rotation_end 0

Ⅵ. F.A.Q
What size does the texture have to be?

-Anysize of square 2 like 512,1024,2048

Any alternativ to Photshop CS6 Extended ?

-Yeah, you could try use GIMP

How do you render your Weapons in 3D?

-I use an external 3D programm called Cinema 4D

Help, When I open the weapons, i'm forced to rasterize 3D file.

- This means you dont have the extended version of photshop
I created a HD version of the Collection Wall (1920x1080):


Thanks to Ruairi Walden
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Venom Apex  [author] 3 hours ago 
Was AFK the whole day sorry and glad to hear you fixed it :)
Den heilige Kartoffel 5 hours ago 
I fixed it, no need to reply
Den heilige Kartoffel 7 hours ago 
Heyo, I tried this out and it went fairly well in photoshop and vtf edit(i hope).
but when i import the skin to csgo it looks like this on the UV chart
And in photoshop and vtf it looks like this
and this
Do you have any idea what i did wrong?
Venom Apex  [author] 14 hours ago 
Incrediboy 14 hours ago 
yeah I tried that already then. Its okay I guess, I just wont make skins. thanks for the help. RIP my hopes and dreams.
Venom Apex  [author] 14 hours ago 
Oh yeah resizing then :D
Incrediboy 23 hours ago 
Why does the gun look good before I render it in VTFEdit, but afterwords it looks like crap?
Venom Apex  [author] Jul 22 @ 6:28pm 
add a black layer and over the black layer the gun
Montel Williams Jul 22 @ 6:20pm 
Ok, wow, noob mistake. Didn't know there was a 3D selection rotate tool thing, so I can actually rotate it using that tool. Now, is there a way to change the background color of the 3D weapon render thing? I am using white a lot, and it's hard to see when parts blend with the background.
Venom Apex  [author] Jul 22 @ 5:18pm 
Maybe your GFX card isnt compatible with photoshop