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Anarchy Arcade
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Kickstarter Campaign Concluding Tonight
VR YouTube & Trading Cards plus more FREE games!
Prototype Updated to Version 2.2f

Download the prototype from the GameJolt profile[].

Yesterday I coded in two new parsers to the prototype to demonstrate some of the features I discussed in my previous update. They include the ability to spawn an entire YouTube channel (or playlist) into an arcade at once, and also the ability to display your unlocked Steam Trading Cards for all of your different Steam games.

The beauty of Anarchy Arcade's design is its simplicity. Even in the prototype, every single item you see is a standard Anarchy Arcade shortcut.

In the Steam version, you will earn in-game rewards every time you do well playing one of your other games. You'll get points for unlocking cards and achievements, etc. All of the technology demonstrated here will be tied into your Steam profile to consolidate all of your media & gaming career into this immersive 3D multiplayer desktop.

Also in this update, I have fixed an issue with over-the-shoulder spectating. It will work properly now in Multiplayer servers.

Giving Away 1 FREE Game EVERY Hour for 24 hours!

Tomorrow, starting at midnight in just 4 short hours, I will be doing another 24 hour Anarchy Arcade live broadcast where I give away 1 free Steam game every hour. If you're interested in seeing Anarchy Arcade in action, getting some free games, or just having a good time in general, check out the Twitch stream at See you there!

Less Than 5 Days Left on Kickstarter

There are only a few short days before the Kickstarter campaign concludes, so now's the time to head on over to the Kickstarter and make a memorable contribution to Anarchy Arcade!

Release date: Fourth Quarter 2014
You can live inside your computer; Immerse yourself like never before possible.

Anarchy Arcade is the only game that incorporates all of your favorite games, music, movies, and media in a persistent 3D world where you are surrounded by only the most awesome stuff; as according to you.

Work your way up from your 1 bedroom apartment to running the game convention's showroom floor and turning it into the most immersive media experience you and your friends have ever played.

High-resolution DVD covers, box art, wallpapers, descriptions, and even streaming video trailers are shown directly on the cabinets. Plus, you can interact with each cabinet's screen to access even more info.

Your games, movies, and other media launch in fullscreen HD just like they always have.

Anarchy Arcade works with some of the largest community-supported media information providers to automatically find tons of info for virtually any game or movie that you spawn a shortcut to. Even games that aren't released yet will are supported before they even come out.

Every cabinet is 100% customizable. Use your own pictures, videos, or descriptions instead. You are able to control every aspect of the cabinet from how it looks to how it launches.

Play the prototype today!
That's enough talking, now it's time for playing. I have put together a wonderfully featured prototype of Anarchy Arcade for you to play around in. So good, in fact, that I'm going to have to think of some even better features to work into the full version. Just check out to download it and try it out today!
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stewydeadmike 22 hours ago 
I would love to see this pass into steam don't give up on this project!
Bebopcola2021 [FUG-III] Apr 14 @ 8:11pm 
Even though the Kickstarter didn't go as well, please don't give up on this project!!!!
iRocketGamer52 Apr 9 @ 1:13pm 
I want this to happen, but I don't think there's any hope left for this game. The kickstarter campaign only made about $3K but there's NO way now to make $35K with only 4 days left. :(
Mar Apr 9 @ 7:15am 
I love you
Emo Philip.J.Fry Apr 8 @ 4:42pm 
i just have a black screen after it shows the loading screen
SM Sith Lord  [author] Apr 8 @ 3:23pm 
This weekend I got the YouTube channel spawning into the prototype, along with the ability to spawn all of your Steam Trading Card achievement unlocks. It uses the custom-parsers to put all of them into the 3D world, just like described in recent articles.

After the Kickstarter concludes, there will be 1 more prototype update then I'm going back to working on the Steam version.

Check out tomorrow to see some of the new features in action!
vaustein Apr 8 @ 1:46pm 
I kicked in at the $40+ tier. I'd be happy for the dev team to keep the money if they agree to do some modest bug fixes and feature adds and do one more "final" public release.
Vermilicious Apr 8 @ 7:01am 
While things are looking bleak, it seems the small fanbase are an eager lot. The $40 pledge is the most popular one, and that's higher than most projects out there.
8-Bit Apr 8 @ 2:20am 
5 days left and 2,912$/35,000$
I really want anarchy arcade to succeed but the kickstarter is everything
vaustein Apr 7 @ 9:50pm 
"Boiling lava vat" was my PG-rated second choice. Originally, you were going to be lowered into the slime pit from Rambo First Blood Part 2[].

Idea #3. Each of the top 20 Kickstarter pledges gets to photoshop your head onto a picture of the pledge's choice, and the resulting picture added to the release version as a selectable texture for 3D models and props.

Scratch idea #3. I suddenly thought "Rule 34" and completely regretted the idea.